Zusy Suggests No Downtown Spy Cameras and Moves For Control of Gifts

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2008 at 4:12 am

Councilwoman Anne Zusy wasted no time bringing up controversial issues when, during her first working meeting as a Village Council member, she initiated discussions of two matters involving local philanthropist David Bolger.

First, Ms. Zusy asked that an ordinance be introduced that would preclude Village Council acceptance of donations from individuals with matters pending before, or recently acted on by, any Village Board or Agency (e.g., Zoning Board of Adjustment). Zusy’s request was in direct response to the revelation of earlier this year that David Bolger’s massive self storage facility was approved by the Zoning Board of Adjustment just one day after Council members accepted his gift to fund renovation of the Pease Library Building.

Next, the new councilwoman suggested that Mr. Bolger be told “Thanks, but no thanks” with regard to his gift of a CCTV security system covering Ridgewood’s central business district. Zusy was successful in persuading Council members to revisit the CCTV project; further discussion will take place during the Council’s August Work Session.


  1. Annie,

    If the only thing you accomplish during your four year tenure on the VC Council is to get rid of those blasted cameras, then you will have been a success as far as I am concerned.

    I didn’t vote for you this time but you never know, you may get my vote yet.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  2. What good work?…She is not listening again…the lady should be learning what can be done legally first before making a recommendation that conflicts with prior legal actions that might have costly financial consequences.

  3. We should put her on a parking lift and send her to the moon. She is going to be a fun person to watch destroy the town.

  4. Just because Bolger decides that we need cameras it doesn’t mean that we must accept them. Big Brother does not need to be watching. Don’t tell me that if I’m not doing anything illegal that I should not worry. Why don’t we just get a few web cams – for village hall and for bolger storage.

    There are a lot of cranky people in town who believe that we are all having way too much fun. Businesses can buy their own cameras if they need them. Foot patrol can cover the rest.

    Good job Ann. I’ll vote for you next time.

  5. Zusy’s takin a snoozy. Oh and that’s “CouncilPerson”.

  6. sorry folks I do comercial transaction with my bank so as part of the agreement to have them watch me on camera for safty reasons ,but I dont agree to have a bunch of busy bodies in the village hall watch me ,and NO I am no hippie I am as conservative as they come .It nice to see someone in town has some balls go Anne !!!!

  7. I disagree with all of you and Ann Z. I think having cameras on every lamppost in town would be a great idea. The police don’t “watch” them. They are only used after a crime has been committed. Say some drug dealer or gang member is in town one night and kills somebody. I sure would hope we have some video to check back on to help catch the scum. On the other hand, let’s pretend that the drug dealers and gang members are not already starting to walk around our town. Let’s also pretend nothing like that is a risk of happening in our town. The cameras would be so bothersome! Knowing that “big brother” might actually use them if a crime were to occur. What an intrusion! Well, at least all the 1000 bank ATM branches have cameras the police can try hope are lucky enough to catch a crime being committed. The police should take up a campaign to get every single business on Ridgewood Ave to privately install their own security cameras and cover the entire downtown area.

  8. The need for the cameras came from Bolger’s imagination. There was no citizen organization asking for them.

    Let’s have a test run with cameras on and in village hall.

  9. Village Hall test run. good idea.

  10. Lets see if zusy has the balls to rescind the already accepted camera gift. Can she do it.. stay tuned.

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