Weekly Math Comic

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2008 at 3:26 pm


  1. So you’re advocating math fundamentalism?

  2. 355 NO I am advocating adding, multiplication and long division

  3. 3:55, please tell me you are joking.

    Please tell me it’s not true, that in order to obtain your support, one who advocates in favor of returning math fundamentals to the classroom needs to prove that he is not a “fundamentalist”.

  4. 355 and i am advocating using numbers to teach math instead of hosting BS sessions talking about concepts when no one knows the basics

  5. C’mon back, 3:55. We’re all waiting with baited breath for you to explain why you’re such a great comedian, mere mortals can’t see the humor.

  6. Now that math is no longer about math but about equality between girls and boys, maybe we could have equality be about math and get back to the actual math.

    I’m forced to think like this given the makeup of our school administration.

  7. Don’t know about you but I like my indoctrination served with warm milk and cookies.

  8. 3:55, 8:18 you (plural) or you (singular) need to get out of hit-and-run mode and start expressing yourself like an adult.

    I’m not kidding. I’ve had it with this business. My Travell child is really looking forward to the new school year. If I see that crestfallen look in my child’s eyes again by October, my heart will break, again.

    What is it about you that you remain so sanguine about this situation?

    Why must you cast such aspersions at hard-working taxpayers and parents?

    What on earth is your problem?

  9. 852 the problem is your a fanatic ,racist ,bigot ,homophobe because you think you kid should learn long division…get it?

  10. Sheesh, make 1 or 2 comments about a cartoon, and people go nuts.

    Propagandists are usually hypersensitive whenever someone questions the party line.

  11. 3:55, 8:18, 12:25, we’ve tangled before.

    I can tell its you (singular) again by the way insults fall off your tongue like rain, and how keen you are to get the last word, and in a way that dismisses everything that has come before, as if by doing so you can show how much you are above it all.

    Tempted as I am to take your lead and make this personal, I’ll instead leave it to others to decide who among the two of us is the propagandist.

  12. to many BOE hacks keep posting on here ,OK smart guys exactly what job are you going to get when you cant add?

  13. 1:08 – I am honored to be in a thread with a virtue giant such as yourself.

  14. Right back at ya, 1:27.

    See you at the VFW tonight. First round’s on me.

  15. …a virtue giant ???

  16. virtue giant: a person possessing so much integrity, honesty and humility that his character stands head-and-shoulders above us regular citizens; examples include William Bennett and 1:08

  17. 7:47AM, how is it that a person who basically sticks up for themselves, wants the best for their children, and doesn’t fold like a cheap camera when insulted repeatedly for no reason, looms so large to you in terms of virtue?

  18. I recently visited Laurie Goodman’s blog to read her comments and read posted responses. I found I couldn’t gain access to the responses of others to read them. I was also not able to leave my own response to any of her comments. Is there anyone out there with information to explain this outage/change?

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