Just Shut Up And Drive!

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Chief William Corcoran of the Ridgewood Police Department wishes to remind residents that the use of hand-held telephones or electronic communicating devices by operators of moving motor vehicles is now a primary offense.

However, operators of motor vehicles may use such devices to report crimes and other emergencies to appropriate authorities, and the use of hands-free devices is allowed at all times under the amended statue (N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.3).

Village of Ridgewood police officers will soon begin to aggressively enforce the amended law. Convicted violators will incur a fine of $100.00, with no points assessed to his/her driver’s license.

Hot Offers

  1. I agree that there should be a crackdown, but should I take a picture and send it to Corcoran when I see the very same officers that are issuing tickets chatting on their cell phones as they drive in their police cruisers?

  2. A significant long-term revenue stream could be generated for the Village if the cops started enforcing this ordinance.

    If Corcoran ordered someone to exclusively watch Broad & Ridgewood on an overtime basis for violators, the cop’s overtime salary could be easily paid for plus more.

    Why hasn’t Jimmy T. thought of this as a revenue producer?

  3. very good point…saw one just last night pulling out of the village hall parking lot in a squad card chatting on the phone….oblivious to eveything going on….

  4. Police officers are using a cell phone because it is a secure line as opposed to a radio frequency channel that can be easily scanned, brain surgeon.

  5. Nice try, officer. For every 1000, 999 are personal.

    I wonder if, when the present cadre of police officers were kids, they knew that they would become the local, county, and state tax collectors? The profession is spiraling downhill fast. The average income in NJ is approximately $45k. In Ridgewood, about $100K. The police are now at >$125K + bennies. With no end in sight. I think the optimum number of police officers on any force should be lessened by 10% to start, for the first five years. Then we could cut the number by the 5% increase they are guaranteed every year. This concept should apply to all civil servants. They are the only ones who can afford to live in NJ anyway. A state full of civil servants and retired civil servants shouldn’t need a police force. I mean, they’re civil.

  6. I don’t think a day goes by the I do not see one or two of Ridgewoods finest on his phone. Givemee a break-secured line. Probably talking to their girlfriend on where they are going to meet-behind Starbucks?

  7. wow glad they got those dangerous milfs off the cellphones in their SUVs while lined up at Ridge with their daily parade..at least I know its legal to drive while smoking, drinking coffee, putting on makeup, reading a book, shaving…but DONT EVER answer your phone. Such a typical NEW JOISEY REJECT law. I cant blame the RPD for enforcing it..but an example should be set by the officers in the cruisers. NOTE to 437 above., your cell convo is NOT SECURE>>GENUIS…anyone can tweak a scanner to get the 800 mhz band.. AND…central dispatch will issued SECURE items over CHAT. so get OFF your cellphone and make your personal dates on your own time

  8. PLEASE…give me a break 4:37…how gullible are you?

    The police have been using their cell phones while driving for years and it has NOTHING to do with the need for secure lines. It is against the law…plain and simple. They are not exempt from the this ordinance. A policeman almost hit me while I was crossing Linwood Ave because he was talking on the phone an not paying attention to where he was driving.

  9. This is a good idea.

    I like paying more taxes, fines and fees.

    That is why I am voting for that guy who says he will raise my taxes and is happy that gas prices are so high.

  10. Wow, I can’t believe how many people here are anti-law enforcement. You sound like a bunch of 1960s hippies, complainaing about the “pigs”.

  11. a cell phone is a secured line? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheehhe what are you smoking ? I need to get some …

  12. a cell phone is not a secured line my friend ask your underaged girlfriend?

  13. This is 3:40 from above….The cop I saw on the phone was having a pretty funny “secure” conversation…..he seemed to be laughing and smiling alot….If I did not know any better…I would think he was speaking with his girlfriend. Of course that would never happen while he was on duty…

  14. The Village should issue a BAN on cell phone use by all employees while driving a village owned vehicle. PD, FD, streets, sanitation,water, etc.. Lead by example. (just like you shouldnt park your village owned vehicle in front of a hydrant, or in other no-parking areas).,,otherwise those of us with cellphone cameras can take PICTURES of those flagrantly violating the laws..and PJ can post them here on the blog..i think the pix would make GREAT fodder….

  15. i agree with you 651 perhaps the local keystones could focus instead on some real police business instead of these revenue raising measures ? Naaaaa the state is desperate for cash ..

  16. nice try 601 some how i dont think talking to your teenage girlfriend counts as “police business” unless she is under aged LOL

  17. I agree with 6:01. Some people here seem to have problems with authority figures like the police.

    Do you spit on the soldiers when they come back from the war, too?

  18. yes 802 i would love to see the police get to some police business for a change like shutting down village flop houses and rounding up the illegals that live 25 in a room down town….

  19. Geez, these pot-smoking baby boomers who hate “the fuzz” never change.

    Dummies, try to remember: cops are the good guys, robbers are the bad guys.

  20. Hey, I fully support the Police….they do a great job….but that does not give them a free pass on breaking the law while enforcing it on others…

  21. yes 933 this dirty old hippie is still a little pissed of about 30 grand for a date with an underaged girl

  22. so 933 if “the fuzz” breaks the law by chating to their moms on their cell phones dosnt that make them the “bad” guys ?

  23. “Do you spit on the soldiers when they come back from the war, too?” a Ridgewood cop driving around talking to his girlfriend is hardly in the same league as a soldier out defending freedom for others and freedom for us ,nice try but his sounds like a phoney post by one of the usual ass kissers in this town that make excuses for anything and everything.

  24. 1:34/1:32 — As someone else said on this board: Don’t be so damned precious.

    Ridgewood is blessed with an outstanding police force — God bless those professionals for putting their lives on the line to protect our homes & families.

    If there has been one or two bad decision made by the men & women in blue, that’s no reason to universalize it with idiotic, anti-law enforcement statements like those made above (e.g., “The profession is spiraling downhill fast”; “The police have been using their cell phones while driving for years”; “perhaps the local keystones could focus instead on some real police business instead of these revenue raising measures”).

    Now lay off the weed & support our local police!

  25. The problem is, I generally don’t think of Ridgewood Police as “authority figures”. I believe most are inferior mentally and intellectually to the residents of Ridgewood (my basis? I know a few of the policemen fairly well). I’ve seen the do dangerous and stupid things countless times since I moved here 22 years ago.

  26. 153 thats a nice story but i stilll dont think the flat foots should be talking on their cell phones while they drive

  27. 2:08 — It’s not just a story, it’s the truth.

    Now lay off the wacky weed!

  28. Signs should be posted by the schools. From what I have seen the Moms in those big SUV’s are always chatting on the phone, while rushing to pick their kids up.

  29. I live on busy road in town and when I see the police go by 98% of time they are on cellphones. Why can they use headsets?

  30. READ THE LAW people — cops can talk on the phone while driving:

    “2. The prohibitions set forth in this act shall not be applicable to any of the following persons while in the actual performance of their official duties: a law enforcement officer; a member of a paid, part paid, or volunteer fire department or company; or an operator of an authorized emergency vehicle.” (Taken from http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2002/Bills/AL03/310_.PDF)

  31. do official duties including making personal plans? I suspect the intent of that section would be for the dispatcher to call the officer..but since the taxpayers already paid for the computers where you receive messages from dispatch…that clause doesnt mean squat..

  32. It may not mean squat…but the clause there and they are allowed to talk on the phone while driving. And unless you all have some kind of super powers, I don’t see how you could possible know who they are talking to.

  33. thanks 7:32 for enlightening us as to your interpretation. Do me a favor..look up in your law library and tell me where it states that parking laws/ordinances do not apply to those personal vehicles that have ‘PBA” license plates issued by the state of NJ? I for one get tired of circling the block looking for a LEGAL space…as I did last nite…as a private SUV with PBA plates was parked OUTSIDE the marked lines in front of smith brothers all nite without a ticket… next time my cell phone cam is gonna snap it for the blog

  34. 2:02 is right…

    The police in this town are make an outrageous amount of money for a pretty cushy duty. they are not particularly bright and frequently show poor judgment when it comes to their responsibility to enforce ordinances. The bottom line is that, if the Ridgewood police acted with more integrity, they might get the respect that a war veteran has earned.

  35. Sounds like someone is a little jealous because they don’t have PBA plates. Look out everyone there is a maniac with a cell phone cam on the prowl!! hahahahahahah

  36. The ridgewood police act irresponsibly a lot . They are constantly speeding without their lights on and they are constantly talking on their phones. They do not stop cars for not yielding to pedestrians and they do the bare minimum in terms of speed enforcement. I hope that the new police chief can run a much tighter ship.

  37. If the law deems it to be dangerous for a driver to talk on a cell phone while driving, how is it not dangerous for a police officer to do the same thing? Can’t they use inexpensive ear pieces like everyone else?

  38. jealous? not a chance. “IF” i was a cop the last thing i would do is display pba plates..thats just asking to get your car ‘keyed’ by someone who just got a speeding ticket.. and..its unprofessional..and reflects negatively upon the whole department when whomever is on duty ignores those illegally parked who expect special treatment. guess what genius..thanks to your arrogant attitude..im gonna make sure i call in every illegally parked vehicle with a shield or those dumb plates…and if you are on duty..your gonna HAVE TO WRITE your fellow flatfoot a ticket..HAHAH loser.

  39. does a PBA plate mean you dont have to obey the laws?

  40. Your still Jealous!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  41. I didn’t think the danger of being on a phone while driving was that the line wasn’t “secure,” I thought the danger lies in the fact that the driver is distracted and it negatively affects response time. Wouldn’t that refute the argument that the cops are talking over supposedly “secure” airways?
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I say.

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