I just received my 2008 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Bill.

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I just received my 2008 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Bill. It is even higher than I had imagined after the revaluation notice came in. Maybe the increased county taxes put me over the top.

My total taxes have gone up about $3000.00. That is a %12.5 increase! Where is all this extra money going? Did someone else’s taxes go down?

All work on my home was done with permits. My taxes went up after each final inspection. I have been paying all along. Maybe those who do not get permits have the right idea. I know what needs to be done. I don’t need the aggravation of dealing with the building department and then have my taxes go up as I maintain my property.

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  1. my taxes went down by a few hundred. work done here was also done properly with permits. i think your valuation has to do with square footage and neighborhood. some neighborhoods had much larger price increases than others (apparently due to perceived value..so sales were ‘brisker’.) If you allowed the inspector inside your home, then it could be properly valued. If you see your ‘card’ and there were improper entries, you had the opportunity to go for a ‘meeting’ to correct them. If that didnt work you had the opportunity to ‘appeal’ to the county. all of this was detailed with the process. If you check the published values, and you are inline with your neighbors there prob isnt much you can do about it. Everytime we heard (over the past decade) of someone paying a HUGE price for a home in our neighborhood we smiled when we know what kinda $$$ OUR home would bring…now that smile fades as we pay the price=taxes.. Thank your newbie neighbors for overpaying and jacking up your taxes!

  2. I’m guessing your 3rd quarter taxes were based on last years tax base but i wouldn’t be surprised if everyones taxes go up.. don’t ask how . but you already know why..

  3. Well, I know one thing — All of this money is NOT being used to purchase MATH TEXT BOOKS!

  4. Ours went down also. Can’t remember and don’t have here, by how much.

  5. your taxes went down? lol I dont believe you sorry

  6. I appealed my assessment and they dropped $20,000 of my $600,000 INCREASE in assessment. Big deal. In what neighborhood did the revaluations go down?

    I understand why people sell as soon as the kids graduate.

  7. Yes, I let the inspector into my home. And Yes, I appealed.

  8. The assessments were done fairly close to the market high. Ridgewood is certainly not suffering the big market slump that has hit other places, but it is certainly devalued since the assessment, and looks like it will continue to slide. Will be see an adjustment? Is the Village reducing expenditure to compensate? The company I work for certainly is.

  9. My assessment went up by $250,000 even after several higher assessments and higher taxes after contruction, but my taxes went down $2,000 this time due to the new tax rate.

  10. My property taxes also went down by over $1,000 per year.

  11. My taxes went up $1200.00. In looking at the tax databases, it seems to me like the lower end houses like mine ($600K) had market value assessments close to 2006 market. Right now, I’m going to guess my house would sell at around $525K. It’s the ones in the middle that confound me. We have a neighbor who was assessed at $630K and sold at $759K. Another neighbor assessed at $749K and sold for $989K. FMV of my other neighbors house is around $850K and they were assessed at $625K. That’s $25K more than my house, which is in similar condition with similar property but they’ve got the following which I do not have – a 700 sq ft great room with 20′ high ceilings, enormous finished basement, den, pool, garage. How is that assessment only $25K more than mine?

    I’ve been tracking this on known sales and and this seems to be the trend. The assessors seem to have gotten the ends of the spectrum correct but the middle is bizarre.

  12. my taxes went down also….valuation went up about $300k….but obviously others went up more in proportion….I understand that overall the valuations went up 70% and if yours went up less then that % your taxes would go down.
    Does not matter that the market has come off the highs of last year….all valuations were done as of October 1st of last year so they are all on an equal footing.

  13. still dont understand how this works… I received a high number… with numerous mistakes (finished basement, finished attic, 1/2 bath vs full bath, etc..)… when I went for the meeting, I figured I’d hit a homerun, as the appraisal guy was busy pushing my case… got zippo.. 10k off the value? Guess what, if I had a full finished basement, it would raise the value of my home by probably 40-50k… add this to the attic space, the 1/2 bath, etc… Makes no sense. So.. now what? I appeal to the county? Whats the chances of success there? Has anyone tried this and actually made some progress?

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