How can they in good conscience CHARGE US for poisening ourselves?????

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I was wondering how many people really noticed what was reported in the Ridgewood Water Quarterly Report. It was pretty scary to read about how much ARSENIC is in our drinking water! They report that it is not an “immediate risk” ~ but make sure to tell you that it could lead to skin damage, problems with circulatory system and may increase your chance of getting cancer!!!! How many parents are going to allow their children to drink our water? Certainly NOT ME!This is quite disappointing of our Water Department. My water has smelled badly for years, and they tell me at the Water Dept. when I call ~ not to worry “it is just a smell, there is nothing wrong with the water”. Now that makes me feel good!

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  1. i guess you missed the high levels of cadmium in the report..

  2. I noticed durring the drought a couple of years ago it started tasting terrable ….I am sure the regular kiss ups will say your just being a cronic complainer …

  3. News flash: arsenic, cadmium and other minerals are found in nature. Various minerals can be detected in drinking water where ever you go, including pristine streams high in the Canadian Rockies. To samply drinking water and not detect trace minerals would be highly unusal–and probably suggest lab error.

    The human body has evolved over the millenia to process trace levels of minerals and other “contaminants”. The cavemen had minerals in their water too. The poison is in the DOSAGE. Clean water will always have trace elements–it always has. Unhealthy water has too much of a constituent. The MCLs (max contaminant levels)set by EPA are highly conservative.

    VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are another matter and continue to be a concern for all of NJ water. But they are readily removed through treatment.

    I am very satisfied that water quality in Ridgewood has actually improved based on the recent report. By the way, if you are still alarmed, send a bottle of Fiji, Perrier, Poland Spring, etc. to a lab and note the results. I would doubt they are materially better than our tap water and, legally at least, they could be substanially worse.

  4. If they open our system to United Water, you’ll really get to know what crappy water tastes and smells like.

    Warning: Pay to play is becoming entrenched in Ridgewood. This opens the door wide to UW and BCUA, et. al..

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