Ridgewood 4th of July Parade

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2008 at 3:48 pm

The Ridgewood blog would like to thank all the volunteers and participants that made this years 4th of July parade a big success. The parade staff handled the few late shows and a call on the midland park fire department with ease . Even the odd weather could not keep the the crowds away. Great job everyone!!!

lots of pictures are coming !!!!

  1. Thanks for the thanks!! We work really, really hard — and are always glad to hear that the event is appreciated and more so that it is enjoyed by all!

    2010 will be the 100th Fourth of July Celebration in Ridgewood – join us for an extra special year!!

  2. Have been a firefighter for 30 years, and have never been so embarassed by the conduct of the Waldwick Fire Dept after they passed the reviewing stand. The younger members chose to use sirens and horns so loud without any break. Everyone along the route were asking them to stop but they continued to make a loud and obnoxious demonstration.The members were using the sirens and had hats on backwards sun glasses etc. Just a bad display. I know for a fact that departments are asked to come on the fourth. I just hope that the committee really thinks about the Waldwick department again for next year, The really bad part was watching a career Newark firefighter and maybe Chief driving a unit and letting this happen.
    A disgrace. No one could hear a thing and I feel bad for the people following this display

  3. Can you believe the way the Waldwick FD acted at the end of the parade route?? They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they are not invited back next year. I hope no one is suffering hearing loss.

  4. Funny, we were thinking same thing about Waldwick. I don’t mind a few sirens, but it was constant and you couldn’t hear anything else. I love the parade, but wouldn’t mind a few less firetrucks.

    As always, my favorite part is the school floats – they are all so great!

  5. Waldwick is a DISGRACE!!! I sat and watched adults and children covering their ears because it was so loud. There is nothing enjoyable about that! Why is it so important to have so many Fire Depts. in this parade?? If you’ve seen one fire truck you’ve seen them all. What happened to the days of marching bands, Drum corps., and floats?? Our Fire dept. and Emergency Services looked great. But let’s back off on the out of town fire depts. and start getting some more music instead of Sirens!

  6. The school floats are always the highlight…congrats to Travell again!!
    I agree there are way too many fire trucks and not enough bands.
    Waldwick was ridiculous…I was walking along Linwood by the pool as they came by and everyone was holding their ears. Another good thing would be to get rid of the vendors in the street by Graydon.
    A couple of trucks had to drive around the ice cream cart (and kids around it) that was in the middle of the street. He should have been in the grass off to the side and not in the parade.

  7. I have to agree I loved the school floats and I thought the parade was great as always > I love the whole tradition form the chairs down to the food vendors great job!!

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