Village Council Reorganization Meeting

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The Ridgewood Village Council held its public reorganization meeting on Tuesday, July 1st at 12 noon in the Sydney V. Stoldt, Jr. Courtroom at Village Hall.

Paul Aronsohn, Keith Killion, and Anne Zusy were sworn in as new members of the Council.

David Pfund was appointed Mayor for the next 2 years and Keith Killion was named Deputy Mayor for the same period.

Matthew S. Rogers was reappointed to his post as Village Attorney, and Phillip Sheridan was renewed as the Municipal Judge.

Public turnout for this meeting was much lighter than the 2006 reorganization meeting, during which there was standing room only.

Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney made a brief appearance at the meeting to present a proclamation.

Paradysz Matera

  1. Congratulations Keith, it is nice to see one of the good guys come out on top for a change. Now at least he is in a position to ensure that the village operates in a responsible and ethical manner. It is a tough job but we have faith in you just keep true to your values and continue to do the right thing.

    Congratulations Anne Zusy and Paul Aronsohn, the people have put their faith in you. Now is your chance to make a difference for our community and demonstrate how a few good people can effect positive change. We expect nothing less than a council that operates in a responsible and ethical manner putting the interests of a whole community before that of special interests.

  2. I am so glad they appointed Pfund as Mayor…he is a go getter he answeres phone calls and email.

    Good Job!

  3. Wow 9:02…I’m not sure what town you live in. But, it sure isn’t the same Ridgewood the rest of us live in. I have never heard anyone describe a Ridgewood police officer as “responsible and ethical”. They are usually too lazy or too concerned about offending some wealthy and vocal resident to be “responsible and ethical”.

  4. The writer was refering to a specific person, not a sterotype. He is hard working and has high standards.

  5. Wow! Before you make slanderous comments perhaps you should get to know Keith Killion. From your 10:13p.m. comment, it’s obvious that you never met him and it is your LOSS!

  6. Thank you 6:51, for clarifying my point. Several years ago Keith along with another officer idenified improper conduct within their own agency. The fall out from their actions made the papers. Their actions reportedly angered top village officials and has cost them. I believe ethical would be appropriate for some one who takes a stand for what is right, especially when it could negatively affect their future. As for his work ethic, one just has to review any major event or activity over the past years and you’ll probably find that Keith was some how involved.

  7. perhaps we have all had one too many underaged “girl scandles” , i am sure keith is a professional ,but land back in reality and hope this is the begining of a new chapter

  8. relax 333 trying to make trouble on the blog again whats the matter no one invited you out for the 4th ?

  9. yes I Spy i sence a provocature ,one of pj’s haters who has no place to go on the 4th trying to make trouble with Keith planting comments perhaps itsone of the floggies or BOE kiss ups or some disenfranchised journalist,or perhaps a paul A hack …or maybe some other lamo blogger ?

  10. 9:40 PM “
    or BOE kiss ups or some disenfranchised journalist,or perhaps a paul A hack “

    Can’t you just disagree without guessing about the identity or friends of the blogger? Chances are that you are wrong about who you think wrote the message. In your anger you lashed out at others who had nothing to do with it. It just doesn’t make for good debate.

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