So 5:14, now that you’ve got the whole shebang, what’s your take on this ‘mishegas’?

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For 5:14’s benefit, the prologue…

Initial comment was:

I voted for Ms. Maskin and Mr. Lois during the last BOE election, in part because I believed they would be far more responsive (if not always perfectly amenable) to the concerns of parents and taxpayers than Ms. Brogan and the other incumbent BOE trustees have been.

Obviously, my candidates were defeated by the incumbent, Ms. Brogan, and the other non-incumbent, Ms. Goodman.

Based on the collected body of public statements attributed to Ms. Goodman prior to the election, I concluded that she would not be the “change agent” I was seeking. Because I believed that Ms. Maskin and Mr. Lois would, I invested considerable positive mental energy and last-minute finger-crossing into their respective candidacies. Obviously, I was disappointed with the outcome.

But I am still convinced we need “change agents” on the BOE.

Can anybody offer a specific personal opinion, positive or negative, of Ms. Goodman’s activities on the BOE since she was installed as a trustee? Do you see any signs that she has or will develop an appetite for change, or do you believe she will be more likely to gravitate toward the status quo?
4:27 PM

The snappy comeback was:

4:27 PM

get a life. Laurie has a web site set up for communications. Why is it that you can write on this blog but not communicate with her via her web site?

Election losers don’t know when to quit.

7:29 PM__________________

Which leads you to the comment (response to 7:29) at the top of this blog string.

So 5:14, now that you’ve got the whole shebang, what’s your take on this ‘mishegas’?


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  2. 4:27 said .. Laurie Goodman has her own WEB site… What is the LINK connection please? ..

  3. This math thing is not likely to go away anytime soon.

    While the BOE drags its feet our new super is a fan of Everyday Math.

    This my friends, is going to be a long protracted battle over the direction of our schools’ math curriculum.

    Lauri Goodman is not going to solve anything for us. She is not a leader by nature or one to take a strong stand but instead she seeks compromise(unless it is to take away our right to vote for school budgets). She will win no awards for Profiles In Courage.

  4. http://web.mac.com/lauriegood/iWeb/lauriegood4boe/Blog/Blog.html.

    Scroll down to find the Tuesday, June 17 blog entry.

  5. Attention Ridgewood Voters did I miss something ? Why in the world would you think or have reason to think laurie goodman was going to do anything for you what so ever? WHY?

  6. Those of us who didn’t vote for her, never thought she would.

    That is why we didn’t vote for her.

  7. Goodman got elected because she wouldnt rock the boat and she wont …suckers!

  8. As someone posted previously: Election losers don’t know when to quit.

    Ridgewood voters disagree with you. Time to move on or move out.

  9. see ya ….by the way ask your kid to long division and remember all he needs to remember is “do you want fries with that”

  10. i see the BOE kissups are on the blog to day in force ,never offering any thing of value ..as for me i am very sad our once great school system has been ruined by this BOE and their suck ups …yes its private school for muy kids

  11. 1022 i agree its a very sad state of affairs we USED have such an amazing school system

  12. yes but we “beat Newark”

  13. FWIW, in her website/blog, Ms. Goodman responds further:

    I, too, am concerned about spiraling, and I’ll definitely continue to raise that issue, especially once Dr. Fishbein starts (unfortunately, not till late August at the earliest). Thanks.

  14. I think I understand what is animating 10:17 AM.

    The fear that another superintendent hire will turn tail and flee before even starting the job.

    I don’t share this fear.

    One reason for this is, a superintendent worth his or her salt would not fear the taxpayers, voters, and parents of his/her school district, but rather, seeks to know them well and act in a way that reflects that understanding.

    Another reason for this is, an individual who would fear the taxpayers, voters, and parents of a school district so greatly as to flee before actually assuming an agreed-to role as superintendent isn’t, and never was, worth his/her salt.

  15. To 10:22 AM

    This blog is supposed to be a place for EVERYONE to voice opinions, not just the
    perpetually angry at Board of Ed people. The majority of Ridgewood voters chose Laurie Goodman. By not voting, others helped to select her. Those who did not vote for the winners can hold their breath like spoiled children till the next election.

    Laurie is hard working and very capable. Give her a chance. We should be working with her to make things better, not against.

    To 10:20 AM

    A lot of Ridgewood students do very well in the Ridgewood Schools. Math was never a problem for my kids.

  16. 12:11

    While it’s nice to know that your kids don’t have a problem with math, I’m not sure that’s germane.

    More to the point is whether any of them has ever held a hard-core STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) job.

    Most Ridgewood residents don’t fall in this category. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Because I do, I know first-hand what it takes to prepare yourself for this sort of career track.

    In the event the Ridgewood district decides to standardize on Everyday Math or a similar program as the primary curriculum for all students K-8, it will effectively be saying to all potential Ridgewood home purchasers with grade-school age children: “If preserving the option of a STEM career for your kids is a high priority for you, buy elsewhere.”

    As you can clearly see from some of the comments to this and other recent related blog entries, a similar message is already being conveyed to current Ridgewood residents who fall within that category, and in no uncertain terms.

  17. 12:11 PM,

    It is great to hear that “math was never a problem” wit your kids (sic).

    My children never had a problem either, except for the fact that it was too easy.

    So, one ended up accelerated and the other double accelerated in middle school.

    Now here’s the rub. My double accelerated student is taking an algebra class over the summer to catch up to where he is supposed to be for high school algebra 2 in the fall.

    You ask, how can that be, he was double accelerated and had algebra in 7th grade already. Why is he being tutored when he got an A for the class and just received an A for 8th grade Geometry?

    Fortunately, his 8th grade geometry teacher recognized that his accelerated students lacked the adequate level of proficiency in algebra to go on to algebra 2 in high school. So, he took it upon himself to tutor them over the summer.

    How did this happen? Didn’t these children have Ms. Debra Ives, former head of the math curriculum in Ridgewood, as their algebra teacher in 7th grade?

    Why yes, they did. And Ms. Ives is no longer employed by the district. Her tenure was very brief, just over a year in Ridgewood.

    This just proves that our administrators are very weak in teaching skills and judging curriculum.

    Ms. Ives did not leave because of displeasure at Cottage Place. No, she left because she had alienated parents and principals alike. In fact, she was a product of the Montclair State Education cabal that rules our district and was hired by Regina Botsford.

    So, my dear Miss 12:11pm, I am not “just the perpetually angry at Board of Ed” person. I am a real parent with real life experiences with the math education curriculum in this district. And you my dear may flack all you like for the BOE and their administrators but it doesn’t change the fact that things are out of whack here in Ridgewood’s education system. No amount of jaw boning or name calling is going to stop the parents, who know they are right, from demanding excellence and accountability. It is our civic responsibility.

  18. To 10:22AM –

    Oy vey!

    Don’t be such a meshugener!

  19. Can we all agree to use English? This place is getting loco.

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