Now here’s the rub.

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It is great to hear that “math was never a problem” wit your kids (sic).

My children never had a problem either, except for the fact that it was too easy.

So, one ended up accelerated and the other double accelerated in middle school.

Now here’s the rub. My double accelerated student is taking an algebra class over the summer to catch up to where he is supposed to be for high school algebra 2 in the fall.

You ask, how can that be, he was double accelerated and had algebra in 7th grade already. Why is he being tutored when he got an A for the class and just received an A for 8th grade Geometry?

Fortunately, his 8th grade geometry teacher recognized that his accelerated students lacked the adequate level of proficiency in algebra to go on to algebra 2 in high school. So, he took it upon himself to tutor them over the summer.

How did this happen? Didn’t these children have Ms. Debra Ives, former head of the math curriculum in Ridgewood, as their algebra teacher in 7th grade?

Why yes, they did. And Ms. Ives is no longer employed by the district. Her tenure was very brief, just over a year in Ridgewood.

This just proves that our administrators are very weak in teaching skills and judging curriculum.

Ms. Ives did not leave because of displeasure at Cottage Place. No, she left because she had alienated parents and principals alike. In fact, she was a product of the Montclair State Education cabal that rules our district and was hired by Regina Botsford.

So, my dear Miss 12:11pm, I am not “just the perpetually angry at Board of Ed” person. I am a real parent with real life experiences with the math education curriculum in this district. And you my dear may flack all you like for the BOE and their administrators but it doesn’t change the fact that things are out of whack here in Ridgewood’s education system. No amount of jaw boning or name calling is going to stop the parents, who know they are right, from demanding excellence and accountability. It is our civic responsibility.

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  1. Jaw bone(?)all you want. I just make the point that there are a lot of people who are generally happy with the schools. There will always be some weak teachers. There are weak employees in every business. Work with the schools to correct this.

    My child’s grades (SAT and ACT) and acceptance letters have made me very happy.

  2. What would the BOE flack have us do when the so-called “curriculum” and “programs” in math are not challenging and so backward as to be embarrassing even to fairly young children?

  3. When are young children embarrassed by math class? This must be a new everyday math problem.

  4. 3:10,

    Your children did not have the pleasure of experiencing Everyday Math, TERC or CPM2 as our current crop of grade and middle schoolers are so unfortunate to have.

    By the way, I too am generally happy with our schools. That doesn’t mean that I should pretend all is perfect.

    As for working with the schools, that is a misnomer. It is the BOE and their administrators at Cottage Place who are the problem.

    They have their heads in the sand and only under extreme pressure have they admitted that the parents might have a point about the inadequacy of the chosen math curriculum.

    I think the parents have been very patient with the BOE. It is the BOE that is reluctant to “work” with the parents.

    And by the way, Ms. Ives was more than a teacher. She was brought here, as the chief administrator, to head up our math curriculum.

  5. Jawboning: to coerce; an unofficial but usually quite effective technique of arm-twisting those you wish to bend to your will.

  6. Your complaints about the schools will never be addressed from this blog. Start with your school and then move up the ladder.

    If some of you talk to school administratore the way that you write on this blog you will never get any results. Be rational, factual and polite. It works great in the business world.

  7. http://www.gazette.net/stories/062608/fredlet161336_32358.shtml

    Columnist called it right: FCPS is experimenting with our children’s education

    Frederick County Public Schools’ decision to adopt the TERC math program is a giant step backwards for our county’s children.
    For the last decade, parents from across the country have opposed the program because it fails to develop students’ basic computation skills and problem-solving abilities. The latest edition doesn’t fix these problems, though it does add more rhetoric that attempts to mislead parents into thinking the issues with the original program have been fixed. They haven’t.
    Instead of teaching students how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers the standard way that uses borrowing and carrying, and always works, TERC emphasizes having students ‘‘discover” their own strategies that typically only work for small numbers that don’t involve decimal points.
    Students are also expected to know TERC’s ‘‘strategies,” such as changing the numbers in a problem like 148×42 to a long string of problems: 40×100, 40×40, 40×8, 2×100, 2×40, 2×8 that are solved separately then added together to get the answer. All of this is done to avoid having students multiply the usual way.
    By the end of fifth grade, these types of inefficiencies pile up and leave children at least two years behind good traditional programs like Singapore math. As Mr. Gordon’s column rightly pointed out, the impetus for such silliness is a baseless philosophical belief that students can only learn what they discover for themselves, and that direct instruction from the teacher should be minimized.
    TERC doesn’t even have a textbook for students. The program consists of a teacher’s manual and a box of hands-on materials.
    Mr. Gordon is right. FCPS is experimenting on our children.
    What’s worse is that the Board of Education should have known better, since a two-second Google search would have brought up red flags. Even the FCPS math curriculum specialist publicly admitted that there was no data showing better achievement in the three Frederick schools that piloted the program. True to the TERC approach, it appears the board wishes to ignore proven approaches and discover these problems for themselves.
    Unfortunately for parents, that means our children will, too.

    Tom Neumark, Point of Rocks

    The writer is the spokesman for FrederickEducationReform.com.

  8. 510 you need to land back on earth try this geese pop where they eat but the school board pops on everyone all the time ,first you bring up a valid point at a BOE meeting or to a BOE member : heres how it realy goes down ,they find out who you are ,try to allienate you from from your peers,threaten you ,make nasty late night phone calls to your mom,hassel your kid at school and claim your the loney. Disent will not be tolerated by this BOE . Most of the time before this blog you would be run out of town ,that your BOE and thats why they are the example used around the country for what not to do and have made Ridgewood the laughing stock it now is and brought the schools to this ruined state

  9. 5:10 said: “If some of you talk to school administratore the way that you write on this blog you will never get any results. Be rational, factual and polite. It works great in the business world.”

    I hate to break it to you 5:10 but this is a blog, stupid, not the business world. It is also not a face to face conversation with anyone, so, as was once said, stop being so damned precious!

  10. BOE flack said that “There are weak employees in every business. Work with the schools to correct this.”

    Hmm? Pity the children who end up with the detritus of this system. Where do they go to bet their money back for being assigned the “weak employee?”


  11. 747 the BOE is in the real world you mean like MTV right?

  12. 7:10 what are you smoking? That’s the only explanation I can find for A) your miserable spelling and writing skills, and B) your crazy “vast BOE conspiracy” plotline. You need to get out more…RW is not the “laughingstock” except if anyone out there were to read this blog!

  13. there you go again may i remind of the police investigation on phone threats made to one of the math moms ? conspiracy ..laughingstock,….if the shoe fits …the shoe fits

  14. 5:10 said: “If some of you talk to school administratore (sic) the way that you write on this blog you will never get any results. Be rational, factual and polite. It works great in the business world.”

    A) this a blog no one is speaking directly or in person to the BOE

    B) parents have met with and addressed the BOE and administrators all to no avail

    C) this is not the business world, the public education system is a monopoly

    D) if this were a business, the administrators responsible for this mess would have been fired long ago

  15. 5:10, opined “Start with your school and then move up the ladder.”

    Where have you been? This is exactly what parents have done. Its not like we didn’t try speaking with the teachers and principals first.

    What you fail to realize is that it is the BOE and the Asst. Super. of Curriculum, Regina Botsford, who decide our math curriculum.

    They are responsible for this mess and the only ones who can fix it.

  16. I agree with 5:10.

    Unfortunately, some people here seem unable to remain “rational, factual and polite”.

  17. I see the BOE propaganda machine is in full force ,BOE listen to any one hehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehhe

  18. There are strong and weak elements to the RW school system. However, anyone eho pronounces themselves “pleased” with the RS school system in its current state is either (i) a BOE memeber or personally related to one, (ii) someone with very low expectations or (iii) not really paying attention. Those of us less than pleased will continue to voice our displeasure.

  19. 8:12 must be 5:10 agreeing with himself. LOL. BTW who died and made you the determining entity of what is “rational, factual and polite?” Those are all subjective opinions. And we are all entitled to ours too. My advice to you is to get off this blog and don’t come back if it pains you to engage in unadulterated banter. What a wuss.

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