George Carlin – Saving the Planet

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George Carlin
May 12, 1937–June 22, 2008

Great comedian – Rest In Peace

There’s some language (but what did you expect…It’s George Carlin) but not too bad and no, its not the 7 Dirty Words bit.

A quick Bio from Wikipedia

George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937–June 22, 2008)[19][20] was an American stand-up comedian, actor and author who won four Grammy Awards for his comedy albums.
Carlin was especially noted for his political and black humor and his observations on language, psychology, and religion along with many taboo subjects. Carlin and his “Seven Dirty Words” comedy routine were central to the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court case F.C.C. v. Pacifica Foundation, in which a narrow 5–4 decision by the justices affirmed the government’s right to regulate “indecent” material on the public airwaves.
In the 2000s, Carlin’s stand-up routines focused on the flaws in modern-day America. He often took on contemporary political issues in the United States and satirized the excesses of American culture.
He placed second on the Comedy Central cable television network list of the 10 greatest stand-up comedians, ahead of Lenny Bruce and behind Richard Pryor.[21] He was a frequent performer and guest host on The Tonight Show during the three-decade Johnny Carson era, and was also the first person to host Saturday Night Live.


  1. I loved this guy. His humor was always great and very frank.

    I always watched his HBO shows.

    I’ll miss him

  2. Yea, he was funny but his politics, which always crept into his comedy, where bull$%&* leftist nonsense.

  3. 8:43 – usually, yes, but not so in this clip…

  4. 8:43
    Don’t you get?
    That’s what makes him funny, the nonsence.

    I think all comedy is BS but that gets you thinking and makes it funny.
    Get away from the politics and listen to the nonsence.

  5. Yes, but when it is not true I don’t find it funny.

    And too often comedy, when using politics or politicians as the foil, has little to do with truth and more to do with false perceptions.

    This is not healthy for a republic. Legitimate ridicule or poking fun of is one thing, misleading or distorting the facts are another just to get a laugh.

  6. I think it great to make fun of stupid people ,remember actions have consequences and if you are going act like a dope and talk like an ass people are going to have a good laugh at you expense another words if your willing to talk and act like a jerk be willing to be called one lol go George

  7. 1122 what did he say that was incorrect ? oh i get it didnt meet your pc agenda

  8. 11:22
    Come on, go watch some J Leno video clips–they are VERY not true but funny.

    We need to make lite of some of life’s problems and problem people.
    What better way then through STORY TELLING aka jokes.

  9. again 1221 whats not true about what he said not pc enough for you ?

  10. 11:22 AM –

    Re: “This is not healthy for a republic.”

    that is “…misleading or distorting the facts … just to get a laugh….”.

    Good Idea!

    Just one question… Who actually is the arbiter of what is misleading or distorting?? Maybe we could have a “Free Speech Czar” in the next Administration!

    FREE SPEECH means FREE speech! This means that even YOU are FREE to make Fascist idiotic remarks advocating restricting another’s free speech.

    You’ve got it upside down… This FREEDOM is EXACTLY what strengthens our republic and keeps it healthy.

    Beautiful… aint it!

    God I love this country!

  11. 11:22

    You gotta be a “PLANT” or something.
    Just testing this blog and the people responding the see if they have wierd views.

    If you’re not a Plant then you need to get out of the house once in a while and let the cameras on the Ave. see your face.
    Or just get a life.

  12. 150 there are lots of plants from the BOE and the flog or the blue jersey folks spouting nastiness pretending to be or represent someone else

  13. I think 11:22 is a “plant”… I mean he’s got the IQ of one!

  14. Thanks, that figures.
    Maybe they should tune in the turf blog. They’re smoking turf or maybe its the turf that’s smoking.

  15. “FREE SPEECH means FREE speech! “

    Hey, thanks for the clarification.

  16. 2:34 PM –

    Always glad to oblige… it looked like you needed some help there.

  17. I agree 100% with his message in this clip.

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