One Reader Likes the grass for another reason …

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2008 at 1:21 pm

Yesterday, early evening, the girls of RHS graduating class of 2008 walked out of the high school and onto the grass field of the stadium in their bare feet, carrying their high heels in hand. This has been a tradition for decades.

I can’t imagine them walking in high heels across a turf field either, can you?

If the LAX dad’s have their way, the girls will be forced to bring two pairs of shows to graduation. A flat pair to wear on the turf, otherwise their feet will turn black from the ground up tire pellets, and their high heels.

If for some reason it is a hot summer night, all on that field will bake from the radiant heat created by a turf field.

Now, all you jocks can dismiss this but it is a part of Ridgewood’s tradition. And to throw it away because you want a plastic surface for your sons to play on is short sited and selfish.

Go ahead, knock yourselves out, turf Stevens. But leave the natural beauty that graces the campus of our high school alone.

Say no to turf at RHS stadium!

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  1. I agree — turf stephens and brookside and leave the main field as grass for game day and graduation.

    It was a superb event last night, as always.

  2. Once a year.
    They will buy or rent green runners so as not to screw up the tradition.

    Now don’t you think the girls feet got dirt on them from walking on the GRASS, come on. They carried the heels so they wouldn,t get dirty or wet and have the dye running and getting all over the nice gowns.

  3. …Now, all you jocks can dismiss this but it is a part of Ridgewood’s tradition….

    A Rigorous Mathematics Program and a Top Notch, Nation Leading Education are also part of Ridgewood’s tradition, but these have gone by the wayside…

    As goes Ridgewood’s Education, so goes its grass…

  4. What 8:41 said.

    Turfing the football field means MANY more outdoor gym classes, since the field won’t need to be protected just for game day. This is not just for the jocks; it’s for EVERY kid who takes gym class at the high school.

    If the choice is between many more outdoor gym classes vs a once-a-year shoeless ceremony, I vote for the former.

  5. Actually walking bare foot on field turf would be much nicer than the current field for graduation. your feet don’t turn black from the pellets like you said, I know this from playing barefoot on Maple. Secondly, there would be no goose crap which is TOTOALLY ALL OVER the RHS field.

  6. Who is to say geese waste wouldn’t still be on the field turf? My biggest concern on this issue is what will the impact be on the HoHokus Brook? Is there substantial run-off? Or does it act like natural grass, soaking into the ground before it goes into the Brook, thus reducing run-off?

  7. Stevens and the RHS Field are going to get “turfed.” It is only a matter of “when” not “if.” And if those two fields are not upgraded and soon some RHS student athlete and his family are going to own those fields as the ruts, rocks and just generally unacceptable conditon of the fields are going to be a contributing factor in a serious injury and they’ll be moving graduation to Somerville school.

  8. 12:07

    You’re kidding, right? Basically, geese crap where they eat. They eat grass. They do not eat turf. The exploding population of geese and the lame–but very PC–approach to ridding Ridgewood of this scourge, ensures that all grass fields in town will continue to be crapped on. Not so for turf.

    Your other questions have been asked and answered. Two years ago.

  9. Basically, geese crap where they eat. They eat grass. They do not eat turf……

    thanks for clearing that up ..lol

  10. I don’t get it. Being pro turf is so short sighted. It addresses one issue only: less down time for sporting events. While I understand the concern, it needs to be handled in a multi faceted way. No one is doing a comparison of pros and cons including financial costs. The bottom line for many people{ who don’t blog} is that grass is best for the village just likes trees. How irresposible to promote artificial turf without doing your homework.

  11. 1:10 — The Ridgewood lacross folks who turfed Maple Field did their multi-faceted homework. They concluded that, in the long run, the total cost of maintenance for turf fields is less less than that for natural grass. That plus the increased field usage for the kids made the decision to turf a “no-brainer”.

    The only question is why we as a village don’t move quicker in turfing more fields.

  12. i am still glad to know that “geese crap where they eat. They eat grass. They do not eat turf…..thats enough for me who do i call to get my yard turfed ?

  13. my issue has alwasy been that when the RHS field was proposed to be turfed ,there was no engeneering study ,or flood plane study and NO serious cost estimates just the ‘trust us” stuff . First I dont trust you at all ,2nd i realise the flood plane and some engeneering work has been done so if we could get a proper budget and a clear demonstration of cost advantage my nay could become a ye!

  14. 1:43

    I really can’t solve your problems with trust. For what it’s worth, I can assure you that the due diligence process being conducted includes the engineering work, site planning work, EPA licensing work, budgeting work, etc., and has been in motion for some time. When committed citizens want to initiate change they do the hard work, despite the possibility of failure and regardless of the vocal minority trying to slow the process down. That’s how things get done.

  15. yes 252 but it wasnt done the first time ,that why it was voted down by a large margin btw thanks for the input I think you would better if you stoped the snipping at the oppisition

  16. The money for the turf should go to the maintenance of the school buildings.

  17. Who’s going to pay when there is a suit about being injured on turf fields? The LAX dads? The concerned citizens of Ridgewood? Who is going to indemnify the taxpayers of Ridgewood? None of the above, I’m sure.

  18. 1:33 –

    Where do I go to get my car turfed…

  19. Wow… I totally misjudged this post. It talked about “liking grass.” Wow, color me embarassed! (just kidding people!)

  20. 6:20…

    Who do you call now when an athlete tears a ligament , separates a shoulder or breaks a bone on grass?

    All of these injuries and many more have occured on grass in Ridgewood in the past two years. I haven’t heard of any such injuries at Maple (not that it can’t happen). One of the advantages of turf is that it has the potential to reduce the severity or eliminate many injuries that occur on grass. So, what makes you think an injury on turf is any different from an injury on grass?

  21. Would a turfed HS field have the football lines permanently drawn? It would always be for football? What about the rest of us? Soccer, lacrosse and graduation? I don’t want a permanent football stadium that is used sometimes for other sports.

    The graduation last night was fabulous – the students, the weather and the field. How hot would it have been if it were turf?

  22. Sports have taken place for THOUSANDS of years on grass and dirt. Why now the move to artificial turf?

  23. The Waldwick High School graduation was beautiful too, on the turf field which is used for football, soccer, lacrosse, etc. All the other fields that had graduations on turf fields across the country work out great as well. But no, really, we don’t want a free field improvement. The reason RHS drops in rankings is not academics or test scores.

  24. Boy, the jocks sure are bent on putting plastic in front of RHS for the entire world to see as they drive down Ridgewood Ave.

    And those lines for the football field, well, they’ll look mighty pretty all year ’round.

    8:41 AM, “green runners, “how lame is that? Nice try. LOL.

    9:48 AM, either you are blind or a total liar. Have you ever seen the bottom of a child’s feet after playing barefoot or in white socks at Maple? They’re pitch black from the pellets.

    What, isn’t anyone going to dispute the radiant heat issue associated with turf? Or maybe you believe in global warming and don’t what to appear un-P.C.

    For all you penny pinchers, please, give me a break about the cost savings. If you want cost savings, the sports daddies should pay attention to the mismanagement of our wildly growing BOE budget. But instead the daddies dutifully vote the way the HSA mommies tell them to, electing incompetent after incompetent.

    After all, this is the same BOE which built “cafetoriums” and additions to a slew of elementary schools and not one new gym to alleviate the mounting pressure on our all ready over crowded facilities. This was our money. And we desperately need more gymnasiums to accommodate all the girls and boys who now participate in basketball and other indoor sports. Where were the dads then? MIA.

    No boys, you can have it both ways. You can’t say, “my wife does the schools and I do the sports” and then complain about costs associated with maintaining a natural grass field as an excuse to turf RHS stadium. The BOE has a direct impact on the condition of athletics in this village, for all children, not just at the high school level.

    The dads ought to pay more attention to how our schools are run and stop trying to bully the rest of us into turfing RHS stadium. The grass field stadium has served us well for years. Now that LAX doesn’t play there, it is in great shape. Turf Stevens for a practice field and you will have solved a ton of issues.

  25. Some years ago, I went to my cousin’s graduation at West Point. They hold the ceremony on the artifical turf football field, which has permanent yardage lines for football.

    Guess what? The ceremony was great — stirring, full of tradition, attended by happy parents & cadets (now officers).

    This idea that a turf football field at RHS would ruin graduation ceremonies is one of the silliest red herrings I’ve ever heard.

  26. Yea 8:23, except that the girls at RHS aren’t in paten leather dress shoes like the cadets. They are barefoot. And West Point’s stadium isn’t on the main road for the whole world to view all year ‘round.

    But then, you seem, as many do in this village, to possess a curious indifference to beauty.

  27. Anyone at the graduation the other night notice the stress cracks throughout the bleachers? To see and feel (unfortunately) how unstable that structure has become was an eye-opener. Looks like I’ll be watching RHS events from the visitor’s side from now on.

  28. “But then, you seem, as many do in this village, to possess a curious indifference to beauty.”

    If you’d ever been to the gorgeous West Point campus, you wouldn’t make such a dumb statement. “Turf vs beauty” is a phony choice. We can have both — like West Point does. So does the Naval Academy. So does Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and many other campuses with history, beauty, and artificial turf football fields.

  29. Like the money couldn’t be better spent on the school building and bleachers as opposed to a million dollar turf field.

    Turf sucks.

    And why aren’t we holding gym classes on the grass field?

    Why are we saving them for football in the fall when it has all summer to grow?

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

    As for the geese poop. Go ask Allendale how they deal with it. IT DOESN’T COST THEM A DIME TO GET RID OF THE GEESE!

  30. Once in a while this blog veers into absurdity. I hope no one outside the Village reads this post. It’s getting pretty silly on both sides of the issue.

  31. 11:49

    Haven’t you heard the latest?
    We’re smoken Turf now. Tires and all.

  32. If the field is turfed and permanent lines are put down for football then we will have a permanent football field. And maybe the rest of us can use it when they don’t need it.

    Football is ok, but there are a lot of residents who don’t care about football (gasp!). The stadium should be a multipurpose field (boys & girls soccer, lacrosse, cross country and Track & field.

    Maybe football needs to move somewhere.

    BTW I was in the old bleachers Tuesday night. As the bleachers filled I was uncomfortable about the weight load – and not just my own.

  33. Let’s get the turf in here ASAP, before we go the way of Spain and declare that Canadian Geese have the same rights as humans — then we’ll never be able to get rid of them!

    Spanish parliament approves ‘human rights’ for apes – Guardian UK

    How’s that for a “veer”, 11:49 AM ??

  34. Apes are rather nice once you get to know them.

  35. West pint, navy, hopkins etc. are all in enclosed stadiums.

    RHS stadium, if you haven’t noticed, sits in front of the High School and is plainly visible from Ridgewood Ave.

    Give me a break. Like I said before, some have a curious indifference to beauty.

  36. Gee, the grass doesn’t grow very well because of all the trees in my yard.

    Maybe I ought to turf my front yard.

  37. Geese, geese, geese.

    I have one word for you all. Dogs.

    Figure it out, Allendale did. And they did it for free.

    God forbid if Ridgewood were to employs a solution that doesn’t cost the taxpayer a dime.

    It wouldn’t be Ridgewood if we did.

  38. There are too many geese because the hunting season has been reduced to just 2 weeks a year in December.

    Tell you local state pols to extend the season.

  39. West Point is beautiful because of the great old stone buildings, the history and the location on the Hudson. The football field does not add to the beauty. It is functional just like a parking lot.

  40. 7:24 AM,

    Thank you for your appreciation of beauty and honesty in this discussion.

  41. So, to take 7:24am’s point further, I guess all we care about in Ridgewood is functionality.

    Never mind the eyesore a turf field with football, LAX and soccer lines, all drawn in different permanent colors to distinguish them apart, would be to those passing in front of Ridgewood High School.

    That is IN FRONT not behind the school like Stevens Field.

  42. From Ridgewood Ave & from the grandstands, a turf field will look like a pure green grass field.

    It will be more appealing to the eye than a chunked-up, brown mud field — which is what the current field usually looks like during the middle of the football season.

  43. I would love the way a new field turf and new track would look. I bet if the RHS, BF, GW and all the elementary school kids could vote on it they would all want it too. I vote in favor of it for them and I see ZERO negatives if it is not going to cost extra taxes.

  44. Football, heaven forbid it should be played on a muddy field.

    Give me a break. Please.

  45. ‘Now that LAX doesn’t play there, it is in great shape. Turf Stevens for a practice field and you will have solved a ton of issues.”

    You make a really good point.

  46. We do not have the bucolic acreage or the Hudson views that West Point has. We have a school with a parking lot on one side and a grass field on the other. It would look a bit industrial to have a school flanked by a turf field and a parking lot.

    Turf fields look like turf fields, not grass. You can always tell the difference.

  47. I have watched the graduation processions for years and this week it my daughter’s turn to march. I asked her if she knew of anyone carrying shoes and she did not.

    I never saw a barefoot girl in the line this year or in any other. Why would they do that?

  48. 9:18 “From Ridgewood Ave & from the grandstands, a turf field will look like a pure green grass field.” And the framed Monet poster in the living room looks just like the real thing.

    Turf looks like turf – imitation grass.

  49. what a waste of money.more then 800000.grand.come on.wake up.yu stuck up bum,s

  50. Didn’t we already vote against it once!!
    Keep thye H.S. green and pristine.
    Go ahead and turf over Stevens Field it is a mudhole with the goose poop keeping it green.

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