North Maple Turf Field Analysis Report Safe Conditions

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<http://www.ridgewoodnj.net/main.cfm?ArticleID=588> North Maple Turf Field Analysis Report Safe Conditions

Samples of the North Maple Turf Field were submitted to EMSL Analytical for laboratory analysis. The results have just been reported. …”the fiber came back with an undetectable level for content at below 1mg/kg. The standard being used is 400 mg/kg as per the soil clean up standards.

For the wipe test, the dust result yielded a reading of 1.1 ug/wipe which is attributed to normal dust in the air. The clean up standard is the HUD criteria for floors and carpets at 40 ug/wipe.”

These results report that the field is safe for athletic use.

http://www.ridgewoodnj.net/main.cfm?ArticleID=588 <http://www.ridgewoodnj.net/main.cfm?ArticleID=588>

3balls Golf

  1. FInally! We are ok

  2. This should put an end to the “lead threat” discussion. You wanted facts–those are facts.

  3. With numbers that low, the field seems not only safe enough to play on, but also safe enough to eat off of… I’m thinking along the lines of picnicing.

  4. Glad to see some facts and real test results on our own Maple Field. Thanks! Now I feel even more strongly that Maple Field is one of the best things to happen to this town in decades.

  5. And the LAX goes on.

  6. yes so nice for 800000.hum real nice.

  7. 7:03

    There wasn’t a penny of your money involved or invested. What’s your real problem?

  8. The sports teams – especially the travel teams – pressured parents for money. They kept track of contributers.

  9. 7:03…

    I think it is much more beautiful than what was there before and was well worth $800K…and it’s safe…and it’s environmentally friendly…and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it has helped to alleviate serious problems that we had when all our fields were grass! What is your problem??

  10. WOW! This must be a tough pill to swallow for all those people, who spent so much effort trying to convince us that the FieldTurf field at Maple is unsafe with bogus information and scare tactics. This issue is finally OVER.

    In the future perhaps the “alarmists” should pay more attention to the facts and issues that face us in Ridgewood, not hypothetical questions or concerns that other people have in other areas around the country under different circumstances. It sure would save everyone a great deal of time and angst.

  11. 10:07

    I have no children on any sports teams in Ridgewood–traveling or otherwise–and I made a donation to the Maple fund. It was the right choice for me because it transformed a heretofore ugly and relatively useless piece of recreational land into a beautiful and useful park.

  12. Anonymous said…
    The sports teams – especially the travel teams – pressured parents for money. They kept track of contributers.

    10:07 PM

    Shall we start another thread for you? We’ll title it “Conspiracy Theories for those who think their children’s playing time is directly related to how much money they give away.” Then, once you make yourself sound even more foolish, you can tell everyone how much money you give to the HSAs out there… hoping to improve your child’s chances of getting a better teacher and your chances to be invited to a better cocktail party.

    Oh brother…

  13. HSA does not keep track of donations. Ask the maple Turf people about their list – by sport.

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