What in the world is "mishigoss"?

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9:51 AM –

Re: What in the world is “mishigoss”?

Damned if I know…

I think maybe she was trying to say “meshugas”…

(Maybe mishigoss is the reformed spelling (ha), but more likely it is the ill informed spelling…)

What in the world is “mishigoss”?

I think it’s the same as “mishigas” — http://www.sillymusic.com/2004/yiddish_dictionary_definitiions.asp

“Mishegoss” is a slang Yiddish word meaning crazy or senseless activity or behavior.

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  1. i dont know what it is but it sounds like something to do with TERC math

  2. She wrote a great response to your post on the election funds. You stand corrected. Time to move on to your next catastrophe.


    Must be that TERC math again,

    Data obtained from the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission public records indicates that Anne Zusy’s campaign officials reported election expenditures in the amount of $4,324.51.

    This included non-cash contributions (“coffee” gatherings, etc.).

    Read your own reports Anne; this is what you told the State of NJ.

    6:55 AM

  4. 1:51 PM,

    No, it is you and Annie who stand corrected.

    Once again, the truth wins out on the Ridgewood Blog.

    Nice try though. It must get frustrating when no one buys the established BS hook, line and sinker any longer.

    Keep up the good work PJ.

  5. “Mishigoss,” isn’t that TERC Yiddish for meshugas?

  6. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mishigoss

    1. mishigoss
    A complex, annoying, stressful problem, made all the more frustrating in that it could have been prevented if certain people had simply used their brains beforehand.

  7. So our elected officials are representing us by using German slang. What’s next – ebonics?

  8. Oh, I get it Annie, mishigoss is like the mess made by our BOE over the dumb dumb math curriculum in our village.

    Thanks for clarifying the meaning of the word.

  9. Oy!

    The yiddish term is correctly spelled meshugas (correct 3:32 PM).

    6:28 PM – I hope you don’t use the urban dictionary for all of your spelling and definition needs! (Please try a trusted source next time).

  10. PJ love the video i havnt stoped laughing all day LOL

  11. maybe the ridgewood blog and anne zusy can co sponsor ridgewood first yiddish film festival ?

  12. Maybe she just meant to say O-mi-gosh!!

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