Ridgewood is well on its way to becoming a cash cow and clearing house for the Democratic Party candidates.

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2008 at 3:11 pm

So, Paul Aronsohn has already established a bank account in connection with his planned 2012 run for Village Council…

Don’t be surprised in 2012, when Aronsohn is leading a “ticket” with the rest of his professional politician buddies from the Democratic Party.

Ridgewood is well on its way to becoming a cash cow and clearing house for the Democratic Party candidates.

Republicans and Democrats (and Independents) should reject this National Party takeover of Ridgewood. We should unite as Ridgewood citizens first and leave the party politics for the state and national stage.

And make no mistake, this is the plan and they are in no rush… 2008 Aronsohn, 2012 a few more… it doesn’t have to be overnight… this can be on the 10 or 20 year plan, but know it is coming and know it is not good, because it diminishes Ridgewood’s independence and individuality and “small town” issues. Right now we have our own little home grown pay-for-play kingpin… But take a look in ten or twenty years at the sophisticated and organized milking of Ridgewood for its cash and prestige and you will look back with nostalgia at his “generosity” and fiefdom building. You’ll long for the days of the inept bumbling and petty corruption of Village Councils of past.

You won’t know the town. It will be diminished and no longer special and you will be paying dearly for it, both literally and figuratively.

Motorcycle Superstore, Inc.

  1. The sooner we come clean and admit there are political parties at work here (Democrat county machine) the better off we all will be.

    Let’s stop pretending. Let’s change our village charter and have multi-party elections and direct mayoral elections too.

    This way we can hold people accountable and put some spine in our elected officials (the backing of a party).

  2. It’s beginning to seem a lot like Montclair around here.

  3. The voters were warned about the impending takeover before the election but they chose to ignore it. Killian bought the illusion, hook, line, and sinker, it seems, unless there is something in it for him which we are not aware of as of yet. Yes, the pros are moving in, bags and baggage. We are all about to witness what a ginsu knife can do to this community. All that will be left is bones and memories.

  4. 2:29 PM

    On the nosey….
    Welome to Baristaville North.

  5. Ah, a few more years until my kids get through the HS and we are out of here.

    Thanks Ridgewood.

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