2008 Ridgewood Municipal Election – Campaign Expenditures by Candidate Name

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2008 at 2:22 pm

Data obtained from the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission public records.


Paul Aronsohn – $12,071.34
Jacques Harlow – $3,287.50
Keith Killion – $1,619.53
Betty Wiest – $7,845.75
Anne Zusy – $4,324.51


  1. $12k for Aronsohn!!!!–not sure but that must be some sort of record for a VC campaign. It does feed into the suspicions that he has a broader agenda on behalf of BCDO.

  2. Killion got more votes than anyone, but spent less than them all.

    Don’t you just love it?

  3. No, because he opened the gates to the Great Satan of Bergen County and all of his cronies. They like to start with the planning board so they can direct who gets what contract – lawyers/planners/architechs/liquidation specialists (their favorite)/etc.,etc.,etc.,….. Pretty soon there will be people no one ever heard of making monumental decisions about our town – cops/roadworkers/sewage/parks/water/ nothing is sacred and they will be using the “shared services” mantra to decimate this town.

  4. Let’s see if Killion can go from being part of the problem in the police department to part of the solution in in the Village Council.

    Runaway spending on the police budget (largest municipal budget) needs to be roped in and accountability needs to be dramatically improved among officers, who often fail to perform the most basic tasks required by their job, yet are emboldened to to abuse their power in dealing with many residents. Almost anyone in town can tell you at least one story of disgraceful behavior on the part of “Ridgewood’s Finest.”

  5. Look at Aronsohn’s spend…you go boy !

    The Village will pay dearly for electing one of Ferriero’s Fellas…

    When does McGreevey get out of the seminary…??

  6. Probably after Ferriero and Oury go in.

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