High-density housing in Ridgewood?

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Speaking of housing, but specifically housing in Ridgewood, folks should read the Public Notice buried on page C-26 of today’s Record. An application has been made to the Ridgewood Zoning Board for eight variances to the current building code that will enable a developer to construct 68 townhomes on Paramus Road in Ridgewood. Two single-family homes will be demolished to make way for this high-density housing that will bring additional traffic, school demands and general infrastructure demands to town. Not to mention that the lush woods now present on the lot(s) will be clear cut to make way for the development.

High-density housing in Ridgewood? The Zoning Board needs to do its homework before it grants permission for any of the variances. A sprawling condo village will definitely change the character and look of this neighborhood.

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  1. The Public Notice was published on Saturday, June 13. Is it possible that the legal reps for the developer intentionally ran the notice on the day that the least number of people read the Record?

    Note to the Zoning Board: These guys are up to no good.

  2. High density housing? Why not? As long as we are turning Pease library into a parking lot, the train station into a transit hub and the town hospital into a regional medical center, why not?

    Let’s re-zone all of our lots as multifamily so we can cash out and move.

  3. more customers for the gigantic new hospital? Widen those roads!!!!!

  4. Tract housing in Bolgerville…?

  5. I thought the town wanted to buy that lot for new fields?

  6. useful: showing the variance request in this blog

    useless: complaining about it in this blog

    very useful: showing up at the zoning meeting and complaining on the record

    when is the meeting??

  7. Would this be located at the corner of Linwood? Isn’t this a single family zone? Maybe the developer is David Bolger?

  8. 10:28

    Reading through the original post, as well as the resulting comments, I don’t see any kind of “complaining” being done anywhere. The point of the original post seemed to point out that the developer (who is not Mr. Bolger) and the developers’ attorneys (a Paramus-based firm led by former Ridgewood resident Tom Wells, brother of architect/investor Peter Wells)were trying to “slip one by the goalie” by advertising a pretty significant request for changes in the zoning ordinances on a day when relatively few people affected by these changes would be paying attention. Furthermore, proceedings of the Zoning Board, while open to the public, often times do not afford opportunities for public comment or dissent.

  9. WOW! Finally ratables, 70 households will not burden the school system, sewer or water systems for that matter.

    No one seemed to mind the townhouse development across from GW Middle school. It didn’t ruin the neighborhood and didn’t cause traffic congestion.

    If this is the Linwood lot then a few doors down is a commercial building which didn’t ruin the neighborhood.

    Would you complain about building houses at the horse farm instead of lighted ball fields?
    You wouldn’t mind Valley building on the lot that the TC wants to change into OPEN SPACES. Wouldn’t THAT ruin the neighborhood?

    Come on folks, lets find something better to bitch about then redevelopment in the Village

  10. “WOW! Finally ratables, 70 households will not burden the school system, sewer or water systems for that matter.”

    Why would the school system NOT be impacted? How is that possible? Glen School is closed; Somerville and Hawes are maxxed out.

  11. where do you get the dumb idea that this is not going to cost the town anything? Is that like the reassesment is going to lower taxes?

  12. well the BOE says at least we beat newark…

  13. The lush woods were removed by the previous owner. The town has COAH obligations. The plot(s) are near public transportation. Maybe we reopen Glenn School to OUR children. It’s all doable.

  14. the BOE has continued to shoot down opening Glen School or any form of redistricting ,so why would they do it now?

  15. 4:08

    Your play on words (as usual) doesn’t hold water. No one said IMPACT, burden is the word.
    Of course 70 housing units will impact all the services in town.
    We’re talking about a burden.

    Kids come and go every year.
    Maybe the BOE should stop having out of towners kids attend our schools.

    70 housing units doesn’t mean 140 kids will be in grade school.
    Besides this maybe a good reason to reopen Glen School.
    Or put much needed classrooms on some of the older buildings that haven’t been updated since the 60’s.

  16. The lush woods were not cut down by the previous owner as stated by someone in reply to the post. The property that is the subject of this application is on the eastern side of Paramus Road, two lots north of the intersection with Linwood. It is not the property that was clear cut which abuts the river in the rear. Furthermore, the subject property is zoned for single family residential homes, not multi-family high density dwellings which will necessitate not only the grant of a use variance by the Zoning Board but also at least 6 or 7 other major variances from the required regulations from the Ridgewood ordinance covering that zone, including variances for height, floor area ratio, building coverage, insufficient front yard setback and the lack of garages, to name a few.
    The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 24 at 7:30p.m. according to the notice. Not very many homeowners will be receiving notice since the 200′ range includes Route 17 and the Paramus Road overpass. Accordingly, it will be important for those who think that this is an important matter to attend the Zoning Board hearing on the 24th.

  17. Given the location of the proposed townhomes, Somerville, Travell and Hawes will be affected. The change can’t happen without redistricting.

    People in the Somerville area who will be registering kindergarteners are not guaranteed that their kids will attend Somerville – even if they have older children at the school. We are maxxed out.

    The tiny addition from a couple of years ago is fully used, and still we lost a multipurpose room in the basement. They should have planned for the future and built a two story addition while they were building three years ago.

    When I moved within Ridgewood a few years ago I looked to stay in the Somerville District. I’m going to have to go at 7am on kindergarten registration day to be first in line.

  18. 8:51
    THANKS for the info regarding the location. I seems to me that these TOWNHOUSES will be more then 2 stories, do you know? and these new homes will overlook 17.
    This seems to be a section boarded by Linwood and the Rt17 overpass.

    Why not grant the variances needed to build this complex that is on rt 17 and Paramus rd.?

  19. Build them at the horse farm. There is plenty of room for townhomes there.

    They can absorb the extra students.

  20. Who cares any more. Let’s just do away with all aesthetics and build anything the market will bare.

    Who cares anymore? Banks, restaurants, fast food chains, national retailers, the whole damn place is going to pot.

    Our schools keep sliding in quality while we pretend all is wonderful. Shop keepers are priced out by greedy landlords willing to take a bank’s inflated rent offer.

    Our VC auctions off our assets to a philanthropist baring gifts.

    Our BoE is too stupid to know real math from dumb dumb math. I mean really, what is the point.

    All we do is pay higher taxes and for what, crappy government?

  21. Did they put 70 units next to GW? I don’t think so.

    I guess that some people like the idea of building 70 townhomes near the new hospital zone.

    Put the high density housing on the horse farm. It won’t have any impact on the neighborhood.

  22. The (COAH) townhomes will affect everybody. Families and thier friends and relatives, from the low income housing will be a part of Ridgewood for a long time to come, that means high school students, middle school and elementary school students. This will change the entire feeling in our town. I think Ridgewood is devisive enough. Are these families going to be accepted members of our community? Invited to our kids parties? Car pooling? Playdates? Think About it…

  23. 12:05

    I’m not sure what Ridgewood’s COAH obligations have to do with the 68-townhomes contemplated for the Paramus Road site. Without getting into the apparent bigotry in your statemment, I would think the developer is seeking to build luxury (that means high profit for the builder) units that would be out of reach for people who require subsidized housing.

  24. High density housing will impact the schools and neighborhood. I don’t care if they are luxury townhomes.

    Half the town does not care because it is not in their backyard. It is everyone for him/herself.

  25. 1:38 – Building these high priced townhomes will increase the COAH obligation for Ridgewood.

  26. Maybe they should plan on more COAH housing units in the proposed garage in the center of the Village.

  27. as far as I can see these are not COAH units….and the scam is and will be…they probably have no intention of building 68 units(that is alot of townhomes on the two lots we are talking about)..they probably want 35….they know there will be opposition…so they go in higher then they really want and are told to cut down the proposal….and the zoning board then can say…see we got them to cut this in half….PJ lets start a new thread at the top…there is community action currently being organized against this…and we want a big turn out that this zoning board meeting….

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