Fast Action by Sanitation Workers Saves Oak Street House from Heavy Fire Damage

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2008 at 2:32 pm

At approximately 6:25 a.m. this morning, sanitation workers performing rear yard refuse pickup discovered a house fire on Oak Street, between Robinson Lane and Franklin Avenue.

While one crew member rushed to report the fire using the sanitation vehicle’s two-way radio, other crew members banged on doors and windows to warn the home’s occupants, and used a nearby garden hose to douse a flaming window air conditioner.

Upon receiving the sanitation workers’ distress call, Ridgewood Police, Fire and EMS units arrived at the scene within minutes and gained access to the burning building.

Fortunately, the house was unoccupied and no emergency responders were injured during the frantic search. Fire damage was confined to the malfunctioning air conditioner and an adjacent window frame.

Certainly, Ridgewood’s Mayor and Council should issue official commendations to this fine sanitation crew.

Thank goodness for rear yard refuse pickup!

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    Thanks a lot for caring.

  2. These men are some of the most polite employees working for the village.

    There is always a “hello” or “good morning” when encountering them.

    Thanks fellas for being just good guys.

  3. The best!

  4. thank god for the town workers.they are the back bone of the town.I hope they get a good raise not 3persent.its time.the police got over 4,come on 4 toall not just some.wake up.

  5. yes rear yard is to stay.no curbs,

  6. 1st at the fire.ha,ha,i love it.hummm.great job men like allways.ed my hats off to you and your men.the best sanitation workers around.

  7. More sets of eyes and ears in the Village. These guys have alwasy been great! Treat them well.

  8. their lucky if they get a pat on the back from this administration. these are some of the finest guys out there.

  9. The gentlemen who service my neighborhood – – (near the Duck Pond) are the BEST. Always looking out for my elderly neighbors. Always polite.

    It really bothers me when I see cars barrelling down Ridgewood or Walthery passing the trucks at 40 mph and endangering these these guys.

  10. Holy cow! Talk about above and beyond…..


  11. i hope they get lunch.

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