North Jersey Businesses Hurt As Brokers Cut Back On Bagels, Lactose

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2008 at 6:56 pm

Posted by Bess Levin, Jun 11, 2008, 1:05pm

You’d think strip clubs, steak houses, and Real Doll outfitters would be the only ones feeling the pinch of financial professionals not making/spending any money, but you’d be wrong! In Northern New Jersey, bagels and cheese, items heretofore considered staples in the community, are being cast aside, deemed luxuries too expensive to justify in these hard times. Rick Breistein, proprietor of the Cheese Shop of Ridgewood which sells $60/pound English Stilton and Brillat-Savarin, says that many of his former customers are “bond traders…[who] don’t come in anymore…they are suffering–they are not making the money.”

And according to bagel guy Elliot Cohen, there’s been a dramatic drop in orders from the nearby Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney. “We used to get breakfast and lunch deliveries there, and we’ve seen a lot less,” he said. “One guy used to buy breakfast for the whole group on Friday. He doesn’t come anymore.” I speak for everyone here when I say there’s an almost unbearable sadness about this permeating the DBHQ this morning. So here’s what–our sandwich welfare program is now being extended to include bagels and lox. If you know a deserving individual who can no longer afford his/her own shmear, get in touch. Jews and non-Jews welcome. Any requests for flagels will be sent to spam.

  1. Where can I send my bagels request?

    Any email address or phone or fax number? (need faster way than going through the first-class mail).

    Help please!!

  2. Suggestion: Why don’t all you power people get together and ask nice guy Kim from Bagelious to put together a bag of bagels , like he does for so many OTHER NEEDY PEOPLE
    and you can share them on the way to work in the City. We all know it’s rough but please, leave all the SORROW of the traders to anyone who really cares.You people never gave the regular people a chance.
    So Sorry: Get in line with the rest of us!


  4. am i supposed to feel sorry for the traders who are 100% responsible for the current oil prices thanks to their speculation? we haven’t yet finished paying for their debacle with the worthless mortgage backed securities..that were proceeded by their worthless ‘dot-com’ bubble…hey wall street..thanks for NOTHING you slimebags!

  5. gasoline, crude, wheat,mortages. whats next? speculation in prescription drugs? these financial ‘wizards’ who have enriched themselves creating secondary markets of critical items will be regulated out of business due to their own greed. in the meantime, we all suffer the financial pain

  6. 701 YOU ALL DESERVE IT !!! you keep voting for these big goverment jimmy carter types or just plain crooks – over regulation and price controls lead to shortages !!! WAKE UP DUMMIES!

  7. 701 and 733 yes and higher taxes dont lower prices or discover oil dumb dumbs

  8. so what they make a lot of money.

  9. The traders make big money when times are good. They should have saved for a time when the market is not good.

    Maybe they need a financial planner. There are thousands of them in Ridgewood.

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