For the Record – Voter Turnout Percentages from Recent Municipal Elections

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2008 at 7:26 pm

1998 – 3.27% – 2 seats, unopposed

2000 – 15.36% – 3 seats, 5 candidates

2002 – 16.35% – 2 seats, 4 candidates

2004 – 18.33% – 3 seats, 8 candidates

2006 – 7.94% – 2 seats, 3 candidates

2008 – 16.87% – 3 seats, 5 candidates

In summary, the percentage of voters turning out in 2008 was slightly higher than the 10-year average (13.02%).

So why is one of the incumbents continuing to insist that their resounding loss resulted primarily from low voter turnout/voter apathy?

Does this person truly believe that all of the incumbents’ supporters stayed away from the polls on municipal Election Day?

The fat lady has finished signing. Time to face reality; it’s over.

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  1. Yes Betty; you’re toast now.

  2. Well done! Ms. Wiest is just whining because she lost. There was no voter apathy – quite the contrary, the voters came out and spoke their piece. Too bad for Ms. Wiest that she did not like what the voters had to say. She is just like Ms. Clinton – always looking at an excuse, and never looking at the loser in the mirror.

  3. Hey Betty…

    Let off a little Steam… Hey, Hey, Hey GOOD-BYE

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