7 Step action plan:for the BOE

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(1) No “outsourcing” Board decisions to paid consultants.
(2) Encourage independence of the HSA & Federated.
(3) All three budgets (actual, proposed, and “working”) on the BOE website, all year long (not just the 10 days before April 15th).
(4) Flatten the administration hierarchy.
(5) Retain a lobbyist and grant-writer to get some funds from Trenton. (Maybe use the funds we save by firing some of the ‘educrat’ consultants).
(6) Unify our educational materials amongst the 6 elementary schools.
(7) Have the Board members engage in ‘benchmarking’ (comparing us to districts we aspire to emulate) instead of the “pie in the sky” (haphazard) leadership that lurches from fad-to-fad.

Simple, no?


  1. Wow Greg,
    now how do we get the BOE to do all of the above?

    Does anyone out there know if a recall of a BOE is something that could happen.

  2. Easy for us to say but really had for a bunch of idiots to do. They’ve already drunk the kool aid.

  3. To Greg

    Excellent ideas. I’m confident you’ll work hard to make these thoughts known to the BoE.

    To 7:29

    A recall, no matter if it’s feasible or not, will never happen. Pick the fights you can win–and that ain’t one of them.

    Real change will be achieved by leading with logic and facts, not emotion and disappointment that the minority of voters feel because its slate was not endorsed. Greg will be an effective voice from the outside, and he’s smart enough and tenacious enough to make the insiders take note.

  4. no chance the folks in this town love dumb dumb math it fits the liberal mindset

  5. You people still don’t get it, do you?

    Despite the sound ideas in the original post, you continue to wrap the message in personal & professional attacks on BOE members, RPS administrators, and HSA/Federated members (“idiots”…”drunk the kool aid”…”dumb dumb math”…”liberal mindset”).

    Is it any wonder as to why your candidates lose badly in BOE elections and your ideas get ignored?

    This is “politics”, which wikipedia defines as “the process by which groups of people make decisions on who gets what”.

    It’s a fact of human nature that large groups of people are NEVER persuaded by small groups of people who continue to insult them!!!

    Sheesh…ya’d think some people would’ve learned this basic lesson by now…

  6. 1031 so the BOE can give but they cabt take it ?

  7. you mean like the BOE saying the kids at travel are just stupid?

  8. no one is looking to persuade ,brother stupid is as stupid does we admitt we have lost our school system for ever to the dumb dumb math crowd and franky with those low standards you can have it ! BUT I AM NOT GOING TO PRETEND IT IS ANYTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CRAP AND I AM NOT GOING TO PRETEND YOU DIDNT RUIN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM WITH IT!

  9. 10:31 — That kind of “I know you are but what am I?” comment really doesn’t help your side of the debate. You’d be better off following 8:35’s advice above — “leading with logic and facts, not emotion and disappointment”.

    10:42 — What BOE member said Travell kids are stupid? Where/when did they say it?

  10. Well there you go.

    If the Math Moms want to know why their ideas aren’t supported & implemented, and why their candidates aren’t getting elected to the BOE in order to make real change possible — all they need to do is re-read 10:47’s message.

  11. sorry but some of the math moms were threatened over the phone by BOE suporters this is a fact , dont dish it if you cant take it….as for me I agree with stuck on stupid ,the schools are lost ,I didnt move to Ridgewood 40 years ago to hope my kids go up to be failures …ps a BOE member also said in the comment sectionwhen Orchard had the contaiminated soil ,”your kids shouldnt eat dirt” btw its all over the debat and a well known fact the BOE thinks the kids are stupid at travell …

  12. sorry but the BOE and all its mnons attack anyone who dares to disagree ,well you fascist cowards time to face the music and grow up you suck you wrecked our schools and now they are your to destroy as you like my kids are out of school a long time thank god!

  13. yes i didnt move to Ridgewood to”beat out newark” I could do that on a desert island with no books …

  14. 10:31 your recommendations are misplaced. This is an anonymous blog. No one ever said that anyone who posts here speak for the math moms or anyone else. I have seen parents address the BOE at its public meetings and all have maintained a civic protocol. That is all the BOE needs to concern itself with. That anyone would use this blog as an excuse or reason to not listen to what the public says to them outside of this forum is ridiculous.

    Your remedy implies that board members and their supporters are indeed representative of the adjectives attributed to them.

    I would have to agree with that.

  15. the term “math mom” was used as a put down from the BOE and the math moms were called house wifes…these BOE does not ever act in the interest of the kids or parents …

  16. yes and if your dumb enough to not know the BOE has engeged in a disinformation campaign against the math moms you dumb enought to vote for dumb dumb math

  17. “fascist cowards…you suck”

    Hey, that’s a great way to “win friends and influence people”.

    You’re condemning yourselves to the status of “permanent minority”.

  18. 1133 yes but its ok for you to make threatening phone calls to one of the math moms? …you can keep your crappy school system

  19. i see PJ we have some cottage place hacks on here….what elese is new?

  20. If only you’d be more like us, we’d listen to your ideas and change.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  21. yes to bully old ladies how macho ?

  22. 11:33 names have consequences. It was only a few days ago that the president of the Chech Republic referred to hard core environmentalists as “Stalinists.” He did this while giving a speech at the National Press Club.

    I was impressed with his frankness and willingness to call a spade a spade. May we all be so brave and free to speak our minds.

    You, on the other hand, are a prisoner of your own self-rightiousness. How dare you tell others what they should and shouldn’t say.

  23. Dear 10:31 AM,

    What can anyone say about an entire administration, for which we pay dearly in salaries, that decides it MUST look to another entity to make an internal decision?


    Any suggestions from you?

  24. Do we also need ALL the crisis intervention specialists that we have? I see the necessity of 1 or 2, but 2 in one middle school in Suburbia? Is that necessary?

  25. The changes to the Village Master Plan need to be seen an IMPORTANT ISSUE for the people in Ridgewood.

    It is so much more FAR REACHING into ALL our lives than the BOE and its decisions!

    The Zoning changes and ordinances affect everyone here from baby to the elderly, not just those of us with children in the system.

    Please make it your PRIORITY to find out about the proposed changes and then THINK very hard about what they will mean for you and your neighbor, and your friend across town as well as the people you have yet to meet.

    I know that the proposed changes are hard to understand and ARE DESIGNED TO CONFUSE but that is all the more reason to question them!

  26. Sometimes you all are very silly.

    Fact: Reform math is under national debate, a group of mothers in Ridgewood identified in their own schools a commonly known national problem.

    Fact: President Bush formed a math panel with a group of professors and educators to look into the best way to teach math.

    Fact: The Math panel found that our reform math programs don’t focus on basics, teach too many topics in a year without allowing time for kids to master them, and spiral back year after year to abstract concepts which are not as important as basic computation.

    Fact: Local mothers in Ridgewood presented the BOE with letters from Professors from Stanford and NYU that said TERC Investigations was the worst possible math program a school could use to teach children.

    Fact: Two math mothers gave up and one left the district. There are no more math moms. (And yes, one was threatened.)

    Fact: The incumbent and running mate used their social connections via HSAs to gain votes and win the election. In private, the incumbent ran a smear campaign against the math moms and her opponents.

    Fact: Other towns have gotten rid of reform math by leveraging parent complaints. Ridgewood does not seem to be able to do that.

    Fact: No one will put their name on these comments because they are afraid their children will be hurt by it in school.

    Opinion: The BOE election was lost because not enough parents in town knew who the candidates were and what they stood for. Not many parents realize that other districts give children textbooks, use flashcards in the classroom and still have gifted programs. The majority in this town trusts the schools, are apathetic to voting and are unaware that we get less for our taxes than comparable districts.

    The schools will have to get much worse for all parents to realize that there is a need for dramatic change. Ridgewood parents are very polite and will need to really be getting the shaft before they all begin to speak up.

  27. What does flatten Administration Hierarchy mean? I hope it means eliminate the constant creation of new positions (see “lead teacher”). the district always says money is an issue but then they create all these admin jobs.

  28. 5:22

    These are only “Facts” in your mind. To the rest of us they are just your opinion.

  29. No outsourcing except for the lobbyist?

  30. 2:52 PM, those are indeed “facts” and no amount of denial or spin can change that truth.

    So, opine away to no avail.

  31. 2:52 is in a classic phase of “denial.” Let’s pray for him or her.

  32. Thank you Dr Phil

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