History Lesson on Pease Library

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During the last Maple Ave library expansion,the library patrons went to the Pease. When the new library opened, the Portrait of George Pease and some other pictures, memorabilia was moved to the main floor of the renovated libary; the section was renamed “The George L. Pease Memorial Library” Once that was done, the library board, headed by Nancy Greene, and with Janet Fricke on the board, the council went to court and voided the will, because “the functions of the Pease were being served at the new library building” This was done in 1999.the Library Board (not the Village) and Sidney Stoldt, who argued the case for the Library,were in agreement that the building be closed to the public as no longer necessary.The 911 emergency center rent goes directly to the library board, and not one cent to repairs. The village residents have paid twice: once in library budget, and once separately for all repairs, including the roof. All rent from upstairs tenants, e.g. realtor, lawyer, etc. would go directly to the LIbrary Board, not the public. No member of the public was alerted to the court appearance.

All was readied for commercial rent when, in the Fall of 1999, Hurricane Floyd hit, and the police were moved into the building, since it was so high and dry. The police worked closely with the Historic Preservation Commission to make certain that no part of the wood, structure was ruined; they kept it as pristine as possible.

This entire lawsuit was done under the radar; in fact when one resident attended a council meeting in 1999, and the title of a resolution was read, the resident questioned what it meant and was told that she couldn’t ask questions “at that time”.

Nobody cared, and to this day, most residents don’t care, so we have what we deserve.

Yes, I wish we could all chip in to save the building; that was the plan agreed upon by the Council when the historic grants were suppoed to be applied for. Most of the matching grants would have been paid for by private funds, it was privately promised; and this was told to the Council. The promise was made that the building would be open to the public. For David Bolger to appear 24 hours before a promise to keep the building open and apply for grants is no mystery. The fix was in from the beginning. NOw the council could look as if they really were considering public use, but they weren’t. All the Council members voted to accept the Bolger money.

Is it too late? Its up to the readers of this blog. Others have done more than their share; if more people would stand up, things could be reversed. But if only a dozen people are interested, the building will be stolen.

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  1. This is a lame duck council that should defer all major decisions to the next administration. Pease library is only one example of what they should keep their hands off of for now.

    Pease is a picture post card that adds value to each and every one of our houses. It is Village landmark and treasure. While people often complain about things moving too slowly in the Village, this is an item that deserves to be dealt with carefully. Once the space is destroyed, it is gone for ever. The current administration simply does not care and it should not be making important decisions about this or any other Village landmarks.

  2. Pat are you listening? This is a test of your civic duty.

    Are you going to stand up for what is right or roll over for Bolger once again?

  3. Hey 12:32…

    I predict that Pat will

    Let it roll, baby, roll.
    Let it roll, baby, roll.
    Let it roll, baby, roll.
    Let it roll, all night long.

    Pat, I ask of you no less than the Ashen-Lady:

    Give up your vows.
    Give up your vows.
    Save our city.
    Save our city.
    Ah, right now

    But as we know…

    The futures uncertain
    And the end is always near.

    – Jim

  4. I remember when it was a branch library. Hazel Molzan was the lovely librarian there. She cared a great deal about her elderly patrons and would often spend an hour after work delivering books to their homes. It was something she did quietly, and very few people knew.

  5. One addition to the “History Lesson”, the “will” referred to was the supposedly ironclad will and deed restriction of Mrs. Pease-Anderson who, in 1923, gave the building/land to the Village for $1 with the promise, in writing, that the building would always be used for the public, as a library. The Village accepted this, in writing, as a deed restricton in perpetuity. That is the will and deed restriction that was voided by the court in 1999 when Mr. Stoldt,acting with the consent of the Council, and the director of the Ridgewood Library, “proved” that the Pease legacy could be maintained in a different location. With no public annoucement, and no one from the public at the court. No vote, no hearing, nothing. It would be one thing if residents voted on this, and maybe the vote would have been to void the will; but we will never know, cause this was done under cover of darkness.

    This is an important point.

  6. Don’t ask Pat to do anything!
    If anyone remebers he was going to save the Old Firehouse on Hudson Street.

    The best move this town hs ever made was to save the Board of Ed Building.

  7. Ridgewood is wacky for a Democratic town.

    Little old ladies historical preservationists and moms who want more rigorous math programs are anarchists and dismissed, but the big hospital and millionaire real estate guys can build, build, build.

  8. 913 the money guy is a democrat,notice the people who stand for reason are the bad guys welcome too looney liberal new jerky ridgewood has long sold out joined the fold

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