Dr. Monica Browne Leaves to take Superintendent’s position in Upper Saddle River – Future Plans of Dr. Joyce Snider, Current USR Super, Unknown

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Dr. Snider was formerly the Assistant Superintendent in Ridgewood – Could she be on her way back to Ridgewood?


Dear Parents,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my resignation from the position of principal of Somerville Elementary School. Last evening I was approved as the superintendent of schools in Upper Saddle River. I will assume this new position in July. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked at Somerville. The top-notch staff, enthusiastic students, and supportive parents are the main reasons that Somerville is such a wonderful place. I am honored to have worked with everyone here and will remember the time spent in Ridgewood fondly.

I am confident that our Director of Human Resources, Dr. Brian Bulger, will lead a successful search for the new principal of Somerville School. Please know that I will work with the newly hired principal in whatever capacity I am able in order to make for a smooth transition for the children, parents, and faculty.


Monica M. Browne, Ed.D.

Motorcycle Superstore, Inc.

  1. The BOE wouldn’t be so stupid as to bring Joyce Snider back, would they?

  2. “The BOE wouldn’t be so stupid as to bring Joyce Snider back, would they?”

    With respect to stupidity levels at local BOEs, The Record recently reported that Clifton’s BOE is considering former Paramus super Dr. Janice Dime for the top job there. So in answer to your question, yes; Joyce Snider could be brought back.

  3. Joyce was a disaster when she was here. You can pin the start of our downward slide right to her doorstep as our more able Super was dealing with a crushing family crises at the time.

    Yes they are stupid, most boards are pretty dumb but to bring Joyce back would be a collossal failure of even a stupid board.

  4. Is she a real Dr.? Does she have a Ph.D.?

    If she only has her Me.D then she’s a Ms.

    The education profession uses these inflated titles in an attempt to garner more “respect” and “protection” from the criticisms of parents. It’s false and I wish they would stop it.

  5. Monica M. Browne, Ed.D.

  6. If Dr. Browne is qualified for Upper Saddle River, then I wonder if she was considered for for Superintendent of Ridgewood. It sure seems like we have a lot of talent yet have to hire a search firm to bring in someone from outside.

  7. Let’s see, Russ Titus was a principal, Paul Arilotta was a principal and both served a superintendents for our district.

    But some how Jack Lorenz is not qualified.


  8. The Board and admins are afraid of Mr. Lorenz. They are afraid of his honesty, integrity, success, and ability to have a good rapport with both students and parents. All of these qualities sadly lacking by Brennan, Botsford, DeSimone, Hutton, Brogan, Vallerini and time will tell for Goodman. Lenhard never opens her mouth, she’s a wallflower.


    Ridgewood School District Superintendent

    Ridgewood Principals Need Not Apply

  10. These board members are all idiots. When a problem appears and a solution is right in front of their noses (Lorenz for super; singapore math for math; all fads removed, such as: open circle, academic skills killed, Regina removed, Tichner fired, DeSimone gone, etc.) they pass the buck or duck for cover or pretend that they can’t see it.

    Leaders. Oh really!

  11. My friend heard from someone who attended a NJ Educational Conference this week that the new Superintendent for Ridgewood has been chosen. He is supposedly a resident of Ridgewood with 5 children, whose wife is a physician. He is a Superintendent in another NJ school district. If this is true, I guess we will know soon enough.

  12. These board members are all idiots.

    Thank you for your nuanced critique, Dr Einstein.

  13. 9:35 this characteristic fits somebody I know. He will NEVER take a Ridgewood position…There is no way you are right even though He is a VERY GOOD candidate

  14. Why would people who attend a conference be privy to this information and the ridgewood taxpayers who foot the bill be kept in the dark?

    Screw this board!

  15. Dr. Browne and John Lorenz are great loses for the district, that’s too bad neither of them could get what they wanted here.

  16. This BOE HIRED Lorenz. They are certainly not afraid of him. He has NEVER challenged this BOE.

  17. Yes, he has challenged them. When he first came to RHS, he was appalled at the deterioration in the HS and appealed directly to the BOE for the needed repairs. They were notreceptive. He was feeling very overwhelmed between his leadership responsibilities and now finding out that the HS was crumbling. Concerned parents were rallying around him to go to battle with the Board if needed. Then, an elderly lady fell outside the HS one evening after a social was held for seniors. She got pretty badly hurt due to the poor lighting. Jack took photos of her and the dark area. He went to the Board with these photos. He impressed upon the Board the liabililty issues involved. They began to listen. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. I am not sure what their relationship has been after that, but he has accomplished a great deal in just 2years compared to the ex-principal who sat in his office reading Shakespeare while the Titanic was sinking!

  18. Anon 4:18 PM –

    You stated: “Screw this board!”

    Just exactly what is your action plan for achieving this goal?

    Hot air?

  19. 12:17 that critique also included reasons for the description. These reasons are obvious to anyone with a brain, so why should the critique not stand? Perhaps you can state why they are NOT idiots.

  20. 10:54 – I’d like to know more about your comment – what exactly are you talking about?

  21. 6:46 AM I was referring to the tragic and accidental death of his son. Everyone was touched by this tragedy.

  22. 11:58 – I’m sorry I wasn’t more specific. I realize that what the family tragedy was, I was referring to your comment “You can pin the start of our downward slide right to her doorstep”. I’d like to know more about that comment. Can you give be more specific?

  23. I seem to be missing part of the story line here. Whose son had a tragic and accidental death?

  24. Fred Stokley’s son died in a car accident with his girlfriend.

    Joyce Snider was Asst. Super. of curriculum.

  25. Our problems with curriculum gone awry began with Joyce. She simple was not qualified in that role and we ended up with a patchwork quilt of approaches, with no clear direction. This left principals free to simply do whatever they liked or thought would suit them best. Regina, on the other hand, exhibits a resume that says she’s qualified. Unfortunately, her training has been just that, TRAINING and not EDUCATION. She is a trained curriculum administrator. Not sure if being such has much to do with selecting clear cut curriculum. That may be why she has punted this task to “principals” and to a university.

  26. That Regina woman is still here??? God help us.

  27. To 8:16 PM et al –

    Re: Joyce Snider and Regina Botsford

    See, Who says that one person can’t make a difference?

  28. Look – if the people don’t realize that Browne is in league with Botsford and Snyder – then the cool aide is working – Upper Saddle River is Ridgewood North…no secret that it was Snyder who chose Browne.

  29. 8:07 who cares if Snyder “chose” Browne? Like any industry, education in north jersey is a small world. You think these positions are filled by people answering classifieds? Possible but rare. I just don’t see what you’re all fired up about with your “cool aide” comment. Chill out, my friend.

  30. No matter why these folks are leaving, you have to look at the turnover rate on educators in this town as a red flag.

    Browne, Lorenz and Martinez were all decently paid executive level people in the district. To lose three people in Administration like that in a year is concerning.

    So now the high school is losing it’s principal and vice principal(Looman) next year? O vay.

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