Taxpayer State House Rally May 29th

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Taxpayer State House Rally May 29th


Join AFP-NJ Executive Director Steve Lonegan, other great speakers, and fellow activists for a Taxpayer Rally at the State House in Trenton. Help us let New Jersey’s big government know that we are fed up with this state’s highest in the nation taxes and worst business climate.

May 29th – 4 PM, State House Steps, Trenton, NJ

Mark the date and BE THERE May 29th at 4:00 pm on the State House steps!

  1. No thanks.

    I’m voting for Obama… I want higher taxes.

  2. NJ = highest taxes.

    It’s not a coincidence that the Sopranos was set in NJ.

    Corruption, my fellow bloggers, is the bane of NJ.

  3. Speaking of high taxes, there are homeowners who are now selling their houses for prices below our newly assessed values. I know someone who just signed a contract for $150K less than the new assessment. I have heard that the new assessments may have to be redone to reflect appropriate values in this depressed market.

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