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  1. That’s the fundamental problem with public school. Even when they fail to live up to a community’s expectations, they refuse to recognize the impact parents can have in righting the ship.

  2. 10:03 am

    …or sinking it.

  3. 11:24,

    There is nothing parents could do to sink our school district, unless of course you are speaking of Ridgewood’s HSA/Federated cabal that is totally sycophantic to the BOE.

  4. Our copurts have mandated that all of our children are required to receive a “thorough and efficient” education. I’m have a major problem with how Ridgewood treats it’s bottom 20% of it’s students. The school system is always pandering to the top students while at the same time ignoring or trying to ship out the bottom 20% of students who show no academic inclinations at various ages. Wasn’t it just last year when it hit the newes that 10% of the senior class was in jeopardy or not graduating? What is our school system doing for these otherwise normal kids who just do not excel at academics? The demographics of this town represent all walks of life, not just the image that the school system likes to project as being an ivy league prep school town. In a good year we send 3-5 kids to the ivy leagues while neglecting the bottom 20%. I ask the education community, here in Ridgewood, just what are we doing to help our children excel at their God given talents other than ignoring them and shuffling them to the side like they have a communicable disease? I was hoping Lorenz would be able to give these kids the love and respect they deserve but I do not think the BOE or the real estate brokers would like that too much.

  5. 5:38- I would love to know to what you are referring. I am a town resident and a teacher in our school system. While it isn’t perfect (what school system/university/company is?)I really do believe (and have seen evidence of- both in my “work” persona and as a parent of a child who does not “excel at academics”)wonderful support opportunities available for struggling students.
    It is not in anyone’s best interests to have students underachieve. I believe that my colleagues and I truly do try to get each child to perform to the top of their particular ability, wherever that may lie.
    As for the other aspects of a student (other than academic) that’s what our million extra-curricular activities are about! We have a plethora of clubs, sports and other activities to nurture those aspects.
    I am curious to know what you could suggest that would improve things. If there is anything that I would think could use improving quite honestly it is how the average student gets educated, challenged and followed up on. I, personally, think that we do quite well at the top levels and at the lower levels. I am enthusiastically awaiting your reply as to what pro-active ideas and suggestions that you may have.

  6. I think most of the money in this district goes to the bottom students constantly trying to bring them up.

    There are reading specialists in both the elementary and middle schools, in addition to social workers and aides. We’ve even bought TERC and CMP2 so that the less gifted students can get good grades in math.

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