NJDEP Slaps VOR With $23K Fine For Unspecified “Error” At Sewer Plant

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2008 at 12:37 pm

Approved on 5/14/08 via roll call vote:

Resolution #08-120: Approve NJDEP Settlement Agreement – Water Pollution Control Facility – Authorizes the Mayor to execute a Settlement Agreement with the NJDEP for an error made at the Water Pollution Control Facility

Harlow – Yes

Mancuso – Yes

Ringler-Shagin – Absent

Wiest – Yes

Pfund – Yes

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  1. More taxpayer dollars flushed down the drain . . .

  2. No one’s ever held accountable. You forget, this is the Ridgewood government where all the managers are perfect, all the taxpayers are flush with cash and the buildings never flood.

  3. These finees can often come without warning or time to fix the “whatever”. Maybe their plan is to underfund the plant, causing these minor errors, to justify their claims that “it’s too complicated.”. BS

  4. thats what happens when you have an outside firm managing the plant. they are there to make money and dont care what happens.certain paper work and testing were never completed and no one was keeping an eye on it.we saved money then now it costs the taxpayers money.management is to blame.

  5. same kind of stuff happens over at the boe. paperwork just doesn’t get done and fines are quietly paid. if only they would hire competent people. that’s asking too much i guess.

  6. this is from 5 years a go.its fixed now.thank you.

  7. that place is nice and clean.look for your self and see.

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