The incumbents were swept out yesterday because (top 10 reasons):

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Of their sheer stupidity for accepting $1.2 million in gifts from an individual who had a controversial application pending before the Zoning Board of Adjustment

Of their continued push to build a superfluous, $30 million, gargantuan parking garage, even to the point of engaging in arguably unlawful negotiations with a local real estate investment firm

Of their desire to sell off capital assets (e.g., Ridgewood Water) under the premise of “too complicated to manage,” when the real reason is to raise capital for funding new property purchases for athletic fields, and to pay off debt from past leadership mistakes

Of their abject insensitivity to the constitutional rights of residents to voice opinions on community issues by erecting lawn signs

Of their efforts to cut essential public services (e.g., fire department staffing levels), while at the same time approving funds and personnel resources to move forward their own pet projects (e.g., more athletic fields)

Of their asinine decision to install spy cameras in the downtown business district over the strong objection of most residents, and despite crime statistics that refuted any need for such devices

Of their inability to control the on-duty, long-term use of alcohol and/or controlled dangerous substances by key VOR employees

Of their continued insistence to discuss matters of public interest and importance behind closed doors, and in direct violation of the NJ Open Public Meetings Act

Of their complaints regarding ineffective advisory boards (e.g., Library Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment), when it is they who have the power to appoint members to those Boards

Of their total lack of awareness that the public was just plain fed up with it all and wanted them out of office


  1. Mr. Harlow: CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

  2. Pfund must go.

  3. Well, that about sums it up, doesn’t it.

    One wonders if Mayor Pfund and Councilman Mancusco read this blog.

  4. It is interesting to note that the folks who vote for VC members are not the same as those who vote for BOE members.

    Parents predominately vote in BOE elections and seniors, business and a smattering of other citizens vote in the VC elections.

    The VC was swept out yet the BOE maintained its status quo.

    Proving that the only true political party in this village is the HSA/Federated.

  5. Does anyone know the total number of voters who voted yesterday and how does it compare to the BOE election?

  6. 11:22: If the BOE maintained status quo with the support of parents, I suspect it did so with the support of parents whose children have either already graduated from the high school, or are close. Do you agree?

  7. Registered Voters = 15,626

    Votes Cast = 2,636

    Percentage Turnout = 16.87%

  8. Does anyone have the district breakdown of the BOE vote?

    Same question for the VC vote.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. 11:22

    if i were a betting person i would bet that the citizens came out for many reasons the biggest being the organized ccr…. valley was the straw that broke the camel’s back.. by the amount of people voting one would think not only the neighborhood but most of the town is against valley getting any bigger. let us hope that the new council will keep its promise and not change the master plan….it and all the added nonsense it brings will ruin the town.

  10. Mancuso reads the blog and posts.

  11. mancuso you are the man.we love you and need you.you are smart and can do the job like years a go.thank you from all the town workers.we back you.

  12. harlow and weistee no more talk about crest rd.

  13. You can add the Building Dept. to the list. I don’t have a problem with Ridgewood maintaining high standards, but the administration is terrible. Clear them out and get some fresh faces in there. We need people that actually understand that they are performing a public service.

  14. We need to clean out village hall and the two remaining dolts on the Council!!

  15. Pfund is a very resposive mayor and tends to the need of the people if you call him.
    I have called him on many occasions and he has responded swiftly.
    Mancuso is a phony and a liar. He was the leader of save the Hudson Street Firehouse and shortly after coming into office they demolished the building.
    Two fire houses on one end of the Village is insane.

  16. Pfund is no better! We called and explained all our reasons for saving tax payer $$$ in not having rear-yard garbage pick-up. It had been retained by a vote of 1 by the former administration.

    It is more cost effective to have curb-side garbage pick-up — as proven by all the other towns in the state / country who have this practice. His retort – the Village is not the “same” as other towns.

    He explained that Ridgewood has a large population of older residents, who need this service. We asked if he sincerely thought these older residents were strong enough to carry paper recyclables, vegetative waste and bulk refuse to the curb, but yet not to do the same for scrap food. He copped an attitude and asked ‘so what do you want me to do’.

  17. Pfund is the next to be voted out.

  18. I like the pick up in the rear yard. That’s why we pay the taxes we do. Couldn’t stand having all those garbage cans out front from morning to night twice a week. It looks really bad in other towns, and it smells too.

  19. 8:38 AM,

    Agreed. Too many lazy neighbors already leave their recycle cans and bins out overnight.

    Could you imagine if people, twice a week had to take to a fro their garbage cans to the curb.

    That is inviting people to just leave them there permanently.

    Good grief, I might as well move to some rural backwater where I can park old cars on my front lawn.

  20. Pfund is and always will be a dolt.

    Mancuso is a fine fellow though a bit of a wet.

    He has a tendency to go wobbly.

  21. >Good grief, I might as well move >to some rural backwater where I >can park old cars on my front >lawn.

    I take it you never drive down the East section of Grove St.?

  22. These top ten reasons are priceless.

  23. the new candidates advertised and were all over the place talking to citizens – they won, the incumbents did no advertising and were invisible – they lost

    let’s see if the new council members keep their promises, eliminating stupid projects like the parking garage – if they do, the change is great for us

  24. Who is supposed to collect all those signs that are still all over the Village? There are loads of them around the train station.

  25. the people that won.Ill pick them up but i will drop them off at thare home.the gost.

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