Big loser of yesterdays Council Elections: Valley Hospital

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So who were the big winners yesterday, the big winner were clearly the Anti-Valley Expansions people. They seemed to have scored a knockout. Concerned Citizens of Ridgewood endorsed the three challengers on May 4 on this blog. And this endorsement seems to be one thing that united the disparate challengers and looks to be the driving force that led Aronsohn ,Killion and Zusy to an overwhelming victory .

The current council seemed very out of step with the mood of the residents and the attempt by the council to have the “Stop Valley” signs removed only exacerbated hostility toward Valley and the council. The sign fiasco coupled with allegations of over paid executives looking to expand to justify their pay scale and a further feeling that Valley is not a good neighbor nor does Valley serve the best interest of Ridgewood created a dynamic mood for change in the Village.

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  1. Let’s hope the candidates keep their promises of not changing the master plan.. and the planning board picks up the ball. All but Bombace (God Bless Him), seemed to be in favor of changing the plan… The planning board obviously is one sided especially with Pfund who was the first to mention moving forward on changing the plan. Remember the Stop Valley people are fighting for a community not just a neighborhood.

  2. Yes, let’s hope so.

    As for the Valley, remember that Valley didn’t “lose.” It may be brought back to the reality that it is a community hospital (and a damn good one at that) but not Sloan Kettering. You can’t plug a major hospital into a residential neighborhood, it just does not work.

    Let’s keep them in the Village by helping move them to the site on route 17 that’s up for sale!!!

  3. Does any one on this blog really know the reason why Valley wants to expand (have higher ceilings)?

  4. 8:43 — so the swollen heads of their administrators can fit into the rooms, of course

  5. PJ if this is true than Killion made a brilliant move endorseing himself with the other candidates

  6. Spot-on PJ with your conclusions. The results of this election represent one black eye for the elite, who represent Valley and that social world. Keep up the good work in promoting dialog in this Village.

  7. Congrats to those who were elected. Change can be a good thing. One thing though, am I the only one who thinks Zusy is a nut?

  8. Not at all, I think there are plenty of people who would agree with you (me included). We shall see if she stays true to her word and doesn’t support the Valley Expansion which I think is a big reason for the majority of her votes. I suspect her position will change and pretty quickly.

  9. I just counted the number of times Audrey Meyer’s picture appeared in the Ridgewood News over the last 18 months compared to the few times our Village Mayor and councilors appeared. It is time that our elected officials ran this town and not the Hospital CEO and her adverising dollars, gained from high out-of-pocket charges. Hopefully the election marks the beginning of a change.

  10. 9:47am – not a nut just different.

  11. Sorry to break it to you 10:10 AM bust I know Annie and she is a nut.

    A nice nut, but a nut just the same.

  12. Killion can’t avoid it. He has to be Mayor now.

  13. Please everyone keep your eye on the prize. A Village that has its residents in mind and not the big business and society of the hospital.
    Please help keep up the fight for zoning that is in keeping with a residential and leafy quiet VILLAGE, with a “hometown atmosphere”
    I love Ridgewood because it is not built up with commercial buildings and box stores and that should continue without a “boxstore” mentality on the hjospital or a “boutique” hospital that only the rich and well connected can afford to go.
    Please do not change the masterplan so the residents loose control of what happens here.

  14. 8:43 AM –

    “Does any one on this blog really know the reason why Valley wants to expand (have higher ceilings)?”

    They want to be paid and recognized as their colleagues at HUMC, but WITHOUT having to be working in Hackensack!

  15. 11:27 –

    What are you talking about?

    Isn’t CHANGE the prize?

    Haven’t we already won?

  16. Here’s the answer to 8:43am’s question.

    The latest modern equipment that Valley wishes to purchase, such as the MRI, CAT Scan etc. does not fit in the low ceiling structure.

    Call me crazy but I’m guessing most of us would want the most up to date medical equipment at our disposal should we or a family member ever need it.

    Folks you need to get your facts straight, do some research and then come to the table ready to discuss how to facilitate both the medical needs of the community and the immediate neighborhood concerns.

    Somewhere in here there is a way to make this work for the benefit of all.

    Obviously, there has been a lack of leadership on this front.

  17. one way we win is when valley is told no….

  18. 12:27pm It an’t over till its over and its far from over. The skinny lady has to sing.

  19. Audrey why not run an ad telling us what you think – looks like your family friend Pfund will not be mayor soon and off the planning board as well. Take your gang and shut up you wicked $$$$ monger

  20. yes we will see how nuts zusy is.

  21. 3:24pm You have bought into the valley scare tactics.

    The issue is not whether MRI, CAT Scan etc. does not fit in the low ceiling structure. Over 80% of the floor area that Valley wants is for private suites, spacious lobbies, waiting areas, atriums, guest dinning, day care, gift shops, Executive rooms, conference rooms etc. It seems stage to make all the buildings grow if the few equipment rooms needing greater height. Take at look at http://www.bmimed.com/mrisystems.asp@navequipmentsolutions.htm Manufactures create the machines to fit into the space they know exists in hopitals already.

  22. 3:24pm Valley already Has MRI,CAT scan, cardiac test equipment, plus all other test equipment.

    They also have the latest MRI, CAT, and PET scan equipment at their Valley – Luklow facility in Paramus.

  23. all that fancy equipemnt at valley didnt help the pedestrian that got hit by the car the other day. he was taken to Hackensack and was DOA

  24. part of the reason valley must not expand to much traffic in this town…

  25. Valley’s renewal will alter the potential number of patients by less than 5. That will not increase traffic around the hospital. Why is it so hard for you people to deal with facts, truth and reality instead of lies and disinformation?

  26. 7:56,

    Lies and disinformation? Why don’t you get your facts straight.

    The expansion will increase Valley’s ability to provide outpatient care, which will bring much more traffic to the community. If they cannot generate more revenue, how do you think they will pay for the expansion? Yes, they are telling us they will not increase the number of beds. So, the only logical answer is outpatient treatments will increase, which equals more traffic.

    You don’t have to be a brain surgeon (bud-ump-bump) to figure that out…….

  27. In the Valley’s justification for more parking spaces that was given to the Planning Board on April 28, 2008 they state that they need more spaces after the expansion to accommodate 72 more staff (17 more Drs) and 104 more patients and visitors. If Valley expects to increase the number of Drs, staff and patients, (for only 3 more beds) then Valley MUST be planning to reduce stays and increase outpatients = more traffic per day! Valley has been denying this for over 18months, now at the 11th hour, it gets revealed. When will they stop lying to the town?

  28. at the planning board meeting the additional beds was and never will be an issue… fact with all the extra square footage how many new workers will valley have and by the way the hospital will expand its day procedures. so what about that – traffic traffic traffic.. you had better watch what you buy –know your facts… also i believe a day care center is now in the mix… stopvalley.com

  29. Does Valley have adequate parking for their CURRENT staffing and in/outpatient levels?

  30. Stop hating Valley. They do to much good for this town and to be honest, if you people have a problem with ridgewood b/c of valley – get out! having a hospital 5 minutes from anything in Ridgewood is great. I have never seen so many people against people trying to help other people by getting new improvements and better services….lovevalley.com

  31. If Valley is not bringing in more patients then how are they going to pay the bills? Remember what happened to Pascack valley.

  32. 12:35 get a reality check, by learning the facts and not adding to the ignorance. The ‘stopvalley’ effort is to stop the expansion – will not expanding affect your 5 minute commute to the hospital?

    The effort does NOT in any way represent ‘hatevalley’ as you insinuate.

  33. Valley buying the 7.5 acres on W Saddle River Rd & Rt 17 is a great idea, worth looking at

    Maybe they could put outpatient services there and then re-use the existing facility within the existing foot print?

  34. Upgrades, targeted services, all within the existing footprint and with some adjustments to building height to accomodate it all. That sounds like a great idea we can all get behind. But the arrogant folks running Valley won’t consider anything but their grand vision. The Renewal is only acheivable if the Planning Board compromises every tenet of land use law and precedents at the site. Real leaders come to the table and create dialogue, not dictates.

  35. Outpatient care is where the money is. My insurance company will pay for testing at many outpatient facilities. Why go to Valley when I can make an appointment at an office for an MRI or CAT scan. Almost all tests can be done at a testing facility that is more efficient – and has more convenient parking – then valley.

    Valley knows where the money is going.

  36. why would any one get into this you are not going to make any money.

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