I have always voted Democrat and I like Paul Aronsohn…..

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I have always voted Democrat and I like Paul Aronsohn. In fact I would like to one day see him in the State Senate or even in the US Congress. That said, I also feel that he is just using Ridgewood to further his career and he doesn’t really have a stake in the community. This has put me in a dilemma for the past few weeks. I am torn between wanting to see him advance, but not wanting a professional politician on the council. I understand what he is doing and in a way support it, but I wish it was not in MY town. Why couldn’t he run for village council in some other town? I would fully support THAT as a stepping stone for him to move onto bigger and better things (in which I would support him).

As much as I like him, I do not like being used. Someone here earlier said (something like) that all of his decisions would be made based on what would better advance his career and not what would be in the best interest of the community. I have to agree with that and it gives me pause. I have been turning this over in my head for weeks now and recently came up with another unsettling thought. If Paul succeeds, will the party see Ridgewood as a good place to launch politicians and promote another outsider when Paul moves on? I don’t want Ridgewood to become the clearing house for professional politicians on their way to bigger and better things. I wouldn’t like that.

So, just this weekend, I came to the conclusion that I cannot vote for Paul. I feel that he is bright enough and young enough and skilled enough to advance his career from some other means than through the Ridgewood village council. And when he does, I will be out there supporting him… but just not this time.

Perhaps this will help some of you, but if not, I just feel better getting it all out.

As for the other candidates, Keith has my vote. I still do not know what I am going to do with the other 4 candidates (all of which don’t look particularly appealing).


  1. This is incredibly intelligent and lucid thinking. Can I convince you to run for counsel as a write-in candidate?

  2. You like him but you won’t vote for him? Vote for the person running today, not for what you think his personal plans for the future are.

    In the future some of out council members may be arrested for making deals with outsiders for the parking garage and Pease Library. We need honest well qualified council members.

  3. Sorry but Keith’s auto-call asking for me to vote for Aronsohn, Zusy and he cost him my vote.

  4. I would never vote for any macgrievey apologist ever see ya Paul..

  5. i love these libs on here bragging about how they always win in new jersey meanwhile 50,000 move out of this state every year good move you keep winning you’ll have to pay for some of this bs your selfs

  6. Aronsohn, Killion, Zusy — Clean sweep.

  7. 6:11

    “…Vote for the person running today, not for what you think his personal plans for the future are.”

    You’re kidding, right? This election is about nothing but the future. You’re naiive if you fail to see that Big Politics has played a major role in Mr. Aronsohn’s development. Ridgewood is little but a way station for him. He’s the wrong guy for my community.

  8. just left the planning board meeting … i am an independent —you better believe we need a change –i do not care if it is rep. or dem. talk about being in someones pocket – PFund cannot wait for your tenure to be up…. how can you fit a square peg (valley) in a round hole (village) — now they want to raise the height —-

    Aronshohn, Killion and Zusy….. all the way

  9. This post makes no sense…..

    aronsohn, killion and zusy that’s the way to go…..

  10. I did a quick google of Paul Aronsohn and came up with some interesting tidbits…

    While this is not a comprehensive analysis of the candidate, it does give us some interesting insights…

    From The New York Times:
    UP FRONT: WORTH NOTING; Some Say He Has Already Slain the Messenger

    …Mr. Aronsohn — a former Pfizer executive who worked for the State Department in the Clinton administration — alienated many members of the press corps while working for Mr. McGreevey by failing to return reporters’ phone calls and battling frequently with them over access to administration officials. As Governor McGreevey’s popularity began to tumble at the end of last year, Mr. Aronsohn resigned….

    …One reporter suggested that instead of money, well-wishers might send Mr. Aronsohn a copy of Steve Adubato’s new book, ”Speak From the Heart: Be Yourself and Get Results,” which advises, ”Begin to use a new, more engaging, human and passionate way of connecting with other people….”

    Nice guy…

    From Philadelphia Magazine:
    Under the Gaydar – Why the press didn’t out James McGreevey

    …At one point in the conversation, McGreevey took the phone. “He very calmly said, ‘Eric, I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m not gay,'” says Scott. The next day, Paul Aronsohn — then McGreevey’s communications director — called Scott and said, “I don’t know what you guys think you have, but this is a non-issue, a non-story. Governor McGreevey is not gay.”…

    This is not about Jim McGreevey being gay. This is about Paul Aronsohn being willing to lie to the public to cover his boss.
    And let’s not forget that while the McGreevy administration will always be most famous for its “Gay American” it was more relevant that it was a very, very corrupt administration of which Paul Aronsohn was a part.

    And of course from our own local paper…

    From The Ridgewood News – May 9, 2008
    Letters to the Editor

    “Election is all about the people”
    – Paul Aronsohn

    “For my part I offer extensive experience in both government and the private sector. That includes about eight years in the federal government, working primarily on national security issues, and about six years in a large corporation, working on healthcare issues. That also includes many years of community service, including with the Ridgewood AM Rotary club.”

    No mention of the McGreevey association? Why purposely hide from your experience? This is a man who is willing to lie to the public in the past and as shown in the Ridgewood News is willing to lie to the residents of Ridgewood. “Election is all about the people” Paul, or for you is it all about deceiving the people?

    I don’t trust this guy and apparently other resident’s don’t trust him as well as evidenced by the fact that there are no letters of support in the paper for Paul…
    Letters of support for Wiest, Killion, Harlow and Zusy however…

    Just a couple of tidbits… ask Paul if they are true (tell him to answer you honestly).

    I’m sure there are more out there, but you can get to know him first hand when you elect him to the council and experience your own tidbits…

  11. I wish that PFund were up for re-election too. He needs to be replaced fast. He sees himself as a political seal maker. He is going to get himself into trouble one day.

  12. To 5:41 PM

    You can’t comment on your own posts.

  13. Gee, at least in the BOE election we had to challengers who had credibility.

    This election is the worst I have seen in the 20 years that I have lived here.

  14. That automated call from Killion was a real killer. I like him very much but I can’t support a guy who thinks aronhson is just what Ridgewood needs. I mean, the guy’s a liar. He spent his time with McGreevy lying to the press and to the public. I always thought of Killion as a straight up guy. How can he tolerate this?

    Guess I was wrong. I’m so bumbed but I can’t vote for anyone now. I want the incumbants out and I don’t want Zusy in and now, I can’t vote for Keith.

    This sucks.

  15. Suck it up 8:34am and vote for the devil you know – Wiest and Harlow.

    It beats turning the town over to the Bergen Democrat machine.

  16. harlo good by.and wiest if you win shape up or your gone flower power.

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