“let them eat ah…Pizza”

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2008 at 10:28 pm

So I stopped in to pick up a pie at Ridgewood Pizza (37 Godwin Ave ,(201)444-1055) the other day and was informed that my pie was now a whopping $10 a full 25% increase from the $8 previous Monday, Wednesday Special price. Yikes …so what’s going on with Pizza prices. Seems the global commodities price explosion has hit home. Prices of wheat, flour, sugar as well as prices for oil, natural gas, coal and precious metals to name a few have not seen these kinds of price increases since the 1970’s . Unlike many other places on earth there is no need for food riots or the offing of heads of inept despots ,in America making money of human folly is fair game .Yes but isn’t investing in volatile commodities very risky you ask? Risky yes but now because of the miracles of modern technology you can invest in Precious Metals, Gold, Oil, Natural Gas ,Agriculture Equipment, Green Power and so on through the use of what we call Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s for short. What is an ETF you ask? An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is simply a basket of stocks that is bought and sold on a stock exchange as if it were a single stock. ETF traded funds are a great way to play a particular sector or diversify your portfolio. So if you want to take advantage of say a falling dollar or just looking to make some extra bread to treat yourself to a pizza give me a call your friendly neighborhood investment advisor and remember that these investments as all securities carry risk of loss of principal and are not insured like bank deposits and you could lose all or most of your money.

James Foytlin
Investment Representative
54 Washington Place
Ridgewood NJ 07450
Toll Free 1(866)492-359
Fax 1(201)301-2762
Cell 1(201)966-788

  1. How much is a bagel now? like $1 dollar?
    An alternative to ETF’s are ETB (Exchange Traded Bagels). “An ETB is simply a basket of bagels that is bought and sold on a bagel exchange…etc.” j/k JF, keep up the good work!

  2. how is the pizza at that place.is it better then chestnut deli.

  3. It’s the worst pizza in R’wood. The best in town is Brooklyn Pizza.

  4. Ridgewood Pizza may not be the best but it certainly is not the worst. Brooklyn Pizza has a burnt taste to all of its pies. My vote for best pizza is Renatos.

  5. crooklyn pizza is awfull the place is terrible with bad service ,bad loud music and so so pizza

  6. its not that bad.

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