Village Council Publicly Responds to Zoning Board Approval of Bolger & Company Self-Storage Facility

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In response to remarks and questions raised by members of the public during last night’s Village Council Work Session, several Council members offered comments about the on-going Bolger controversy:

1) Mayor David T. Pfund admitted that Zoning Board approval of Bolger & Company’s application for construction of a massive self-storage facility on Chestnut Street was “timed poorly” in light of the Village Council’s recent acceptance of $1.2 million in gifts from Mr. Bolger. Pfund further stated that he was personally aware of the Bolger & Company application, but had no idea Zoning Board members were on the verge of rendering a final decision. The Mayor directed Village Attorney Matthew S. Rogers to draft a policy that would ensure Village Council members are notified if future donors have applications pending before either the Planning or Zoning Boards.

2) Councilman Jacques Harlow indicated that he was totally unaware of the Bolger & Company application, and its status, until he read about it on the Ridgewood Blog.

3) Councilwoman Kim Ringler-Shagin revealed that the Village’s professional land use planner, Blais Brancheau, strongly recommended the Bolger & Company application NOT be approved by the Zoning Board. Mr. Brancheau believed there were more suitable uses for the property.

The Fly was somewhat surprised by Mr. Harlow’s revelation, but not totally shocked. The right hand never seems to know what the left hand is doing when it comes to official business in the Village of Ridgewood.

Sadly for Councilman Harlow, his bid for re-election could be thwarted by his roll call “yes” vote for acceptance of a $750K gift from Mr. Bolger. The “yes” vote was cast on the night before Bolger & Company’s application was approved by Ridgewood’s Zoning Board of Adjustment, whose members are all appointed by the Village Council.

It will be the same old song, just a different meaning with Harlow gone . . .

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  1. what are these council members thinking? even if these was nothing wrong could they try any harder to make it look like something is wrong?


  3. 8:42…

    So you are recommending jumping out of the bumbling local-yokel Harlow/Wiest frying pan and into the calculated political machine fire of ex-McGreevy spokesman Aronsohn?

  4. Killion stands head and shoulders above the others.

    But, frankly, anything may be better at this point —

  5. Killion and Zusy are local yocals who both deserve your support.

  6. WOW what a nice looking building.
    I hope this is what Bolger is planning. Sure looks better then the inspection station.

  7. 9:55 AM –

    Agree 100% on Killion.

    Zusy, Wiest and Harlow are all in the same basket to me, so if you want to swap Zusy for one of them it makes no real difference to me.

    Professional Politician Aronsohn, who wants to use the prestige of Ridgewood to advance his faltering political career, is the one that we don’t need. Whether you agree with his positions or not, just know that EVERY decision that he makes will be made with the calculation of how it will strengthen him politically and NOT what is best for the village.

    Aronsohn is a party sweetheart who can’t seem to get any traction and he is looking to use Ridgewood as a stepping stone to restart his stalled career.

    Vote as you will, but just know who you are voting for and vote FOR the person (and know what you are getting) and not just AGAINST an incumbent for the sake of CHANGE.

    Look, I am NO FAN of Harlow and Wiest, but given the choice of one of them or Aronsohn, to me the choice is clear. Harlow and Wiest are not sophisticated enough nor calculating enough nor politically driven to higher office enough to do any real damage to Ridgewood that cannot ultimately be reversed. Aronsohn on the other hand is capable of doing that kind of damage.

  8. 1030

    Agree with you, particularly re Killion as number 1 choice.

    But, Betty may be a really nice woman, but she scary when it comes to a lack of intelligence. Just hard to cast a vote for her.

  9. Betty Wiest = woodchip placement, Stop Valley sign removal, doorbell fixing.

  10. Gee, I wish Army had run for VC.

    But given the choices, which are admittedly thin except for Killion, I have to say the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

    Harlow and Wiest are so much better than a political hack like Aronsohn or a whack job like Zusy it makes this a no brainer.

    I am going to hold my nose and vote for Wiest and Harlow, and proudly vote for Killion.

    One hope my fellow citizens of Rodgewood do the same.

  11. Bullet vote for Killion and forget the rest.

  12. Harlow is a joke… Betty is just betty I too support Killion 100%

  13. Bullet voting is stupid.

  14. If you think Harlow is a “joke” wait till you get a load of Anne Zusy.

    She’s a total crack pot.

    Aronsohn is an opportunist tied firmly to the Bergen County Democrat machine.

    His only interest; to further his political aspirations.

  15. All candidates get criticized on this page with one exception. I guess “anonymous” really translates into Keith Killion and Ronald Verdicchio.

    Guys, don’t be so obvious!

  16. Go, Killion and the crack pots. Maybe they’ll record a song together. They are home grown and that’s what we need.

  17. 4:45 –

    Keith Killion appears to be liked by a majority of residents across all spectrums (economic, political and otherwise) on this blog and elsewhere, all throughout the village.

    BTW, who is Ronald Verdicchio?

  18. Betty Weist = ‘NO One is talking about cutting down trees’…
    .. In Big denial, they were!

    Betty Weist = ‘Its no secret, it would seem that people should stay in tune’ to what is taking place’ its been talked about, and on cable’…
    ..The people did Just that when found out about their ‘little secret survey’ and athletic field master plan meetings! Hey many people don’t have cable, but they have internet and Verizon FIOS!

    Betty Weist = For the Bandstand Gazebo, Oops, then No, Not for it, Oops, then again Yes, For the Bandstand Gazebo…
    people Do Not forget what happened, and how they were treated.

  19. Harlow = Big Tax rateable loss..
    Against the Bank of America from building their large Corporate building …
    Result- at 208, Big plus to the neighboring town rateables and jobs!
    Ridgewood could use corporates!
    Way to go!!

  20. “BTW, who is Ronald Verdicchio?”

    Keith’s campaign manager.

  21. “All candidates get criticized on this page with one exception. I guess “anonymous” really translates into Keith Killion and Ronald Verdicchio.”

    Wrong; Killion was indeed criticized on this page for being “inarticulate” and “lacking a college education.” The Blog treats all as equal (some just have more to criticize than others).

  22. Harlow is a water boy for soccer and lacrosse…Betty has been vocal about protecting resident’s rights over the Rec rabble.

    RW will do well to call in subs to replace Harlow and Hutton (the 2H Club).

  23. Pauulll 6:13/6:34 –

    You just won’t take some good advice and lay low!

    Just sit tight and stop bashing the other candidates!
    It’s OK… This “Republican leaning” town will happily bend over and deliver a seat to you.

    After your involvement in the McGreevy disaster, I’m sure you’ve had a lot of time to do in depth research on that pesky, elusive 5th district that you covet so much and figured-out that the only Obamites in the district (RW) will deliver their town to you on a silver platter, giving you a prestigious set of heads to stand on while you try, yet again, to advance your political career.

    But if you keep up the bashing we may turn on you… c’mon don’t pull a Hillary and blow it!

  24. 6:13..You forgot.
    Betty Weist = fresh baked cookies!
    Will there be any of them out there for us this weekend???

  25. I agree with you 11:55 AM. Too bad Army didn’t run. Killion is praised on this blog because locals who pay attention know that he is a man of integrity. Haven’t you noticed that the police dept. is one of the only honestly functioning departments in this Village?

    I have to agree, too, that Zusy is weird and irritating. She’s such a suck up, she’ll suck up to a tree until she figures out it’s not breathing.

    Poor Betty. She means well, but where did she put her brain?

    Harlow at least stands for something, which means he’ll find his way even if he gets lost for a while.

    Forget the Arons guy. He’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing. If you don’t see the machine coming, then don’t vote at all.

    My choice: vote for Killion and Harlow and write in Army!

  26. Don’t matter who wins. But can someone update that ugly bandstand? … a can of paint…a nicely placed light fixture… some landscaping …c’mon already.

  27. 10:12 PM..the 6:13/6:34 is not Pauulll~
    Don’t pre judge.
    Since when do you call it ‘stop bashing the other candidates!’ when the given comments are based on actual fact, the council held public meetings given statements and written Ridgewood newspaper articles.

    How can one bash the fact of their own spoken public comments. Were you not there? People do not forget the spoken, and all should know how the incumbents running made their past decisions, indecisions and remarks for the good or bad of all Ridgewood. The choice is up to You. Imagine, Betty W. now Deputy Mayor, possibly ever becoming The Mayor?

  28. Better dead than Red.

  29. Oh 2:38 Paul –

    Don’t be such a ninny!
    This is why you continue to fail!
    If you keep this up, even us “Republican Leaning” RW Party Democrats will have to give you a pass! You’d think all of the time you spent as McGreevy’s mouthpiece would have taught you something!
    You HAVE the seat… it is ordained… don’t go and blow it like Hillary!
    Just hush up and we will deliver the town to you so you can bumble along and try to figure out how not to squander this rich resource and leverage it as you (yet again) make that run for the 5th!

    But PLEASSSSE don’t screw it up again by yappin’ on and on.

  30. anyone who had anything to do with McGreevy should be heading for the hills. that was the most inept public admistration this state has ever seen and is responsible for the poor fiscal condition/debt that will take generations to correct.

  31. 7:22 –

    Notice the letter to the editor in the Ridgewood News WRITTEN BY Paul Aronsohn.

    HE states his FEDERAL experience and his PRIVATE SECTOR experience… He DOES NOT mention his STATE (McGreevy) experience.

    HE DOESN’T MENTION IT… do you need to wonder why?


  32. Notice Aronsohn’s own was the only letter in support of his candidacy in the Ridgewood News this weekend?

    How sad is that.

    Poor Paul, he thinks he can win Scott Garretts’s seat in Congress if he only has a base from which to run.

    Thank goodness the rest of the 5th is smarter than Ridgewood and will never vote for a Democrat.

    Paul, you are tilting at windmills.

  33. So lets see, a self storage that genrates taxes but generates no new encumbrances on the schools and town facilities or low income housing on Chestnut Street that will add to schools….. I think the planner needs to get with it…. People need to look at the zone, this is a nice quiet use for the property

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