the Ridgewood blog Wants to Know ,Where do you shop in Town?

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Monterey Bay Clothing Company (shop the bay.com)

  1. Oliver’s, Rite Aid, Stop & Shop, Bernard’s, The Gap.

    There is no longer a hardware store, stationary store or 5 & dime.

    To bad too, those are the stores that come in handy. Now one has to venture to the highway.

    Pity the banks and don’t sell nails, thread and lined paper.

  2. Talbots, Just Our Shoes, Book Ends, Yansi Fugel, Town & Country, Ridgewood Cycle Shop, Super Cellars, Jekyll & Hide, Hillman Electric, Irish Eyes, Victoria’s, Village Tannery, Ridgewood Running Co., The Corset Shop, Art Deco Locks

  3. Cheese Shop (now making GREAT sandwiches), Chicos, Just Our Shoes, Robin Wittich’s new gift shop – – can’t think of the name but worth the trip!, Village Tannery, Jekyl and Hyde, Glamour Too, Panico, Olivers,

  4. Even though we live in Ridgewood, we avoid the downtown area. Reasons: 1)lack of parking, 2) traffic congestion, 3)if your meter expires it seems that a ticket is slapped on the windshield within a few minutes, and 4)most of the stores contain items too expensive for our budget.

    I can’t remember the last time we shopped or ate in a restaurant in downtown Ridgewood. They seem to be doing just fine without our business.

  5. stop and shop and whole foods everything else is closed when I get home from work

  6. 8:39…

    First day with the new computer?

  7. I go to all of the stores.
    (Are there any other stores in town?)

    Atlantic Stewardship Bank
    190 Franklin Avenue

    Bank of America
    25 North Maple Avenue

    Bank of America
    54 East Ridgewood Avenue

    Boiling Springs Savings Bank
    55 North Broad Street

    Boiling Springs Savings Bank
    1124 East Ridgewood Avenue

    Boiling Springs Savings Bank
    5312 North Maple Avenue

    67 Godwin Ave

    25 West Ridgewood Ave

    28-32 East Ridgewood Avenue

    Citizens Community Bank
    171 East Ridgewood Avenue

    Columbia Bank
    60 South Broad Street

    Commerce Bank
    133 Franklin Avenue

    29 East Ridgewood Avenue

    North Fork Bank
    9 East Ridgewood Avenue

    PNC Bank
    41 Oak Street

    Washington Mutual
    101 East Ridgewood Avenue

  8. lol 9:54

  9. I shop and business in town:

    Kings Supermarket
    Stop n Shop
    Great Expectations
    Post Office
    Bank of America
    Hudson City Bank
    Ridgewood Coin
    Doctor, Chestnut St
    Dentist, Godwin Ave
    Lawyer, E Ridgewood Ave
    Lawyer, Dayton St
    Renatos Pizza Parlor!

  10. 954 must be bolger

  11. Silver Spoon is great and Ridgewood Running Company.

    Yuck to Daily Treat and Pancake House, we could use a really, really good diner.

  12. not the chestnut deli.to much money and very dirty and look at some of the workers.and not a lot of food for the buck.and the same bad soup.look for your self and you will see.

  13. Time for an OUTBACK!!!!!!!!

  14. Pancake House is great!

  15. I want a McDonald’s and KFC.

    Now we’re talking fine dining.

  16. I don’t shop in town except for Harding Pharmacy and Hudson City Savings.
    When we had real stores I shopped in town many years ago

  17. Still waiting for Bolger’s Bank and Bolger’s restaurant.

    Bolger’s plumbing supplies is slated to open in September.

  18. Bolger’s Burgers would be a great addition to our culinary mecca.

  19. I have shopped at Foxes, Sherwin-Williams, Country Curtains, and will go to Dunkin Donuts. Everything else is too expensive/over-priced. I once asked for something at the Cheese Shop – the owner was so rude that I would never go there again. I now go to Whole Foods.

  20. 8:40 –
    Agree on the Cheese shop.
    Big disappointment.

    Initially (years ago) I was very excited to go into the store. I was looking to get some fresh “commonly available” cheese and also to look for some specific exotic cheeses and maybe try something new and different as well.

    The cheese I did buy (the “commonly available” cheese) was fresh and tasty enough, but the service was horrible. The store was empty at the time we were there, but the owner/person at the counter was terse, unhelpful and uninformed. He was unable to help me find the one type of “exotic” cheese I was looking for (I could not remember the name and he was unwilling to help me figure it out) and was unwilling (or unable?) to discuss other options of cheeses that would be similar that I might like.

    I was baffled. The exchange was polite enough I guess, but it was as if he was disinterested in selling cheese.

    I have gone back periodically over the years (thinking that maybe I caught this guy on a bad day) but have had similar experiences. I don’t know how they remain in business.

  21. 9:52 ditto

    That guy who runs that shop is always dressed in the same black clothes every day. He is disinterested in cusotmer service and is always bitching. What a joke becasue that is a nice type of business. he is a wreck and nasty and rude-

  22. I went to the Cheese Shop abnout 30 years ago and asked for a specific cheese and was told by the owner nastly that I pronounced it wrong. I have never been back in that store since.
    Now all the supermarkets have all the same crsackers and cheeses at better prices.
    If you want the best selection of cheeses go to Corrados in Clifton.

  23. I love the tobaco shope

  24. 425 check out jerry’s ,good rpices and its easy to cut the cheese

  25. who cut the cheese? whewwwwwww

  26. not chestnut deil that place is badnews.same old soup.

  27. I’ve been here for 34 years and I used to shop in town all the time. Now that all the stores are gone (good stores) I shop elsewhere, in other towns.

    I can’t stand Whole Foods – too full of themselves
    Chestnut Deli – disgusting!
    Cheese Shop – mold growing in the window – no thanks!
    Tobacco Shoppe – oh, please, with the olde way of spelling shoppe, pretentious and haughty just like the owners – especially that one with the really bad rug
    Stop & Shop – dirty, even though it’s a new building, and too noisy
    Ridgewood Bagels – the WORST BAGELS in town, doughy, tough and practically raw. The second worst are Bagelicious. Gross.
    Brooklyn Pizza – they WISH they were from Brooklyn. The NASTIEST people I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter in a restaurant. Anyone remember the sign on the front door? No Credit Cards, No Checks, No Free Refills, No This, No That, No Nothing! How very unwelcoming! Horrible place.
    Olivers – wax lips taste better than their waxy chocolate.

    Kings is nice, clean and quiet
    Silver Spoon is very good
    I think that’s it.

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