“Valley again spends big on lobbying”

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Some residents have been called at home and asked to answer survey questions about Valley Hospital. A quick thinking resident asked who the client was, but the supervisor would not make any disclosure, so the resident refused to participate. Since the town is not underwriting such a survey, it is assumed that the client is Valley.
The aim of the survey would seem to be to again gather ammunition to lobby the Planning Board to deliver a yes vote on the Valley Expansion. These types of surveys cost $$$. Is it appropriate that Valley continues to spend tens of thousands of its health service profits on lobbying the Planning Board, through advertizing and other means, all outside of the public hearing procedures? What do blog readers think?


  1. Valley is a non-profit that asks for donations – they should spend the money on healthcare and leave the lobbying to the politicians!

  2. Why would you simply–very simply it would seem–deduce that the survey was conducted by Valley? It could have been initiated by a competitor, a newspaper, a university, a pharmaceutical company, a realtor association, etc. Paranoid much?

  3. Why assume that Valley would not be involved? What would a competitor gain? Why would the survey company only ask only about Valley?

  4. The Hospital does seem to be advertising the renewal in the Ridgewood News every week. Perhaps the hospital people are paranoid?

  5. you all need to realize- she is a corporate monster- Audrey that is- who wants what she wants at any expense. SHe is no different than any profit seeking CEO making $1,000,000 plus. She wants this on her resume and off to bigger and better things. She is a blood sucker who cares nothing about her neighbors or the town she calls home. She and her gang of lackeys will do anything to get their way. She can not look you in the eye- she is a fundraiser with the high society she travels with and the gey haris they scare at every opportunity. Point blank she is only there to get donations and really has no other skills.

  6. Of course it is appropriate for Valley to do whatever they can to effect the changes that they believe are in the best interest of the future health (no pun intended!) of the hospital. I would expect any business to do the same.

  7. 11:11pm So you admit that Valley’s primary function is to operate as a business first and non-profit healthcare provider second!

  8. I received a survey call last night. The woman asked if I was in favor of the “renewal.” She also asked if I thought that the residents of Ridgewood were in favor of the :renewal.”

    She gave me a multiple choice question about the reason that I was not in favor of the “renewal.”
    My response was not one of the choices provided and I told her that. I do not think that it is necessary for us to change zoning to accomodate Valley. They can submit their plans to the Board of Adjustment any time they are ready, like any other resident.

    The last question was on how close I live to Valley Hospital- a close neighbor, less than half a mile or more that half a mile. There may have been a fourth choice but I don’t remember it.

    I think that Valley has decided that those who are not in favor of the “renewal” plan are within a half mile of the hospital.

    For the record I live about 1 mile away.

  9. I would like to see the demographics on the patients at Valley. They advertise on WCBS newsradio88. Talk to people in the ER and even inpatient and you will find that they are from all over, not just Bergen county. Rockland and Putnam send their sick. How many hospitals did the person from Putnam County pass before arriving at Valley? Was is really an emergency if they could drive for 1 hour for help? “World class service that is not a world away”

  10. 6:24am Also talk to the people in ER and discover how many people Valley treats in ER and then packs them off in an ambulance to Hackensack because Valley refuses to admit the sick into its wards that are covered by HMOs or even Blue-Cross for some services. They are interested primarily in making money!

  11. I got a call yesterday and they disclosed they were calling for Valley. I then refused to do the survey, thanked them and hung up. I always refuse surveys on the phone because the questions are skewed to get a desirable result, no matter what a respondent says.

    For the record, I don’t live near the hospital but I believe that Valley should do whatever it wants to its building as long as it is within the present code.

  12. attended the last board meeting… the board received the information and appeared to have had no clue as to the disruption this expansion would bring to the town, not the neighborhood but the town… imagine an island from 17 going down linwood ave to the pool. they do not have adequate sewage, increased traffic,they are asking for a day care variance, affordable housing, etc. go to crr.com for details…they will be a city inside a small village. There is no way this play can go through especially when they are working backwards… dictating to the town what they need instead of the town dictating to them…

  13. crr.com takes me to Search Fusion. Where is the info?


  15. Can we petition to write-off our property taxes as a ‘charitable’ donation to Valley?

    I am surprised that this has gone on for so long. I’ve attended most of the meetings, and it is abundantly clear that the expansion will have a major impact on Village residents and cost Ridgewod taxpayers $$$ to support the infrastructure.
    I attended the meeting on Tuesday, and was surprised that all of the consultants hired by Ridgewood (hopefully not at taxpayer expense)evaluated the project by measuring the impact on immediate area of the hospital. The impact is much greater !

    I hadn’t heard about the affordable housing requirement until the most recent Planning Bd meeting. Will Valley pay for all the costs — land acquisition, construction etc. Who will pay the on-going infrastructure costs, and the costs required to educate the children who will reside in that housing?

    I can’t believe that the Planning Board is going to sell-out the taxpayers.

  16. Well finally maybe you are all seeing this expansion for what it is. The stopvalley group has woken up the planners and engineer and really impacted the dicusssion.

    If they never would have emerged– Ridgewood would have seen construction starting already and then all would be pissed. Audrey take your obscene game and leave the village alone- enough of your mug- and funny you never see that witch around town- only in her self serving ads

  17. Intersting how Chuck Collins was pushing a decison beofre the village council election. He knows when Pfund is not Mayor in July they have no shot.

    All do you know after coaxing from Planning Board attorney he admitted his dad was a memeber of the Valley Board of trustees unitl 2002 and he had Valley as a client on his website and then removed when he was alerted to it

    PFUND you are as bad as Audrey- you are political lackey and phoney

    You grew up a Valley kid and are do not have the town in your best interest as you want us all to believe. Go home loser- oh and by the way you had no idea the zoning board was voting on Bolger storage unit.. you should be disbarred for all your lies – rememeber Glenn wells and that crap- you will push and push for your friends- and care for only your insecure ego

  18. Valley not only doesn’t pay taxes to Ridgewood it also wants to get around the affordable housing clause…

    Say NO to the expansion and those who do not pay and those who want a built up, overcrowded, and traffic filled city environment
    Yes to the residents of Ridgewood who do pay and pay big time, and want a leafy green and OPEN village.

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