Get to know the Village Council Candidates : Betty Wiest

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Dear Neighbor:

Four years ago, I was honored with election
to the Ridgewood Village Council. I campaigned on
a platform of getting ‘Ridgewood – Back on Track’ and
am proud to report that in many areas – completing
Village Hall, implementing long-term park planning,
and hammering out a better train station design – we
have made real progress. In other areas – frustrating
Building Department service – we face continued

Many of you have already helped me prepare for the
tasks that lie ahead and, as I seek re-election, I would
like to share – and renew – my spirit of pride and progress.
I am confident that Ridgewood’s best days are yet to
come – but over the next few years, the truth is that our Village faces many fiscal challanges. In some ways, we are facing a ‘Perfect Storm’ -a slowed economy, cutbacks from the state of New Jersey, and rising fixed costs for health insurance, pensions, and energy. We must respond, and prepare ourselves for the future, even though many
of thes problems are not of our own making.

We should build on the tradition of pride and progress
that has made Ridgewood a model community. I believe
that Ridgewood’s future success lies in our creativity and
willingness to make hard choices. If we pull together,
face thes challangessquarely, and ,above all, commit to
vigorous planning, we can stare down the difficulties
that we face without sacrificing our current level
of services.

I ask for your support in the upcoming election, and I pledge to contribute to a spirit of teamwork and cooperation that will keep our community working together.


For a copy of the
Betty Wiest For Council 2008
campaign brochure, please request
a PDF copy by e-mailing:

Vote Tuesday, May 13 th
From 6 am to 8 pm

Your Vote Makes A Difference

Paid For By
Wiest For Council 2008,
148 Carlisle Terrace,
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Betty Your Neighbor

Betty is a 33-Year Resident with
a Solid Record of Leadership and Achievement

Deputy Mayor Hard-Working Dedicated

Council Liaison and Former Chairperson

Parks, Recreation and Conservation Advisory Board
Organized and Led Parks’ Master Plan Initiative with Board of Education
Supported : Graydon Park Improvements

Expansion of Citizen’s Park

Field Improvement at Maple Park East

and Numerous Others

Council Liaison

Citizen’s Safety Committee

Introduced “Keep Kid’s Alive – Drive 25” Campaign

Worked to Secure $158,000 “Safe Routes to School” Grant

Supported Somerville School Traffic Safety Improvements

Open Space Advisory Board

Making Preservation Recommendations for Ridgewood’s Future

President Ridgewood A.M. Rotary

Led Fundraising for Community Clock Project

Directed Local Charity Allocations

Initiated Service Project at the Woodlea House

Worked in Haitian Humanitarian Effort

Former Board Member

Friends of the Library, Ridgewood Blood Donors, Project Pride, Ridge Home & School, Women’s Club and Jr. Women’s Club, and Women Gardeners of Ridgewood

RHS Jamboree

Eight-Year Cast Member

Former Author of “Beyond the Garden Gate”

Bi-Weekly Outdoor Column for The Ridgewood News

Married with Three Children

Quentin, Whitney, and Julia – Born, Raised, and Educated in Ridgewood

Ridgewood Pride and Progress

2008 Issue Highlights

Bergen County’s Only

‘AAA’ Rated Community

Standard & Poor’s rates Ridgewood ‘AAA’, the only Bergen County community to receive this designation. In its 2007 analysis of Village finances, Standard & Poor’s stated, “Ridgewood’s financial management is strong, due in part to its capable management team.”

“Standard & Poor’s is the world’s foremost provider of independent credit rankings.
Our ‘AAA’ bond rating is perhaps the single best indicator the financial community uses to recognize that we’ve laid a firm foundation for our future well-being. It saves real tax dollars and ensures that our bonds remain in the highest demand. While we should be proud of this achievement, we must continually look to future efficiencies to strengthen our bottom line.”

Preserving the Character

of Ridgewood

Betty has invested herself in protecting the character and quality of the Village that we all enjoy. On the Council, she backed tough new rules to limit the spread of ‘McMansions’ through our neighborhoods. Enhancements to Graydon Park have been well received and add to the safety of our children. And she led fundraising efforts for the A.M. Rotary Club’s Village Clock project that has become a focal point of the community.

“Many residents cite the character of the Village as one of the top reasons they chose
to live here. I have always worked on, and off, the Council to protect that quality of life.
I believe in the old saying – “To really live, live in Ridgewood.”

Resolve to Deal with
Tough Issues

Elected during the stalemate over Village Hall construction, Betty, working with fellow Councilman Jacques Harlow, attended dozens of project meetings to resolve issues and get Village government back on track. As part of the Council team, she blocked a harmful NJ Transit plan for our train station and negotiated a better design. And she continues to push for service improvements in our Building Department.

“The Village Hall project was a true test of the Council’s leadership. I am proud that we were able to bring this project to resolution soon after I took office. Unfortunately, I continue to field far too many complaints about Building Department service. I won’t stop pushing for better service until residents get the kind of customer care they truly deserve.”

Forward-Looking Perspective

Betty believes new ideas and strategic planning are needed to help manage more efficiently, responsively, and creatively in every aspect of Village government. On the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board, Betty has been instrumental in thedevelopment of a Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a joint, cooperative initiative with the Board of Education.

“The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will help both governing bodies set priorities
and critically evaluate competing interests. Moreover, it will be a hugely effective tool for sring major grants. Last year, we received a $355,000 grant to restore the pond and dam at our new, Habernickel Park. When future opportunities arise, the Master Plan will help us capitalize on them.”

Ridgewood Pride and Progress

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  1. Betty wore the identical clothes for the photos on her new brochure as she wore for her 2004 brochure photos. I think that speaks to her poor judgment.

  2. betty gave the order to dump the wood chips on crest road and she also ordered the stop valley signs removed

    she should not be voted back in

  3. Betty,

    how does your support of the Valley Expansion fall in line with preserving the town’s character?

  4. So, if I am to understand you people correctly, the “pro Valley Expansion folks” will come out and support Wiest?


  5. Reelect
    Betty WASTE?

    I don’t think so.

  6. Why don’t you admit that if the store employeees would stop repeat parking and feeding meters, we would have lots of extra spaces. THey will not park in any paid lot; they will not walk three or four blocks to their stores.

  7. Without Betty’s yes vote the cameras would not be going into downtown. Why did she change her vote?

  8. Stick to making cookies Betty!!!! Politics just isn’t your thing!!!

  9. All she has talked about behind the scenes is ” That she will be the next Mayor of Ridgewood”
    Her views and judgements are clearly aligned with those that will help her, not for the betterment of the entire Village-she is taking credit for accomplishments of others- all she did was put a clock in town and try to install a gazebo- is that a true contribution of four years?

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