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Refresh Ridgewood A-Z … Zusy for Council …

Annie Gets It Done … Vote May 13th!


Ridgewood resident, 13 years: 1989-92 (437 Colonial Rd.) and 1998-present (299 W. Ridgewood Ave.) … lived in London and D.C.in between … married to Al Ortiz, 3 kids: Alex, 21; Eliza, 18, Katie, 16.

Contact: annezusy@optonline.net

What I bring:

A journalist by profession, I’ve worked at The New York Times and as editor of The Village Gazette and am able to decipher and/or identify issues, weigh them objectively, discern what’s important, missing or needs to be considered and report in cogent ways with obligations to none save the reader.

Because of my coverage of Ridgewood along with myriad volunteer jobs over the years, I have familiarity with and sensitivity to issues and needs. Coupled with this is my passion, persistence and determination to Get It Done and move on to the next issue/s.

My success, particularly getting the village to set up a Community Center, led to my selection by the Mayor and Council Members as Volunteer of the Year in 2006.

Why I’m running:

My volunteer jobs over the past decade have shown me that the Village Government can be run more efficiently and expeditiously, and I offer ideas, imagination and energy that will focus on old issues and resolve them so that we can tackle new ones.

It is simply ridiculous how long it takes some times to get things done. My forte is offering multiple solutions that can be considered quickly and acted upon aggressively. I am a Get It Done person. My track record shows this.

What I’d Do:

Perhaps there is no more looming issue facing Ridgewood today than the health and wellness of its commercial soul and the way the village lets business be done, because that will determine its personality for years. In coming months the Council will take a stand on Valley Hospital’s modernization plans. There are crucial decisions to be made that, along with advice from independent analysts, require long-term vision and much public input – unlike present consideration of the North Walnut Redevelopment Plan and the approval of surveillance cameras downtown. I am honored that Concerned Residents of Ridgewood views me as an objective candidate, “a feisty and persistent advocate who has integrity and passion.” Equally important for the Council to grapple with are business-district realities that make the stores Ridgewood was known for 20 years ago now set up shop in Hohokus, where rents are far less.

Some other issues are these:

Parking for downtown is needed sooner not later. The quickest way to solve this problem is to arrange for “lifts” to be put on existing lots off Chestnut and Hudson Streets. Meantime, develop a whole parking plan, including a well-publicized handy-map of the 1,000 or so parking sites around town and designating special spots for seniors.
Pease must be made viable in a way that respects present as well as historical sensibilities. One idea for a revenue-based plan would build a boutique hotel at Pease, part of which would be preserved and utilized as an Algonquinesque salon with music and more.
Habernickel Park must be brought to fruition. A developer should be given the mandate and in exchange operate for a while a restaurant/function-type entity if possible in the old house, bringing in revenue to the village.

Other thoughts:

I offer fresh ideas, imagination and energy that will focus on old issues and resolve them more quickly so that we can go on to new ones! Here are a few:

Taking steps to Go Green, from solar panels to hybrid village-owned cars to lower-energy lights; using non-chemical cleaning agents in public buildings, promoting community gardens and our farmer’s market, working with the Board of Ed to promote school gardens and education on food issues.
Acting on some residents’ concerns and offering fast, creative solutions to problems such as recycling bins at the train station, more mailboxes and bike lanes. Survey to identify wants/needs of constituents (being conducted for Zusy for Council committee).
Creating conversations about good government that replace local blogs.

What I’ve Done:

Head, Ridgewood Youth Council and Youth Advisory Committee, efforts to establish Community Center and Community Center fundraising drive; member, Community Center Advisory Board
President, Federated HSA, GW Middle School HSA
Had ideas for, oversaw and brought to fruition multiple projects including:
Ridgewood All-Stars vs. Harlem Wizards basketball games for Federated, Tastings of Ridgewood with Chamber of Commerce, News You Can Use meetings for parents/teens on alcohol and drugs, bullying and other subjects germane to teen-age years; Teen Taste of Ridgewood, Party in the Park and Battle of the Bands, Halloween Parade, Miss America anti-bullying talks, SAFE (Schools and Families in Emergencies) meeting for Federated and Ridgewood Youth Council, Opening Day Open House for village residents, Habernickel Park … Auctions: Ridge Elementary School (playground), GW Middle School, and for 9/11 family … Service memorializing village teenager.
Editor, Ridgewood Gazette: Wrote many stories on Village Government (budget, water problems, parking survey, Pease, pedestrian safety, etc.)
Women Gardeners of Ridgewood – Vice President and Program Chair in charge of programs, speakers, workshops, 2006-8, including bringing a renowned English floral designer to Ridgewood for May 2008 public meeting … oversaw or wrote descriptions and more for multiple Ridgewood garden tours, got national publicity for multiple Ridgewood gardens in Better Homes & Gardens magazines, my own garden three times on Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program to see “America’s Best Private Gardens.”
Publicity, RHS: Band Association, New Players, Choir, Asian Festival; Ridgewood TURF and others, Judge and/or chaperone, RHS Speech & Debate team, Princeton/Harvard; chaperone, RHS Band trip, California, DECA, Cherry Hill, Choir, Annapolis/D.C.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this page are wholly those of Anne Zusy and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Concerned Residents of Ridgewood. This information is provided solely as a public service to promote the dissemination of ideas within the Village of Ridgewood.


  1. Other thoughts:
    . . .
    Creating conversations about good government that replace local blogs

    Now what exactly does that mean?

    How/when/where will she “create conversations about good government”?

    What local blogs is trying to replace? Why is she trying to replace them?

  2. Another stupid politician looking to silence opposition, if you want to silence opposition try doing your job!

  3. yes i love this wacko silence free speach good move ,beside you have the “flog” its a BOE sponsored mouth piece lame O!

  4. given the results of the BOE election she will most likely win after all voters voted for someone who wants to take away there right to vote on the school budget ,so taking away free speech spells land slide victory.

  5. i think its funny that she even thinks she can shut down a blog or that its her place to do so?

  6. Annie is a fellow traveler. Always has been.

    She supported Goodman and Brogan and is long time party member of Federated/HSA.

    When she was editor of the Ridgewood News she only printed the side of the story she wanted out.

    So, it is no surprise that she wants to silence this blog.

  7. zusy should run for the BOE she’ll fit in better

  8. just what this town needs another loser liberal

  9. Looks like she’s a shoe in!

  10. another loser liberal

    Last time I checked, the reactionary conservatives (such as the regular posters on this blog) have remained the consistent losers in the Village.

  11. yes 1:50 and you pay the highest taxes in the country ,have the biggest budget deficit ,your schools are falling apart the state only created 8000 jobs last year and over 50,000 a year are leaving the state …good job !

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