Thank You Again !

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 12:59 pm

From Tuesday April 1, 2008 to Wednesday April 30, 2008

the Ridgewood Blog had 10609 unique visitors
and 26711 Hits for the month of April 2008 again making the Ridgewood blog the number one local news website in New Jersey .

For information contact: PJ Blogger at jamesfoytlin@optonline.net for advertising opportunities, announcements, press releases and garage sales.

PJ is also available as a key note speaker for your event.

Let us know how we can work together .

ps. Don’t for get to announce your garage or yard sale

J&R Computer/Music World

  1. If I have a garage sale, will you deliver the keynote address?

  2. we should be talking about hireing some more workers we need help.all depts are so short.your pal fred

  3. Can we please move on to something else than the stinking school math Bull S—???
    Thats BOE, and we have a town falling apart, and all we worry about is the stinking math problem!!!.Come on people, we have to move on. We can’t have Bolger town show us up. Let’s get rid of the rif raft( JTH; Spano!!!! Moritz!!Building Dept cronies , all from Paterson. !! Let’s get OUR town back!!!

    Thank you

  4. 5:49, the Ridgewood BOE oversees an annual budget that is more than three times as large as that overseen by the VC. Mistakes made by the BOE have the potential to loom much larger than those made by the VC.

    The Ridgewood district’s large and still growing obsession with constructivist teaching methods is about to swallow whole two of the last remaining vestiges of non-constructivist instruction (Hawes and Willard Schools’ respective math programs).

    No matter what you may think, the keen interest that more than a thousand residents have just demonstrated in the district’s ‘math program’ is not simply another example of voters taking their eye off the ball. This is a real issue driven by real failures by elected officials who refuse to behave appropriately. These badly behaving BOE trustees are being elected and reelected by a proportionally small group of voters who either do not have the best interests of the districts’ students at heart, or refuse to allow their vote-casting habits to evolve to reflect the important evidence that shows that major changes are urgently needed at the BOE.

  5. 1127 sorry you voted for reform math and not voting for school budgets good move your commentary is a bit late ,ridgwood schools are no more ………………

  6. 1149 its the death of public education sorry soon all the serious parents will send there kids to private schools and the ridgewood school system will have import kids from newark and patterson after all the schools are about teachers having jobs not kids learning anything

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