Math Comic of the Week

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 1:42 pm


  1. As a friend said to me last Spring, “can’t we all just agree that 2+2=3?”

  2. Notice how not having to do real math excuses bad spelling. Also History is bad for children because the past has been known to be traumatic.

  3. The SATs need to get on board with the fake math. They’d better hurry. Our kids are moving up.

  4. True story–the other day my high schooler said, “Mom I’m having a test on factoring quadratic equations tomorrow, so I need you to help me memorize my times tables–quick!”

    As some of you might remember, factoring quadratic equations requires lots of guess and check–there’s no room for deriving your multiplication tables. You must have instant recall. But my kid never learned them back in Travell. None of the kids did. Times tables were regarded as “useless memorization.”

  5. Sheila wants us all to end up like she did. She didn’t like math and wasn’t good at it so under her reign of stupid terror, all of our children will be forced into CMP labor camp. They will thus be guaranteed to fail at higher math, they will not know their multiplication tables, and they will still bring home grades resembling an “A” so that their parents feel good about the schools.

  6. 5:15

    So what happened? Did you help your child? or did you allow him/her to fail so you could prove your point?

  7. 8:03 AM,

    Your response to 5:15 is snide at best.

    What parent wouldn’t help their child?

    Get a life.

  8. Sheila wants us all to end up like she did.

    Did Sheila tell you this, or are you a mind reader?

  9. 10:42 AM,

    It is obvious from her statements at BOE meetings that she thinks that children would be better served with reformed math because she had a hard time understanding classical math when she was a student.

  10. 10:42 please learn to put 2 and 2 together. As 11:27 took time to point out to you: Sheila wants our children to have “easy” non math because she felt the math she had was too hard. The net result of this is that our children will end up like she did — believing that math is too hard and set up to be unable to be competent at it.

    Sheila is a bad ruler and bad rulers seek to also spread their faults among those they rule over.

  11. 8:03, of course I helped my child. Wouldn’t you? This is a very bright “A” student. In general, her memory’s not so good, though, as it hasn’t been challenged enough.
    Exercising one’s memory must start in elementary school.Why did nobody teach her the times tables?

    I know the answer. Because they have this out-in-the-ether teaching philosophy that is so extreme–critical thinking only please–that it serves no real earthly purpose.

    And so everybody can feel good about teaching the kids “high level concepts.” Gone are the times when teachers were down-to-earth and practical. It’s happening nationwide.

    I just thought the folks running the Ridgewood school district would be smarter than that. I guess not.

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