League of Women Voters Forum – Candidates for Village Council –

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 7:06 pm

Last night’s candidate forum was very well attended. Almost every seat in the Education Center venue was taken.

Notables observed in the audience included: Mayor Dave Pfund, Assistant to the Village Manager Janet Fricke, BOE President Joe Vallerini, BOE VP Bob Hutton, BOE member Sheila Brogan, former BOE Presidents Mark Bombace & Charlie Reilly, and Fire Department Lieutenant Chris Duflocq.

The following topics generated the most spirited discussion and disagreement between the challengers (Paul Aronsohn, Keith Killion, Anne Zusy) and incumbents (Jacques Harlow, Betty Wiest):

Parking Garage – build it or not?

CCTV Cameras In Downtown Business District – justified via crime statistics?

Pease Library – restore & retain public use, or renovate & lease?

Potential Sale of Village Owned Assets – sell water company & waste water treatment plant or retain?

Questions related to passage of the school budget and the expansion of Valley Hospital issues were also fielded by the five candidates.

The event produced no clear “winners” or “losers,” but did give all of those in attendance a good opportunity to see & hear the candidates in person.


  1. why would we sell the water dept and any thing else we make money.what the hell is going on.I can see it now sell and spend the money on new fake ball fields.

  2. do we need to sell all this to pay for the new parking lots.and all the workers will get laid off.

  3. Another thread stated that Mr. Aronsohn has only bought yard signs. If so, I’d like to know who paid for his mailing sent only to registered democrats. Does he plan to represent the 1/3 of the Village that are registered democrats?

  4. can you say money moolllla,cash,peso,or new car.take a walk

  5. Last night’s debate was extremely poorly run. The moderator lost control almost from the first question. The audience was allowed to be disorderly. By the moderator’s own admission, inappropriate questions were allowed to be asked, and worse, allowed to be answered. The very first question about turf demonstrated the ignorance of the League of Women’s Voters and highlighted the political agenda of that organization. Disgraceful.

  6. why is the village going to spend money for a Parking Garage Design when they had done this in 1985 to the exact design specs they are looking to do so today. All they have to do is dig up the designs that were drawn up and invested in 20 years ago and they can save $50K.

  7. Dear 6:46 PM, The only inappropriate question might have been about Valley campaign money. I for one, found it all very interesting. I will not vote for an incumbant and I like grass,don’t want a parking garage and I believe Valley should not expand it’s footprint.

  8. “…who paid for his mailing sent only to registered democrats.”

    Why, the Democrat County Party, that’s who.

    We are such fools in this village pretending there are no political parties.

    Let’s stop the charade and re-organize our charter to allow political affiliation for candidates. Then we can know who to hold responsible.

    What we have now is a costly mess.

  9. I am still unclear as to where each of the candidates stand on Valley Hospital’s expansion. Can anyone clarify?

  10. “I am still unclear as to where each of the candidates stand on Valley Hospital’s expansion. Can anyone clarify?”

    Aronsohn & Killion are clearly opposed to the proposed project’s current scope.

    The others haven’t really made their respective positions clear.

  11. Last night’s debate was extremely poorly run. The moderator lost control almost from the first question.

    That’s disappointing to hear. I thought the moderator at last month’s BOE debate did an excellent job.

  12. Why did the moderator feel that the question about Valley funding of people’s campaigns inappropriate? The candidates are putting themselves up for a public election and campaign finance is a legitimate question to ask anyone running for public office.

  13. Aronsohn & Killion are the way to go!

  14. All I can say, “out with the old, in with new”

  15. How can anyone vote for Killion if he is a current village employee? That is a HUGE conflict of interest. I also find it interesting that he lists crime as his #1 concern. Our serious crime rate is extremely low. Furthermore, the Ridgewood police force is one of the least responsive village organizations in my experience and the police have had a number of embarrassing revelations in the past few years. Wasn’t Kilion directly responsible for the conduct of his staff? As a Captain (supervisor/manager) of this police force, that doesn’t make a very strong case for electing him to an even greater supervisory/managerial position on the Village Council. On top of all that he cape across as the least articulate and thoughtful of the five candidates at the debate. I am undecided about the other four. The police and firemen will vote for Killion because they think he is one of them (great rationale!!!). But, as long as Killion works for the police department, he is not an appropriate candidate for the Village Council.

  16. Capt. Killion is retiring from the police force on July 1. He’s already filed his official “intent to retire” paperwork with the Village Manager. New Council members get sworn in on July 1. So there is no issue.

  17. al i can say stop crying and vote you dirt bags.

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