The Fly is hearing loud buzzing against Fuzzy Math from the Wayne School District

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Parents in Wayne garnered 700+ signatures on a petition to remove Fuzzy math from their schools. Unlike Ridgewood, the Board of Education supports the petition. So what’s the problem? It appears that assistant superintendent of curriculum Cynthia Randina doesn’t agree with the parents or the Board. She is pushing back hard to keep the bad math in place. What makes this so mortifying is that this curriculum babe is against the very people who employed her and PAY HER SALARY, all in the service of her ideology. Like our very own Mrs. Botsford, she’s a standards based gal all the way, having drank the kool-aid from Montclair and Teachers’s College. We just couldn’t make this stuff up. Here’s an excerpt from her bio: “She has advanced professional certification in administration and supervision and curriculum development from Montclair State University, Columbia University Teacher’s College and Seton Hall University. Ms. Randina has most recently served as a member of the Standards Revision Committee for Language Arts Literacy for the New Jersey Department of Education and has been a presenter for national and local professional organizations.” Regina was a “presenter” too.

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  1. like i said PJ the parents in Ridgewood are sheep ,its just pathetic

  2. They have a board that responds to parents? How’d they get that????

  3. 1123 the parents dont just vote for the same old same old

  4. The difference is in Wayne parents are straight forward middle class folk and see reform math as the bunk it is…in Ridgewood we are too precious to admit we’ve been fooled.

  5. …and we have slick buzzwords like the ‘balanced approach’ to cover any mistakes. We also don’t have district-wide implementation.

  6. What’s in the water at these universities? Or should I say what’s in the Kool-Aid?

  7. These two curriculum characters are representative of the old feminist/communist era that has put America in the hole intellectually and destroyed the American family. They’ve been playing martyr and crying wolf for years. They support the liberal nonsense just because it’s not traditional learning, not because anyone can learn anything from it. Unfortunately, the State of New Jersey supports this kind of junk. Does anyone remember who was Regina’s roommate in New Orleans?

  8. We even paid for that stupid trip to New Orleans for her to sell her garbage. All we got was a lousy t-shirt.

  9. Wonder if Ms. Regina knows Ms. Randina and if she’s giving her pointers?

    These two ladies should go form an institute and peddle their empty math promises to countries like Iran and North Korea. Nukes can only do so much so save the west. R & R can be of real help to our country in that regard.

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