Board of Education Election Results – Vallerini is new BOE President, Hutton Elected as VP

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The official results of the Board of Education election and Budget vote of April 15, 2008, are in: The budget passed, and Sheila Brogan and Laurie Goodman were elected. At the Board meeting of April 28, Joseph Vallerini was elected President of the Board and Robert Hutton was voted Vice President.

The Right Gift at the Right Price

  1. I’m sorry for the kids, but this ought to be fun. An absentee president and a crude, rude dude as vp. LOL

  2. I guess Hutton was unable to cut off Vallerini on the way to the podium and muscle his way into the presidency…

    Ha Ha…

  3. What do you mean by “absentee president?”

  4. 2:50 I mean do you see him much? When he is there, does he make any sense?
    He’s like the Paula Abdul of our BOE. She’s absent too.

  5. 8:34 – LOL! I’m falling off my chair!!

  6. Oh great, Vallerini was the one holdout on the board during the TERC wars that continued to say “I still don’t get what the problem is.”

    He’s like Tom Hanks in the movie, “Big” where a child ends up in a grown up body in a grown up job, at a grown up executive meeting, saying “I don’t get it,” and everyone admires him for his straight talk.

    Watch the video.

  7. 8:34 at lease Paula Abdul heard 2 songs instead of 1. Vallerini didn’t hear any.

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