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APRIL 28, 2008
7:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order – Mayor

2. Statement of Compliance with the Open Public Meeting Act

MAYOR: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided
by a posting on the bulletin board in Village Hall,
by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and time of this meeting.”

3. Roll Call

4. Comments from the Public (Other than Pease Building and Filing of Declaration of Intent of Grant Application for Pease Building)

5. ORDINANCE – INTRODUCTION – #3121 – Permit Use of Graydon Pool by Residents of Paramus – Permits Paramus residents to join Graydon Pool for the 2008 summer season, and establishes the fees for these out of town residents to join


08-100 Authorize Settlement of General Liability Claim

7. Explanation of Advantages of Accepting the Gift from David Bolger – Councilman Harlow

8. Explanation of Advantages of Filing for the State and County Historic Preservation Grants – Councilman Mancuso

9. Comments from the Public Pertaining to the Pease Building and/or the Filing of the Declaration of Intent of Grant Applications for the Pease Building


08-101 Authorize Filing of Declaration of Intent of Grant Application for Pease Building – Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund Capital Preservation Grant for Historic Preservation
08-102 Authorize Filing of Declaration of Intent of Grant Application for Pease Building – Bergen County Historic Preservation Trust Fund

11. Adjournment

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  1. By a 5-0 vote, VC members accepted David Bolger’s gift.

  2. pj – you left out the Resolution 08-103, which got a 5-0 vote 🙂

  3. Permission was given: No RFP,as is required by everyone else, no planning board,no zoning board (the building is not zoned for business) no DEP, just money.

    The library is making plans to expand as we speak; they have it in their 10 year plan. They hired a “space planner” and have spent a lot on p.r. and it shows. This money will help them.

    The plan is to get rid of the hill in front of the building. To add parking spaces. But there will be a few trees planted so it doesn’t matter, does it.

  4. Speaking of overbuidling, is anyone concerned by the proposed amendment of our building height ordinance? The new law will allow houses and garages to be taller and bigger. Also, it allows for construction to be placed on built up mounds, so long as the build up extends six feet from the structure. In other words, it looks like you can add to the base of a house, an office building or a water tower, so long as you build a retaining wall around the structure.

    I thought we were moving away from, rather than towards, the grotesgue overbuilding of mcmansions and garage-mahala’s?

    Ordinance 3120 is being discussed at next planning meeting. See Ridgewood News from April 11.

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