Message to all Tax Payers

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Actually I do drive a, how did you put it, A BIG FAT SUV. But the vehicle I drive really has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The fact of the matter is that he is the boss and part of being the boss is getting a company car. You don’t have to like him, you don’t have to like anything about it. If bitching and moaning makes you feel better, than type away. But it’s not gonna change anything. He’s still gonna get his BIG FAT SUV!! Maybe you should just call him yourself and tell him exactly how you feel. And then call the police chief….the fire chief and the chief of emergency servicies. Let them know how you feel as well. I’m sure they would all just love to hear from you!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  1. Yes! Me to! I drive a 08 Ford Expedition and my wife drives a 06 Chevy Suburban.. WHO REALLY CARES!!!!!

  2. i am paying for your gas loser, perhaps the town employess should start walking or ride bike it trim down those lazy fat a**’s

  3. WOW … you sound like a MANIAC who drives a BIG FAT SUV.

  4. There is nothing worse than a blowhard behind the wheel of a SUV.

  5. There is nothing worse than self-righteous blowhards spouting off about what they think I should and should not do.

  6. you sure are easy to piss off suv driver

  7. almost as bad as some ‘smug’ Prius driver! My diesel jetta gets much better mileage than a prius

  8. the cars come with the job.ok then they get more money if we take the cars a way you dum dum.i work for the state and i get a car.thats part pf my job.sp no car then more mulla.so stop your bitching.

  9. guess it more LAYOFFS 238! yea!

  10. …you dum dum…
    …so stop your bitching…

    Your public dollars at work.

    … and you gave him a free car too!

  11. yes and i am gonna LAY HIM OFF 2:57

  12. To anyone…please assist!

    I plowed through the poor grammar, sentence fragments and misspellings of 2:38 (and I am NOT here to criticize him about that… He is after all a civil servant and was not intelligent enough to hold a well paying job in the private sector), but what I am confused about is this:

    sp no car then more mulla.

    “sp” = “So”… I figured that out.
    But what is:
    “…then more mulla“?

    I’m sure he’s not saying that if he doesn’t get a car there will be more Muslim clerics?

    A little help anyone…

  13. more mulla = more money 319 hehehehehehe

  14. Ahhh…. Moola

    Cursed again by my extensive vocabulary!

    So, translated into English, we have:

    So no car then more moola”… It’s still nonsensical!

  15. 3:19
    You sure sound like the Ridgewood snob from another thread.

    What’s wrong with being a civil servent–Police-Fire- Judges-some lawyers, State troopers- The President of the US.
    Think about your statement and the hurt you cause with your snobbish comments.
    If money is your judge of character. Then you have a lot to learn about people and life.
    Matter of fact GET A LIFE!!

  16. what about workers that work for the county and the state.they get cars so what are you saying.huh.and what about the f,b,i,and all the fed,s.well you jack ass,you must be a real 70,s dirt bag.and yes you need to go out and have a good time.you cant allways stay home.hummmmmmmmmmmmm.you no what we are all saying mr,I KNOW YOU.you cry all around town but you have no balls.

  17. hay that sounds like some one I no she,s made about who has a new car in town.and yes you need to you know what.but your mr has a small one.yeyeyehaha.

  18. mr lay off.go piss up a rope.you are going to do what.yea ok.like you are something or somebodey.you dont have the power.

  19. you like to take aboutmoney being wasted is al the cop cars they do burn a lot of fuel.they are bad all town should go to the new chevy thaoe they get 21 a gal in the city.and just maybe some of the cryers will stop.

  20. to al you people that dont know too much.all towns and county and state and yes your fbi,cia,atf,depts do get cars to drive so start with them.hummm.ooooo.aaaaaa.wake up are you that dum.now can all get a car that gets good gas yes they can.think and besmart.thats thinking.would you say mr or miss well.come on any come backs.iam shure that some one will allways cry.

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