Statewide corruption has firm roots in local politics

In Uncategorized on April 27, 2008 at 6:55 pm

Just a word of warning to all. The myth that corruption exists in new jersey because there is alot of towns is just being fostered by those that want to consolidate more power and corruption for themselves, i.e., the county and state politicians. We see corruption from the top down, not the bottom up in this state. All positions of power are politically appointed here. The attorney general/judges/prosecutors etc., are determined by the ruling party bosses, not the electorate. All eligible candidates for election are dictated by the party bosses, not the elctorate. Since this is a one party state it stands to reason that the corruption is endemic in one party politics. Now that wheeling has been mandated to be hidden in local political organizations, the corruption that is necessary to maintain control in this one party states follows it into the local elections. Hence, we have party moles popping up in all local elections to eviscerate any local control. This will now bring the statewide corruption firm roots in local politics. All pay to play participants on the county and state level will now be ascending into local areas to feed off of the contracts available and use the idea of efficiencies of consolidated services to cement foreign control over local concerns such as sewerage/water/school contracts. They’ll get fatter and more corrupt while we, the residents, continue to pay through the nose for things we have given up control over. If it looks too good to be true, it is.

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  1. well do you think you or i can stop this.no we can not.this is old news you did not come up with this.and its not just this state.its all over the place dont even waste or time.go have a cold one and sit back and hang out.

  2. so voting for these people thats the answer

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