Ridgewood Black Bear Still Lurking

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2008 at 5:39 pm

Although the Paramus Black Bear has been captured the Ridgewood Black Bear remains on the loose.

Wayside Gardens

  1. So Charlie is on the loose. It’s something we must grin and bear.

  2. The Paramus bear and Ridgewood bear were one in the same. At least the one on Thursday was. The bear was wandering back and forth across the river along the bike path between Paramus and Ridgewood. From what I heard over my police scanner Ridgewood Police coordinated with Paramus, Glen Rock and the County to keep the bear contained in the woods and away from residents. After about an 1.5 hours the bear was tracked into the woods down by Paramus and Fairlawn, where they lost sight of it. Ridgewood left several officers patrolling the area until it was spotted again in Paramus once again all of these police departments worked together to contain the bear until it was tranquilized and relocated by the state. One of my friends who lives down by the path said she even got a recorded phone message alerting her of the problem. While all this was going on you could here the Ridgewood having to deal with several other emergencies. I would just like to say nice job to all of them. I know there are some who like to bash the cops on this blog, but if spend a few dollars on a scanner you would hear just how busy they are.

  3. 9:50 We thank you for the news flash and are very thankful that you have nothing better to do all day then sit home and listen to your police scanner!! Way to go!

  4. …tip toe, thru the tulips, with…
    Spring is in the air,
    and so was the bear.

    Wasn’t the first time…
    … it won’t be the last,

    Ventured down along river…
    for a little frolic in the woods.

    Cute picture!

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