Anne Milgram – Attorney General, State of NJ – Visiting Village Hall Soon?

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Anne Milgram was sworn in as New Jersey’s 57th Attorney General on June 29, 2007 after she was nominated by Governor Jon S. Corzine and unanimously confirmed by the State Senate. She had been serving for the previous 17 months as the First Assistant Attorney General. As the State’s chief law enforcement officer, Milgram heads the 9,600-person Department of Law and Public Safety, one of the largest agencies in New Jersey state government.

The department is responsible for protecting the safety, security and quality of life of New Jersey residents and includes ten divisions as well as independent commissions and boards. The Attorney General oversees the state’s criminal justice system, the Division of State Police, and defends the state against lawsuits.

Milgram began her career as an assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in New York in September 1997. She went on to work in the criminal section of the United States Department of Justice’s civil rights division beginning in 2001, where she rose to become the lead federal prosecutor in the nation for human trafficking crimes. Milgram was awarded the Department of Justice Special Commendation for Outstanding Service in December 2004 and the Director’s Award in September 2006.

Milgram left the Department of Justice in 2005 and became counsel to then U.S. Senator Corzine during his last year in the United States Senate.

Milgram graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers College in 1992 with a degree in English and political science, and received a master of philosophy degree in social and political theory in 1993 from the University of Cambridge in England. She received her law degree from New York University in 1996 and clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Anne E. Thompson in Trenton from 1996 to 1997.

As Attorney General, Milgram coordinated the development of Governor Corzine’s anti-crime strategy to attack gangs and gun violence, and she has spearheaded investigations into Internet safety, consumer privacy rights, and college student loan rates. She has also initiated reforms at the state’s professional boards and overseen compliance with state and federal election laws. She has testified before the Environmental Protection Agency for tougher enforcement of clean air laws and she launched an affirmative litigation section in the Division of Law to aggressively pursue legal action to protect the public and improve the quality of life in New Jersey.

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  1. Let’s hope Ms. Milgram agrees with Ridgewood residents who have petitioned her to take a close look at Town Garage scandal.

  2. yea.ok

  3. Why Ridgewood? What, or who, is she stumping for?

  4. Good luck Ms. Milgram. Ridgewood is more corrupt than Newark. We just hide it under expensive 800 thread count bed sheets.

  5. Word on the party line is the AG’s Newark office will be investigating alleged violations of the following law:

    NJSA 2C:30-3

    2C:30-3. Speculating or wagering on official action or information
    A person commits a crime if, in contemplation of official action by himself or by a governmental unit with which he is or has been associated, or in reliance on information to which he has or has had access in an official capacity and which has not been made public, he:

    a. Acquires a pecuniary interest in any property, transaction or enterprise which may be affected by such information or official; or

    b. Speculates or wagers on the basis of such information or official action; or

    c. Aids another to do any of the foregoing, while in office or after leaving office with a purpose of using such information.

    An offense proscribed by this section is a crime of the second degree. If the benefit acquired or sought to be acquired is of a value of $200.00 or less, an offense proscribed by this section is a crime of the third degree.

    L.1978, c. 95, s. 2C:30-3, eff. Sept. 1, 1979. Amended by L.1979, c. 178, s. 62, eff. Sept. 1, 1979.

  6. What may look like a crime to some is just business as usual in Ridgewood. We’re above crimes because we are above the law.

  7. Hey, 9:59, that sounds like “pay to play” in a nut shell. We’ll get a heck of alot more if you vote for Aronsohn and his cronies. Has anyone noticed his mailings are to registered democrats only? Who’s paying for this?

  8. Anne already knows about Ridgewood. She was around when certain of the village’s boe members were giving the state the finger over their illegal survey. It’s been payback ever since. That’s why Sheila’s supposed lobbying for this and that school funding bill is such a joke. They hate Ridgewood for its stupidity and arrogance. Same disease it appears that the vc members are afflicted with.

  9. Looks like 0738 is on a first name basis with Ms. Milgram!!! They must be best buddies. Uh oh, it’s my phone. George is calling from the White House, I should take this.

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