Bolger Offers To Restore Pease Library Building At His Expense

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2008 at 12:03 pm

During Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Library Board, it was revealed that local philanthropist David Bolger has agreed to to pay for the entire restoration of the Pease Library Building on Garber Square. Estimated costs for restoration of the building are $1.2 million.

Under Mr. Bolger’s proposed plan, only the building’s lobby would be open for public access. The remainder of the building, excluding space currently rented to Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch, would be rented to a commercial tenant (unnamed thus far), and off limits to the public. Rental income would be directed to the Ridgewood Public Library.

It was further revealed that Village Council members received official notice of Mr. Bolger’s offer on Tuesday afternoon. Council members have a regularly scheduled Work Session set for Wednesday evening. A posted agenda item for discussion during that meeting is applying for historic status for Pease.


  1. I wish Citizen Kane would just go away….

  2. Will the donation include changing the name from Pease to Bolger??

  3. Code Name: Monty Burns

  4. Wasn’t Wells, et. al., his architech for the cavernous self storage building on Oak st.? Is this some sort of mea culpa for the garage fiasco? Or is this just plain ordinary grease to allow him to do anything he damn well pleases in this town.

  5. I have no strong opinion on this issues one way or the other. With that said, does anyone have a better proposal that would benefit the Village and have little or no impact on the taxpayer?

  6. Have the Village invest the $500K to renovate the building and rent half of it out for about $25K a year to cover its mortgage at a low interest loan of 4.5%. The Tenant or village owned business will repay the loan and half the building will be open to the public. Problem solved.

    I love the fact that Bolger is willing to contribute to Ridgewood and if I had the money I would like to think I would do the same. However, I don’t understand why these offers are take it or leave it and have 48 Hours to accept or the offer will self destruct…

  7. Let’s just call the town Bolgerville and call it a day.

  8. “Take it or leave it” is his attempt to intimidate and control the outcome. He always has his own agenda.

  9. A true philanthropist donates his time, goods, efforts and money to support a charitable cause. I have always found enjoyment in donating my time and funds to those who are less fortunate. Helping young men and women in Paterson attend college or keeping St. Anthony’s doors open for class in Jersey city. Keeping time limits on donations is repugnant and disgraceful. Donating does take careful planning and painstakingly long but thats the point; to make sure your charitable funds are used efficiently and correctly. This young man should read up on Warren Buffet and the Gates family charities, he might learn something. As for charitable donations in “our” pleasant village, education should always be the first priority.

  10. Bolger is not a true philanthropist. He always gives with strings attached. It’s so sad that anyone in our village government feels the need to take his money.

  11. 1:25am– you could not have put it any better…

  12. The Village government does not realize that although we are still called “Ridgewood,” we are slowly becoming “Bolgerville.” The Village is allowing too much power to be wielded by one citizen. Accepting Bolger’s money is not worth the tradeoff.

  13. I’m with you 8:07. DON’T TAKE HIS MONEY.

  14. Seems as though money talks…..especially in Ridgewood.

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