Correction, Ridgewood used to have an excellent education system

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The people who voted for the status quo do not yet see the systemic nature of our education deficits.

They believe what they are told, that Ridgewood has an excellent education system.

Correction, Ridgewood used to have an excellent education system. I know. I went to school here. Now, though, the administration rests on its past traditions. Why? Because they can with impunity.

What keeps Ridgewood on top is its high socio economic status. Parents here are educated enough and wealthy enough to keep their children from failing at public school.

Failure is also limited by public school itself, which has dumb downed its curriculum and standards to such a degree that it doesn’t take any schooling at all to meet it halfway, and very little to meet it near the top.

While the lowering of standards used to be ad hoc, it has now become a booming business. This is known as the Standards based industry, and it is hard of work.

Advocates (read: soldliers) such as Regina Botsford are armed to the teeth with power point presentations always based on standardized tests. Why? Because the faux “high” scores are usually enough to convince most civilian board members that the approach is yielding positive results.

No matter how low you make the standards, advocates of a “standards” based curriculum (TERC, EM, CMP2, etc.) will always be able to point to “high” test scores. That’s easy to do when the “high” test scores are reflecting “lowered standards.”

There is a reason why reform math is called standards based math. Given that the standard is a moving target (always downward), it is virtually impossible for any standards based program to “fail.” Welcome to the invention of the failure proof public school curriculum.

Most of us, it would seem, have been duped by people only slightly clever enough to keep their jobs in a monopoly enterprise.

That’s not that clever because you don’t get fired in a monopoly for bad performance, you just get shifted to another location.

But it’s clever enough and here’s why: They don’t have to fool all or even most of us. They just have to fool board members.

The survival of the adults in the system comes at the expense of the education of the children. The monopoly nature of the enterprise encourages board members to defend even the weakest administrators because it’s set up to be them (those in the system) against all of us.

Remember, Russia never fired anyone either and the potatoes rotted before making it to the shops.

“Standards” based anything is the death of true education.

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  1. It really is time for Regina to leave Ridgewood.

  2. 800 jokes on you ,she just won the election and you people voted for her !

  3. i still cant believe i live in a place that people voting for someone wanting to take their right to vote away …?

  4. at lest the people in long island stuck up for their kids when they kicked out marty brooks,ridgewood parents are just sheep bahhhhhhhhhh

  5. yes I always thought Ridgewood was all about its schools but since this election that has all changed ,Ridgewood has given up on its schools ,I am wondering how long can we have top rated schools when we teach math without numbers?

  6. Yes, Regina is all about standards based education programs. Ever see her binders? That’s all she knows, poor woman.

    Poor us. We’re stuck with her. Poor teachers. They’re stuck with her too.

  7. Ridgewood used to be about our schools. But now it is about social status. The nouveau riche, who have come and settled in our town, care little about substance and are consumed with image.

    That is why they moved here in the first place. It is sad that our village has changed so much in the past twenty-five years.

    It is not the same town my husband and I raised our children in. No, it is not.

  8. i dont think the alernative candidates did anything wrong, the people like it or not voted for what they want which is TERC math ,high taxes,poor school facilities ,lower standards and not voting for the school budget ….

  9. I think people voted for what they know and was uncomfortable with changing anything they didn’t have a true sense of. How many people spent the time to understand why our math is weak? I bet very few. Then there are those who think traditional math is just too hard.

    One person said to me that the math is just fine for their kid. He’s not a “brainiac” so making it harder would hurt his grades.

    Do you believe that??

    I was stunned!

  10. Don’t be stunned 4:09 PM. Far too many in Ridgewood have become more concerned with appearances than substance. Ergo, if my child’s grades look good, I don’t have to be concerned that it means little for his education.

  11. 7:57am,

    And that is exactly what we are embarked on in this district.

    Make all the kids look smart by dumbing down the curricula.

    Which in turn makes our BoE appear to be doing a fabulous job.

    Parents are all to eager to believe the BoE because to do otherwise would mean they would have make a stand.

    That would be too risky to their social status. Wouldn’t want to be labeled as part of the “lunatic fringe” would they?

  12. I’m at a loss as to how parents can teach their children the first thing about personal integrity if they are willing to go along with a blatant system of grade inflation and curriculum debasement.

  13. 4:09, what you’ve described appears to be the bottom line for may Ridgewood residents.

    Apparently, and at least as a group, they couldn’t care less about producing students who are truly skilled in math.

    Remember what the president said about there being some jobs that Americans simply will not do, such that those jobs would naturally be filled by immigrants? (The implication being that such jobs are “beneath” native-born citizens.)

    If one were to go by the attitudes of Ridgewood’s voters and residents, it appears we should now add to this category (currently including household maid, dishwasher, landscaper, roofer, etc.) any job that requires substantial math skills.

    Sorry employers, but the large and growing salaries you offer to applicants for these jobs can never be sufficient for us in Ridgewood to even glance in your direction!

  14. I have a teen in the high school who declares that she hates Ridgewood.

    I think that’s so healthy. I cheer her on and laugh with her anecdotes.

  15. Could our 8th graders in Ridgewood take (and pass) an 8th grade test of skills from, say, 1850?

    Could they Mrs. Regina?

    Could they?

    People like you just DRAG US DOWN.

  16. There is good reason why so many people outside of Ridgewood also hate our town. Too many carry around a sense of entitlement, arrogance and snobbery. It never used to be that way. One wonders where these people came from? They are clickish too. I mean, would you put a “wood” or “Orchard” sticker on your car? I know it’s a fundraiser, but just give the money and be done with it. Don’t advertise that you did.

  17. 12:51-care to share some of these anecdotes with the class?

  18. 12:51 — yeah thats real healthy. Just declare you hate it and laugh. How mature. Maybe you and your teen should just leave. That would be even easier. Because actually doing something to change things, well…I guess that’s too hard?

  19. “care to share some of these anecdotes with the class?”

    I’ve shared some stories here but have to be careful to protect my kid.

    We all have to put our kids first which means we have to suppress a lot of stuff.

  20. 9:16 this is 12:51. Yes it IS healthy because to do otherwise is to deny dysfunction. It is never healthy, whether in a family or in an organization, to turn a blind eye.

    What is NOT healthy is to make blatant knee-jerk assumptions,which you just did, by assuming that I don’t also work with the system and campaign for change.

    Why would you make such an erroneous assumption? It makes you look stupid, and easy to dismiss.

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