Candidates for Municipal Election – LWV Debate

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Candidates for Municipal Election – LWV Debate

Election is on May 13, 2008

The public is invited toa attend a Candidate Debate on Wednesday, April 30th at 7:30pm, at the Education Center, 49 Cottage Place, Ridgewood for the five candidates running for three open seats on the Village Council. They will participate in a debate run and organized by the League of Woman Voters. The Debate will be televised live on Channel 77.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

  1. The BOE center is too small.

    Are you telling me that we have no other place in the village that could hold a larger audience?

    How about the VC chambers. It can still be televised from there, can it not?

  2. I agree. Years ago, debates were held at the BF auditorium, which can accomadate many.

  3. Do that many people actually show up for these debates?

  4. you can watch it on TV ….and given the turn out of the last muni election abot 800 people i dont think anyone really cares

  5. cottage place is sending a signal they run this town …ferrrero is comming and they are circling the wagons

  6. why not the library auditorium…that is a nice room.

  7. i dont get it are people expecting a crowd for this ? if so why?

  8. The BOE debate was packed, standing room only.

    Not everyone has cable anymore. Some of us have Verizon Fios. Much better signal and resolution.

    Isn’t competition great.

    Now, if only schools had competition.

  9. The Library Auditorium is the best neutral location. The “League” … should make arrangements promptly. No need for TV… It should be an up close and personal environment … All the candidates supporters will be there and even this neutral reader.
    Thanks.. Dom

  10. Keith Killion…. Lots of Lawn signs out there… but how do you get in touch with him?
    It would be helpful for everyone. If anyone knows please e-mail me. Thanks…. Dom

  11. do anyone know how to get in touch with any of the candidates? and why is it a secret?

  12. yes whats the big secret, joe ferrerio is funding the challangers?

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