Reader Endorses Killion

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I hope Killion gets elected, from what I have heard and witnessed he is a straight forward person. His served his country in Vietnam and this community as a police officer for almost 30 years. I believe he was involved with another police official in uncovering improper conduct within the department several years ago. No one is perfect but he has demonstrated character, commitment and has stood up for what he believes to be right.

We don’t have to agree our elected officials on every point. Nor should we expect them to have expertise in every aspect of local government. We should at least be able to expect them to display character and commit to our community. I believe this man will do what he believes is right for the community rather than want is popular with certain special interests. I like the fact that Killion isn’t a politician or backed by a political party. We have had enough of politics as usual in this state.
If the allegations in the article are true, then those involved should step down rather than wasting any more of our tax dollars on more law suits and legal actions. And if these allegations rise to a criminal level then they should be held accountable.
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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. He may be the only vote I cast.

  2. We are definitely voting for Keith Killion. We are trying to decide whether to bullet vote him or not. If not, we will also vote for Paul Aronsohn.

    We are definitely NOT voting for Harlow and Wiest. Our feeling is that Zusy is just like these two.

  3. go keith

  4. As long a Killion is truely an independent, he looks OK. The allegations in the newspaper are just allegations by a lawyer trying to get his clients money back. Truth is very rarely assigned to lawyer’s allegations in a newspaper. The timing of the published allegations are interesting though. There are outsiders who would like to clear the benches in Ridgewood to assure their footsoldier a seat at the banquet. So, be very careful about believeing what you read in the newspapers.

  5. Killion is a solid honest “Ridgewood Guy” and would go a long way to righting the Village Council and has Ridgewood’s best interest at heart.

    Did deep on Aronsohn and know what you are getting before you vote him in and hand the keys to the coffers over to him.

    Harlow and Wiest may be buffoons, but they are not savvy enough to be truly dangerous to the long term health of the village…

    Do you homework before voting in Aronsohn just to vote out the existing council members… we don’t want to go from bad to worse.

    It may take more than on e election cycle to fix the council without breaking it further…

  6. Keith is an honest, straight-shooting guy who tells it like it is. What more can we hope for on our Village Council? I am just sorry that he is the only one on the Council with these credentials. Zusy has already asked a group to do something “shady” just to accomplish her gardening club wishes. When the group said no to her request, she turned on them immediately. Is this someone you want on your Council? Not even in office yet and already behaving as the current members do! Send all your votes Keith’s way!!

  7. We have found Anne Zusy to be more than disingenuous when dealing with her.

    There is no way our family would vote for her.

    The same goes for Aronsohn.

    Killian would be a great addition to the VC.

    Harlow and Wiest, as the previous poster said may be less than ideal but they will do no harm.

  8. The only one I like out of the 5 is Keith Killion. He gets my bullet vote and to hell with the others.

  9. Vote for anybody but Anne Zusy. She is not about Ridgewood but about herself.

  10. well if the school board is any indication jane reilly will win heheheheheheheheheheheheh I dont think Keithn is enough of a boob to win this is ndew jersey after all and Ridgewood has cought the satupid bug like th e rest of the state

  11. Aronsohn fits a town better he is dumb enough to win

  12. I agree about Anne Zusy. She is a Ridgewood wannabe. They volunteer for everything but not out of altruism. They expect to get something back in return. That something is power in the Village.

    True volunteers don’t advertise their good deeds. They do it because they want to give with nothing in return.

    I know many people like this and I am so grateful to them for all they do and the last thing they are looking for is a pat on the back.

    The HSA and Federated “volunteers” aren’t of the same class as those who give anonymously and quietly.

    The only person I can vote for is Killion. He’s not phoney and he’s not a bottled blond. Hehehehe.

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