Lawsuit Alleges Official Corruption Related to Parking Garage Plan

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Don’t miss today’s Ridgewood News. Kip Clark’s front page story about the proposed parking garage on North Walnut Street is a must read.

In short, the current owners of 120 Franklin Avenue, the former Town Garage property, have filed suit in Superior Court alleging that Village Manager Jim Ten Hoeve and Village Council members broke several promises made related to the Village’s planned purchase of the 120 Franklin Avenue property, subsequent construction of the parking garage, and restoration of Pease Library.

In each case, Village officials had promised to extend favorable decisions for project work to a group led by Oradell architect Jeff Wells, and then broke those promises. Audiotapes of comments made by Mayor David T. Pfund, recorded during several “secret” meetings with Wells and his associates, will reportedly be introduced as evidence.

If these allegations are true, The Fly believes Village officials knowingly engaged in many illegal activities. Hopefully, United States Attorney for NJ Christopher Christie will watch this case closely.

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  1. seems as if VALLEY Expansion is not the only thing the council is having secret meetings about… aaaaahhhh. what strange bedfellows politics make.

  2. The arrogance of these 5 elected council members defies belief. Who do they think they are trying to pull this underhanded, illegal stunt?! If these allegations turn out to be true (and I hope they don’t, but it doesn’t look good) then I hope they are all brought up on crmininal charges, and all five can be removed from office. Then we can elect a clean slate of 5 new candidates who are trustworthy, and who truly want the best for our community. When I see the meetings on TV, I get so angry at their attitudes toward the members of the public who attend…..they sometimes act like they are so superior, when in fact they are village citizens like the rest of us. Well, Mr. Pfund, Mr. Harlowe, Ms. Weist, Ms. Ringer Shagin, and Mr. Mancuso…..looks like your arrogant days have ended.

  3. As noted in Kipp Clark’s article, the lawsuit includes third-party claims against EACH Village Council member.

    Thus, each and every Councilperson is alleged to have willingly participated in a conspiracy to fraudulently award construction/development bids to Jeff Wells and his associates.

    On Election Day, Tuesday, May 13, remember that Mr. Harlow and Ms. Wiest have both been implicated in a plan that would have defrauded Ridgewood’s taxpayers.

  4. I do not think that Harlow and Wiest should be permitted to be on the ballot, and I think the other three should be removed from office. We deserve better than this.

  5. Pfund and company have proven once again that pond scum floats to the top…….

  6. These are the people in charge of our hard-earned tax dollars? Get rid of all of them! I’d love to see them doing the perp-walk in handcuffs….especially the council members who are lawyers. Shame on them.

  7. I am ashamed of the government in our beautiful little town. Nothing but a bunch of common criminals.

  8. Doesn’t Ridgewood have a lawyer on the payroll – Matthew Rogers? Where was he in all of this – is he involved in the under-the-table shenanigans too?

  9. keep dreaming. Nothing is going to happen to them.

    Look at our BOE. We just keep electing the same old, same old.

    Oh, a new memebr gets in now and agian but they are all part of the same little group that is wrecking Ridgewood.

    It makes one remember Tom Fitzgerald fondly.

  10. yes this will make the present council members a shoe in for reelection in this state

  11. I find it hard to believe these allegations. I can’t wait for the tapes to be released and one side is going to look very bad. And if anyone was promised the redevelopment then why did they not scream when the zone was established and the bidding process started. Let’s wait and see!!!

  12. …..and that is why they do what they do cause nothing happens…. in the 38 years that i have been here ridgewood’s council has gone down, down, down….we need to address this council….

  13. Do we need any more evidence that a CHANGE is needed!!! Time to clean house. Killion has my vote.

  14. I hope Killion gets elected, from what I have heard and witnessed he is a straight forward person. His served his country in Vietnam and this community as a police officer for almost 30 years. I believe he was involved with another police official in uncovering improper conduct within the department several years ago. No one is perfect but he has demonstrated character, commitment and has stood up for what he believes to be right.
    We don’t have to agree our elected officials on every point. Nor should we expect them to have expertise in every aspect of local government. We should at least be able to expect them to display character and commit to our community. I believe this man will do what he believes is right for the community rather than want is popular with certain special interests. I like the fact that Killion isn’t a politician or backed by a political party. We have had enough of politics as usual in this state.
    If the allegations in the article are true, then those involved should step down rather than wasting any more of our tax dollars on more law suits and legal actions. And if these allegations rise to a criminal level then they should be held accountable.

  15. I absolutely agree that the elected council should step down. We will have to pay for the lawsuit being brought against them. More $$$ our of our tax dollars.

    I agree, Killion gets my vote. We need four more like him to replace the “Jive Five.”

  16. You jackasses are unbelievable! You act like these wild and unsubstantiated ALLEGATIONS are proof. Anyone can make an allegation. Before you go on yet another witch hunt and run people out of office. Why don’t you wait for some facts to be presented. I know Dave Pfund and I find it very hard to believe the claims made by the owners of 120 Franklin Ave.

  17. The owners of 120 Franklin would not bring a suit if they did not have something to go on and their attorneys would not take the case if they thought it was all b.s. yes they are only allegations at this time, but if you see smoke then there is fire somewhere.

  18. Hey 6:20 PM: You still subscribe to the lone gunman theory too I take it?

    Get real bozo! Recall Pfund now!

  19. I love it – The Jive Five. That is so accurate. What a bunch of losers we have on the council and now we will have to pay to finance the lawsuit.

  20. Hey, I have a better name for the Wells Associates – Sycopahts 3 LLC!(Or, as Uncle David may think of them himself: the 3 Stooges – Curly, Moe and Larry – Tom, Peter and Jeff!)Those boys can’t do anything without David Bolger’s $$$ and with it, they think they can do anything they please!

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