Rumors of dangerous mold growth at Emergency Services’ HQ and RHS

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2007 at 4:03 pm

The Fly has received numerous reports that sections of Ridgewood High School and the Emergency Services headquarters on Douglas Place are infested with mold. Unattended to roof leaks are said to be the primary cause of mold growth at both locations.

Have any Blog readers actually seen evidence to support the rumors? Has anyone gotten sick recently after being in one of those buildings?

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  1. Speaking of mold,
    Check out the basement storeroom at Willard School.
    Classes are held in this area too.

  2. the dam place on douglas should of came down.they said when they put the roof on a few years back it was all gone.they are so dum.like i said so many times they dont like to listen to no one they know it all.yea right,well thats what we pay them for.like i said take it down.for what they put in that place they could of made new but no.so now eat it or beet it,

  3. Jack Lorenz took me throught the building in the Fall and showed me a room where he personaly tore the carpet out because of mold. The room had leaks in the roof and water damage was everywhere. He also showed me two classrooms which could not be used due to mold and water damage.

    The place is a mess and what does the BOE do? Nothing. The high school is in disrepair and nothing gets done.

    But hey, it looks great from the outside when one drives down Ridgewood Ave.

  4. What’s wrong with this picture? Conditions at RHS are absolutely deplorable. Take a walk through a locker room, or use a bathroom, or try and get a drink from a water fountain. Talk about gross. What brain surgeon would construct a boys locker room without an adequate ventilation system? Why do none of the showers work? Why are there two locker room urinals serving the needs of hundreds of kids? Why is the the entire building–inside and out– absolutely filthy all of the time? Why is each and every BoE operated athletic field one of the worst in northern New Jersey? Why is there always trash swirling around and under the grandstands at the hallowed Ridgewood Stadium? Why isn’t the BoE paying attention? I’ll tell you what, if an administrative implosion can happen in Paramus, it can and will happen here. Wake up BoE!!! You are not doing your job!!!

  5. Amen Brother!

  6. If the BoE members are elected why can’t they be impeached? This could happen over the summer and some of the people on this blog with better ideas and more dedication to the job should run in a fall election.


  7. Perhaps some of you should attend BOE meetings. I did attend the meeting last Monday night. They were discussing this very issue. A presentation was made to repair the roof at RHS as well as some of the windows. That must be done first to help fix this very important problem.

    Money has been set aside to take care of this issue.

    So, before you say the BOE does nothing, attend the meetings and observe.

  8. The BOE members are a bunch of arrogant do-nothings. But, we ALL know this, that’s why they are pretty much ignored. But our children suffer their indifference every day.

    The high school is shameful. That business administrator has photos of mold and leaky roofs, everything he needs to DO SOMETHING. But he is one of the worst education officials in existance today.

    The BOE hires idiots because they are essentially idiots. Why would they want anyone smart around?

    Impeachment would be too kind. I say, PITCHFORKS NOW!

  9. In the midst of complaints regarding a rapidly crumbling infrastructure, our illustrious BOE members continue to add new administrative positions (MIS techs, secretaries). This instead of making long overdue job cuts, and directing money saved in personnel expenses to much needed building & grounds repairs.

    And it would be expected that a district teacher would defend the employer who refuses to mandate a contributory health care plan and make changes that would increase teacher productivity.

  10. Re: Douglas Place – So let me get this straight, we ask people to volunteer their talents, energy, and time, but then provide them with a crappy and potentially illness causing building to work in? Wake up mayor and council; task Ten Hoeve with fixing this mess immediately.

  11. Let’s see, hmmmm, an $82 million dollar budget. What can we do with it? We’ve got plenty of teachers with impressive credentials that can’t teach. I do not think that there is one educator in the building. By educator, I mean, a person who educates students. Especially students who aren’t acadenically gifted. We’ve got plenty of cheer leaders who like to take credit for the gifted students’ successes who would have succeeded without a “teacher”. We have plenty of Grade Administrators for $125K a pop who wander around not doing much. We have a “Guidance” departmnet who doesn’t guide anyone to anywhere except out the door. We have umpteen consultants who like to imagine that they are at Exeter; Andover; Phillips Academy; etc. who thin that have no obligation to educate the children of Ridgewood. The Principal seems alright. The Board is elitist. And the new Super appears to be a bone-headed opportunist who does whatever his wife tells him to.

  12. Not agreed that the principal is OK. Haven’t you realized by now that the BOE hires people like themselves. Luckily we have some truly great teachers but how long will that continue with Botsford and new super hiring new teachers?

  13. 9:53 – can you be more specific aboout the Principal. I’ve only heard really good things about him from both students and parents so I’m curious. Thanks.

  14. Some people who use this blog, should learn how to spell, punctuate, capitalize, grammar. You are the intelligencia? Please.

  15. How about we learn from the mistakes made at Village Hall and knock the building at Douglas Pl. down and build a brand new one that functions properly??? Wow…now there’s a concept!!

  16. “Some people who use this blog, should learn how to spell, punctuate, capitalize, grammar. You are the intelligencia? Please.”

    It’s a blog. Lighten up!

  17. Anonymous 2:39 p.m.

    Check the facts.

    Ridgewood teachers do contribute to their health benefits and have for many years.

    Anonymous 5:40 p.m.

    The teachers also work hard every day helping kids discover so many things. How many teachers are in their rooms early to help kids review homework or concepts being reviewed for a test? Walk through the schools at 3:00 p.m. and see how many classrooms are still alive with activity. Kids stop by for extra help or just to talk. They like their teachers.

    This is a very special community. You won’t make it better by attacking the BOE or the teachers or the families.

    This blog helps bring issues to light. Discussion is always good. But let’s be part of the solution, not just complain about the problems.

    Things can get better if we all work together.

  18. this is what happens when you have people in town hall that think they know it all,well they dont,they need to talk to the little guy or girl.

  19. that is so true.

  20. I’z dunt no wit youz peeps are talking about. I wint to R.h.S> , g.W> and Orchard and got a fine education. ..I think it mite b the H2O @ Graydon tho.
    The mold?…ha don’t worry. THat came in wit VAn ypering years ago!


  21. Ahem…the correctly spelled word is “intelligentsia” and not “intelligencia.”

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